Upcoming PC Exclusive Strategy Games 2015 / 2016

Upcoming PC Exclusive Strategy Games 2015 / 2016

Strategy games have always performed the best
on the pc platform. From the tactical paramilitary
setting in XCOM to the space fantasy in Starcraft.
These games have always been the most challenging
and are built for gamers with intellect and
high dexterity. And most of these games have
very competitive multiplayer, but with full
fledged story campaigns. Let’s take a look
a the upcoming strategy games on PC.
The latest XCOM slated for a November 2015
release takes players twenty years into the
future where humanity has lost to the alien
threat that was attacking earth. Players familiar
with the strategy-based predecessor will take
over, trying to reinstate the more-or-less
forgotten organization XCOM: a paramilitary
branch of defense that is the only hope that
humanity has in fighting off its own extinction.
The release by 2K games should be one of the
highlights the fall.
Shadowrun: Hong Kong
The Shadowrun series took the term cyberpunk
and redefined it in a game format. Now, the
Hong Kong sequel set in 2056 is in the works
with Harebrained Schemes at the helm � their
Kickstarter campaign features a number of
screenshots, and while still manifesting the
2D birds-eye platform that the original Shadowrun
implemented. The graphics, colors, and shadowing
are indicative of how far technology has progressed.
Expect more magic, more weapons, and more
Total War: Warhammer
Sega has announced Total War: Warhammer. Finally
these two great series have been merged for
a new tactical strategy game. The previous
Warhammer games were real time strategy, but
this one should be epic in the Total War engine.
The trailer shows some brilliant cutscenes
of characters and player types we can expect
to see in game. This rendition of Total War
will still be very similar with turn based
campaign strategy and real time tactical battles.
But of course it will have the Warhammer fantasy
themes of magic, monsters, and beasts. Sega
has revealed four factions: The Empire, The
Greenskins, the Dwarves, and Vampire Counts.
With two additional standalone expansions,
it will be a trilogy of games to create the
largest Total War experience ever.
Act of Aggression
Act Of Aggression is taking players back to
the old school 90s style real time strategy
games. It�s the spiritual successor to the
cult classic Act Of War, released in 2005.
The gameplay is extremely similar to Command
& Conquer with the focus on modern warfare,
base building, resource gathering, and micromanagement
combat. There will be multiple types of resources.
Banks and prisoners of war can be captured
for a supplementary source of income. The
game will also include superweapons and anti-superweapons
for each of the factions.
Act Of Aggression is set to be in the 2020s,
during which many states around the world
have gone bankrupt from a massive economic
crisis. This creates a group known as the
Cartel which are private military contractors
who infiltrate government operations. Act
of Aggression will include two separate single
player campaigns. In one of the campaigns,
players will be a head of a multinational
military organization created by the United
Nations, known as the “Chimera”. The Chimera
task force consists of super soldiers and
are under UNO command, formed by personnel
that come from different countries of the
Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void
Legacy of the Void will continue the campaign
focusing on the Protoss species. There will
be about 20 playable missions with players
controlling Artanis as its main character.
Artanis will travel on the arkship Spear of
Adun and interact with characters such as
Karax and Rohana. The player will work with
different protoss tribes and sects, helping
some while opposing others. Each ally brings
new technology and techniques. The ultimate
goal of the campaign is to unite the various
tribes into a viable united force that can
ensure the protoss� survival. The game will
be released as a standalone expansion.
Anno 2205�
Another one to look forward to from Ubisoft,
the acclaimed city-builder reimagines itself
in space this time. Like with all world-builders,
the emphasis will be on collecting and maintaining
resources � players will colonize the Earth
and set up Moon bases, where they will be
able to mine for minerals to help with their
colonization efforts. With thousands of potential
hours of gameplay, it feels very much like
Anno is attempting to replicate some of the
addictive charm of the Civilization franchise,
while still holding true to its own novel
and original concepts. The graphics and screenshots
are also evidence of some spectacular graphics.
Don�t pick this game up if you have homework
Let us know what your favorite upcoming strategy
games are by leaving a comment below. And
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  1. I can't wait for warhammer but i'm scared that because it's total war it's going to be terrible like Attila or Rome 2

  2. This Channel is AWESOME I just found you guys and everything I see on your channel is very professional skilled Great video btw

  3. Good video, but I think SpellForce 3 should also be in the list. It combines both RTS and RPG. Take a look : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9klZYGNh8U

    Personally, I really liked the first SpellForce : The Order Of Dawn

  4. I wish instead of eso Bethesda should of made a rts instead :/ it would of been awesome to control massive army's to take control of all cyradil

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