UPDATES: Catching A Cheater (Full Episode) | Couples Court

UPDATES: Catching A Cheater (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers.
Hello, I’m Keith Cutler,
and this is my wife,
Dana Cutler.
And together,
we bring you
Couples Court.

Today, we’re answering one
of the most asked questions

that’s come to us
on social media.

And that is, how do you
catch someone when you
think they’re cheating?

Cheating is something that
shakes up many a relationship.
And in our first case,
Shalonda Johnson
couldn’t shake the feeling

that her husband was cheating
with one of his exes.

So she took matters
into her own hands
and did an investigation
of her own.
One specific day,
I calls his phone.
It was on a Saturday.
I says, “What’s you doin’?”
“I’m in my homeboy house.”
Huh, I had GPS trackin’
on his cell phone.
I told my kids,
“Y’all put your shoes on,
we got somewhere to go.”
Told GPS, “You keep straight.”
Boom, I followed
the instructions.
Look who I see.
Our truck parked
at whose house?
His ex-girlfriend’s house.
I didn’t know
at the time, she had
mace in her hand.
She maced you?
That’s right.
Yes, I did, Your Honor.
I emptied a whole can out.
Mr. White was asked,
“During your two-year marriage,
“have you had sexual
contact with your ex?”
What was his response?
His response was “No.”
What did the lie
detector determine?
The lie detector
determined that, uh,
he was being deceptive.
This is really what I get?
Baby, I haven’t…
All that I’ve done for you,
this is what I get.
She maced him.
I still don’t believe
she maced him.
And she let loose
on him in front of
a whole bunch of folks.
Well, in all fairness,

he did say that he was
there to pay respects
to his ex’s family member

after her mother passed away.
JUDGE DANA:Yeah, right.
In case you’re wondering
how this all played out
at the court,
Ms. Johnson told us
that the family members

packed up
her husband’s belongings

and put them at the backdoor
before they got home.

When they arrived,
she let him
in the front door
and her family members
escorted him out the backdoor.
So he walked in one door
and right out the other?

JUDGE DANA:Yes, he did.
Now, moving on
to our next case,
Kristen Lang felt
her boyfriend was
using his drumming skills

to pick up women
at his gigs.

Now, accusations
are baseless without proof.
And that’s how Ms. Lang
and Mr. Roberts ended up
in our courtroom.
Couple months ago,
I started getting messages
on Facebook Messenger.
“Hey, I just wanna let you know
“that Staci and my ex
are together.
“They’re getting
hotel rooms together.”
You have not made one
sexual advance at me
in six, seven years.
Ron, please escort
Mr. Shull into the courtroom.
Mr. Roberts told me
that he is going through
a mid-life crisis.
Oh, God.
And now,
playing in this band,
is everything that they say
about picking up women.
Are you acting on any
of these advances
that these women are
throwing themselves at you?
I did cheat on her.
I have had some relations
with other females.
We wanted to get
some expert advice
on how to catch
a cheater.
And joining us now
is licensed private
and polygraph examiner,
Kendall Shull.
Kendall, thank you for
being with us today.
Thank you for having me.
Good to see you both.
Kendall, this isn’t
your first rodeo.
So were you surprised
that Mr. Roberts confessed
before you
even delivered
the results?
SHULL: No, not really.
A lot of people think that
they can beat the lie detector.
Now, why they think that,
I don’t know.
But, uh, once I get them
in that room,
put them in that
polygraph chair,
and explain
the polygraph to them,
it heightens their anxiety,
and now, it’s a reality.
And a lot of times,
that ends in a confession.
Mr. Roberts also promised
that he would
break off the affair
that he was having
with the other girlfriend.
So I’m really curious to know
what happened with him.
We’ll let Ms. Lang answer
that question for you.
She sent this update
to the court just
few days ago.
It looks like we’re moving
right on back to our
same old ways.
And all the signs seems to be
pointing in the direction

that he’s still cheating.
I guess my next move
is really gonna have to be

a separation to let him
figure out what he really
wants out of life.

And maybe this is what we’re
supposed to be for the best.
Ms. Lang, we are so
very sorry to hear
that nothing has changed.
I know your heart
is hurting,
but you had to do what’s
in your best interest,
and take care of yourself
and take care of your heart.
Kendall, you had
another interesting case
with some shocking results.
And that’sMoody v. Craft.
Oh, yes, I remember it well.
JUDGE DANA:They were both
dating other people
when they met,

and started cheating
with each other.

