Unboxing the Alienware Aurora R9 gaming PC.

hello my name is Tobee Paik and today I’m
gonna be buying a gaming desktop I’ve
been meaning to get a desktop for some
time now and I’ve been doing some
research and realized I don’t think I
have the courage to build my own PC yet
because first of all I don’t know
anything about computers
and second of all I’m just too lazy so
while doing some research I came across
Alienware and realized that they are
launching a brand new model which is the
Aurora r9 desktop design called my eye
it’s not like an ugly box shape instead
it looks like Eve from wall-e
so that’s pretty much why I decided to
go for this one
I’ve got my iPad here and I’m gonna
start speaking out from the Dell website
there we go it’s the Dell website and
that is it the Aurora r9 first of all
the process I’m gonna go for the ninth
Gen Intel Core i7 9700 turbo boost
technology whatever that means that is
an extra $150 I think the starting price
for the actual desktop is $1,100 roughly
operating system Windows 10 64 bit
English because I speak English video
card I’m gonna stick with
default option here the NVIDIA GeForce
GTX 1654 gigabyte gddr5 whatever the
hell that means color choice the color
see I’m gonna go for the Dark Side of
the Moon the dark one because all of my
studio equipment has pretty much black
my chair mice speakers monitors table so
I’m gonna stick with black so Dark Side
of the Moon and that way it will look
less like Eve from wall-e memory I’m
gonna do the 16 gigabyte dual channel
HyperX fury ddr4 XMP eye hard drive I’m
gonna stick with the one terabyte 7200
rpm t2t 200 rpm SATA 6 gigabytes per
second all these technical terms I have
no idea but yeah I’m just gonna maybe
buy like an external hard drive later on
so do I want air cold or liquid cool you
see I I’m gonna go for the liquid cooled
because that sounds cool and I’ve seen
some amazing Instagram photos of people
having liquid cooling system and they
always bash on bash about how people
don’t use a liquid cooling system and
they feel self-entitled so I want to
feel self entitled to so Dark Side of
the Moon shot you with high-performance
CPU liquid cooling and 460 watt power
supply great that is an extra $50
Wireless I’ll stick to the default
because I have no idea what they mean
keyboard multimedia keyboard sure the
I think Mouse optical mouse that’s
cluded in the price so that’s the
technical specking done and now on to
the service and support basic hardware
support I’m gonna do the premium support
because I’ve been told that if you spend
over 1k on any electronic device it’s
better to have like a one-year Support
Package included so that is an extra
hundred dollars the one-year premium
support 24/7 hardware and software
support yeah I don’t like it when people
rest on the weekends accidental damage
service yeah again I’ve been told this
is worth it so I’m gonna do the
accidental damage service one-year which
is an extra $50 so that’s about it and
that comes to a total of twelve hundred
and sixty seven dollars and ninety nine
cents so give or take with taxes
included that’s gonna come up to around
1300 maybe a little more than $1300 I
think so there we go and I’m gonna add
to cart and so I’ve just ordered my
first-ever gaming desktop and I’m very
excited for this to come
I’m just gonna wait for a bit it’s gonna
come through FedEx I believe so
here it is it just arrived okay
I’m a little out of breath because not
because I had to carry this all the way
up the stairs earlier but I’ve been
doing some cardio in the morning that’s
why so it’s a big box so I’m not sure if
the frame can capture everything but oh
well here we go now I can finally
replace my 8 year old Asus gaming laptop
is this the wrong way around have I
opened this up the wrong way around
again because I always do this and it is
extremely frustrating okay so it turns
out I’m fine as you can see you can see
the Alienware logo here if people are
going to still raid area 51 they should
be reading this from the base
is it another box I don’t think of this
good old Dell logo inside here right pal
cable I’m assuming there’s a twitch
channel I didn’t know alien way even had
a twitch channel the manual manual user
guide I’m assuming and warranty
paperwork stuff that I am extremely
interested in okay I see I thought this
was another box but this is pretty much
it this is
you know what I just realized
so I specifically ordered the mouse and
keyboard and I’m assuming this is where
it’s supposed to be but if empty it came
in empty guys all I got was the power
cable and the manual so this is pretty
much like an empty pizza box I’m gonna
have to send an email to Dell about this
and since I have video to prove it
they’re gonna have to sort this out
but that is extremely disappointing and
extremely hilarious at the same time I’m
