Update! Carnival Royal Caribbean To Fund $200 Million For New Port In Cayman Islands

Update! Carnival Royal Caribbean To Fund $200 Million For New Port In Cayman Islands

hey everybody its Bruce here with
traveling with Bruce welcome to my
channel today’s video is all about the
controversial project that is being
proposed for the Cayman Islands the
government of the Cayman Islands wants
to build a brand new port facility to
allow cruise ships to come right into
downtown Georgetown and be able to dock
right out of here
so that passengers can just walk off the
ship and get right on to tour buses or
taxis or wander around downtown
Georgetown this is not an uncommon thing
in the Caribbean of course you go to
Nassau they have a port facility right
in downtown NASA you go to st. Martin
they’ve got a port facility they’re very
popular lots of passengers get off and
on ships all the time but in the Cayman
Islands this is a big controversial
project that’s being kind of bad about
here the the government wants it the
cruise lines want it but al number of
Islanders don’t and this video will go
into talking boat why what’s happening
what’s gonna happen and where do we go
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okay everybody here we go this is a shot
of the Cayman Islands from outer space
you’ll see Georgetown in the lower
left-hand corner here’s a shot flying in
to the island you can see the airport
just to the right there you see a long
stretch there but you can see what the
ships going down the ships right now
have to tender just offshore about a
quarter mile and then they drop some of
their lifeboats or tenders and they will
tender you in to the shore and vice
versa when the day is over
it’s a beautiful scene from the islands
so with the ships just sitting offshore
like that but the island and the
governor of the island and business
interests they want a dock facility so
these ships can come right to downtown
Georgetown and the people can walk on
and off the ship at their leisure yeah
remember it can be windy from time to
time in the Cayman Islands and there are
days during the winter where it’s too
windy even too tender in and the cruise
ships don’t even pop by here they’ll
just pass by and keep going make it a
day at sea instead and not come in
cruise lines would like to have the
predictability of coming in every day
that way the tourists will be held every
day and the cruise ships will get their
commissions from their tour operators of
course passengers love taking pictures
by the way of their ships when they get
on shore now here’s the deal
Caribbean Royal Caribbean and Carnival
have guaranteed to the government of the
Cayman Islands the entire 200 million
dollars needed to build this port
facility basically the cruise lines will
each put up 40 million in cash and throw
it into the bank account and that will
immediately get construction started
they will then back a loan up to 120
million more guaranteeing it so that the
government and taxpayers of the Caymans
will not be on the hook for any of the
money this first image that you see here
is what the original look was going to
be like it went over like a lead balloon
now they’re talking about a look like
this but the environmentalist just don’t
buy it they just don’t think that this
is the way to go the island would like
to get over 2 million passengers a year
to get off these cruise ships right now
they’ve been pushing about 1.6 1.7
million a year the talk actually is that
if they build that facility it’ll do
what they’re doing here in st. st.
Maarten in st. Maarten they’re now over
2 million a year they’re gonna approach
two and a half million passengers a year
and that could be the case for the
Cayman Islands and Islanders are going
whoa this is getting way too much we
can’t handle that kind of traffic maybe
here in Nassau they can handle it we
have a city of NASA with 350,000 people
Cayman Islands our entire population is
35,000 having 20,000 people a day
upwards of that it might be too much
even here at Stingray City it’s already
too much way too many people hanging out
with a stingrays and the
environmentalists are saying no way
right now $18 a day is being spent by
passengers as a port feed the projection
is that $8 a day of that money will go
towards the the cruise lines to help pay
for this two hundred million dollar cost
and at 2 million passengers a year we’re
talking 16 million a year that’ll take
15 to 20 years with interest and
maintenance to pay the entire thing off
the cruise lines wanted the business
interest 1 if the government wants it
but the environmentalists and a lot of
Islanders are thinking no we should stay
this way right here there’s a petition
that’s been circulating 70 percent of
the petition has been verified 25
percent of voters have to approve the
petition to go to referendum it looks
like this will happen in the next month
or so we’ll stay on top of the story
please subscribe to my channel today hit
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working on everybody thanks for joining
me bye for now

22 thoughts on “Update! Carnival Royal Caribbean To Fund $200 Million For New Port In Cayman Islands”

  1. See I'd be wary on going to a place that 70% of the population don't want there.
    I wanna feel wanted and welcomed

  2. Compromise… Build the pier but limit the ships per day, etc. Everybody wins. It would be a huge economic windfall for residents. Let's see what happens.

  3. Thanks for the update Bruce. I thought the ships weren't allowed to dock in the Cayman Islands b/c of the coral reefs!! I have been to The Cayman Islands twice and that's what was explained to the passengers. So now they will rip up the coral reefs to build a dock? Cayman Island is too small to have so many extra people downtown!! Sylvia

  4. The petition is about 5200 people of the 65,000 people who live there. This does not include stayover tourists in hotels or Condos. 6000 people receive benefit by family members who actually work in the cruise ship business. It is well overdue for an upgrade in the Cargo portion which is included. We haven't had a renovation in 40 years its weel overdue. We are an island of 76 sq. miles. In comparison, Manhattan is 22 sq miles with over 4 million people. We are certainly not going there.

  5. It’s time for the pier. Tourism brings money, long term tenders don’t seem to be sustainable and definitely bad for the environment

  6. My first cruise had a stop in the Cayman Islands. I was so excited, I had always dreamed of going there. Several cruises later and I’ve been all over the Caribbean and the Caymans is far and away my LEAST favorite place. I’ve never been on and island that made me feel less welcome or had the crappiest excursions. The locals don’t want cruisers there and they make it quite well known. I hope to never go back.

  7. It’s about time. I have missed tenders there before due to winds. I would like being able to get off and on without tendering.

  8. Well then if I am not wanted on a island just walking on instead of tender then there are plenty to do on the ship you can have your island and you won't get my money!

  9. sting ray city???? I never heard of sting ray city!!! Has any ever gotten hurt by them? how much is that excursion? It must be costly due to the AMOUNT of sting rays in the water!??

  10. I like tendering. It's like a free excursion LOL. I like Grand Cayman because the port is not all the same tacky shops the cruise lines have built at other ports. Some are hard to tell apart now

  11. I agree the port would be easier on the cruise lines, should lower amount of fuel used to visitors ashore; both cruise lines have to use fuel to maintain position even when the anchors are down, and the tender ships back and forth. But, Georgetown, and this island is small, and 4 ships or more a day is going to stress the system, environment and infrastructure. They should cap it at 4 ships, or 15k visitors a day.

  12. Looking at the picture of St. Maaten. I actually think that was taken on a day when I was on board one of the ships! It would have been 26 January 2011 and I was on the P&O Oceana which is the smallest ship in the picture. In front was the P&O Azura opposite the MSC Poesia and the Aida Luna. The RCI ship was the Allure of the seas and the ship on the far right the Celebrity Solstice. Funny story but some of us were relaxing on the promenade deck of Oceana when a gent walked onto his balcony of the MSC Poesia wearing leopard print swimming trunks. The whole of Oceana prom deck spontaneously erupted into a fit of giggles. It's the little things in life that you remember!

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