not out of breath because I’ve been
lifting this but I just should let you
know that this is quite heavy than I
it’s very cool
it’s very anxious that I might drop this
while unpacking this they’re safe we can
get rid of this here we get those oh
break this already well there you have
it guys I just switched to my iPhone
camera that’s pretty cool actually the
site is actually wider and bigger than
expected these four USB slots that is
all I know
or actually this is all 35 years peace
lots and then I don’t even know what
this is called as a VMware logo
classy Finnish get the nice alien way
logo at the front there’s more so just
be slots earphone jack headphone jack
and mic jack okay so I finally figured
out how to open this up by the way gonna
unscrew this bit here and then pull this
lever and this just kind of pops out
like that kinda like a little difficult
to do it by one hand but here we go this
is the inside I don’t know anything
about computers or I’ve never built a PC
before so I have no idea like but this
is like a normal thing but
even then even for me I kind of noticed
that the wiring for instance is a little
untidy just a little sloppy open this up
open this up by the way it’s it’s really
stiff so definitely need two hands for
that and this is the inside of the
inside I’m assuming this is the water
cooling system if I’m not mistaken I’m
assuming you can insert two extra hard
drives here but I might be totally wrong
it might be a toaster yeah I mean as you
can see the wiring I think it could be
done a little bit more professionally
and I feel like if I was capable of
building a PC myself I would have done a
slightly better job at it but hey I
don’t know anything about computers so
I’m not gonna complain at this point but
I might look back at this video maybe a
couple of years from now and I’ll be
able to build a bunch of pcs of my own
and I can on this build right here how
unprofessionally it’s done but until
then I’m just gonna not gonna say
anything about it as long as it works
I’m happy I’m just gonna put the lid
back on
so that looks like by the way inside of
the lid it’s just made in China here
which is very confusing for me because I
thought Alienware was from area 51 which
I believe is in America so now I’m gonna
try to turn it on
got the HDMI and power cable plugged in
even though I haven’t received my
keyboard and the mouse I don’t know what
the hell that was about they just sort
of miss that I guess while packing it
it’s kind of like ordering a pepperoni
pizza and then just getting the dough
without any pepperonis
so I’m gonna have to use my derp board
mechanical keyboard and my Apple Mouse
nah I’m kidding I don’t use my Apple
Mouse for this
I’m gonna use my Diablo 3 mouth this is
like what eight years old or something
I’m not sure the SteelSeries is the
SteelSeries Diablo 3 miles as you can
see it’s it’s it’s just disgusting I’m
gonna have to replace this somehow with
something so in your recommendation for
that I appreciate it
so that’s why they do this I’m assuming
this is the button so let’s try to turn
this on
let’s see what happens yes that is the
bun a yellow light just flashed and oh
my goodness I feel like this is about to
transform into something
I hear a bunch of stuff but mine I hear
water not really sure what’s going on
here guys but I do like the lights
that’s changing and I’m assuming you can
customize the light oh there we go
something’s happening it says alien
we’re kind of feels like beginning to an
epic movie such as alien you know what
it’s kind of louder than I expected I
hear like the water sort of like going
up and down more than anything really
and that sounds like my boiler to be
honest I’m not sure if you can hear that
but it’s fairly loud it’s definitely not
a quiet one who I seven
Jim there’s no other by the way I like
back lighting I mean like the Alienware
logo doesn’t like light up which would
have been pretty cool but nothing’s
happening at the back except for the
green light and some flashes back here
not even sure what that actually but
yeah the only sort of like that like
that’s happening here is this little
front strip here but there we go the
avian where Aurora r9 unboxing now I can
finally play high-end video games such
as minecraft for those of you who’ve
watched it till the end thank you very
much you guys are official weirdos now
so you may as well like the video unless
unless you can’t click the like video
because your PC didn’t come with a mouse
that you’ve ordered what is that all
that I still can’t get over the fact
that they’ve sent me an empty box well
so there you have it guys the Alienware
Aurora r9 gaming desktop thanks for
have a nice day now I’m gonna go take a
this is enough workout for today

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