I’ve been knowing
him for some years.
I was in a relationship
with someone,
he was in a relationship
with someone.
We wanted to kick
them to the side.
But instead of
kicking them to the side,
we got caught together
by them two.
You all got caught?
We got caught at a hotel.
You got him by cheating.
And you’re worried
about him cheating.
The phone goes off
one morning,
and, um, it’s a text message.
And it says, “Hey,
“I don’t know if you’re
at work or not,
“but I’m trying to get
a hotel for us.”
It’s not like that.
It’s just like that.
I see her the same day.
We started, you know,
just going back and forth
with words.
And then she says,
“Oh, so what are you mad for?
You mad about this?”
She grabs his private part,
and she said,
“You mad ’cause…
“Because I’m getting
some of this.”
Right there in…
In front of everybody,
in front of everybody.
Was Mr. Craft cheating?
Or did he pass when Kendall
put him to the test?
We’ll be right back with
the answer to all that
and more.
Stay with us.
NARRATOR:Coming up…
You know what, Mrs. Cutler,
that really was a nice tie.
I’m not going there with you.
Instead, I’m gonna
bring us back to the case
we were discussing
before the break.
Let me remind everyone
that this isCouples Court
With The Cutlers.

Kendall, before the break,
we were talking about
the case Moody versus Craft.
And you conducted Mr. Craft’s
polygraph exam.
I remember his exam,
and for now, I’ll just say,
it was very interesting.
Okay, let’s get
to those results.
I have been through
so much with this man.
I need to know.
I need to know something,
because I cannot keep forgiving
and keep forgiving,
and keep forgiving,
so I look like a fool.
You asked Mr. Craft,
“Since the start of
your relationship,
“have you had sexual
intercourse with any
other women?”
What was his response
to that question?
He said no.
JUDGE KEITH: What did the lie
detector determine?
SHULL: The lie detector
determined that he was being
I knew it.
But Kendall, you said
that his exam was interesting.
Did something unusual happen?
Yes, it did.
During the polygraph exam,
Mr. Craft actually fell asleep.
A lot of times,
that’s a sure sign
that the person is lying
or showing deception.
That is crazy.
I’ve never heard of that.
Okay, so here’s
the question.
Would you like to know
what happened to them
after they left court?
I can’t wait to hear.
All right, well, here’s what
Ms. Moody has to say about
their relationship.
I just wrote a list
of all the good
and all the bad.
And I said, “Whichever one
outweighs the other,
“that’s the way I’m going
with the relationship.”
And so the good
outweighed the bad.

It did because he is
really a good person

and a really sweet person.
He really is.
Thank you,Couples Court.
You know, I’ve heard
people say,
“Put it down on paper,
the good and the bad,
“before making a decision.”
And if she likes it, I love it.
AtCouples Court,
we’ve heard some
interesting reasons
as to why a person thinks
their partner is cheating.
And I wanna share one
of those with you.
Take a look.
She comes home with poison oak.
Arms, legs, behind,
you know, and it’s like…
How do you get poison oak
on your behind if you’re not…
She said she got it
from her mom’s cat.
What’s she doing with the cat?
I know I sure in the hell
didn’t get it from having sex
out on poison oak.
I have been in
this business
for a long time,
and I have to say,
I’ve never heard that one.
Kendall, thank you
for spending this time
with us today,
and for sharing
your expertise
in the use of polygraph exams
in catching a cheater.
And we’ll see you
soon again.
Likewise. Thank you
very much for having me.
Couples Courtis back.
And joining us today
are private investigators,
Todd Redding
and Eric Echols.
You both specialize
in cases of infidelity.
When should someone think
about coming to see
someone like you?
Well, I usually get a call
when a person thinks
they’re being cheated on
and has discovered
that for them is a red flag.
And they’re
so worried and frazzled,
you know, about their
loved one who’s cheating.
And it’s affecting them
in almost every aspect
of their life.
And I would agree with that.
And a lot of times,
it’s just that they’re
trying to decide
if they wanna stay married
or even get a divorce.
Mr. Redding, you conducted
covert surveillance on
Pryor v. Edwards.

That’s correct.
Let’s take a quick look
at the case
and Mr. Pryor’s concern
of a possible infidelity
in his relationship.
We haven’t had sex
in three months.
He don’t know how
to make love.
I be going to Afghanistan
to serve my country.
I don’t need to worry
about that kind of stuff
when I’m overseas.
Mr. Pryor had reasons
to be concerned.
And this is a question
for both of you.
What do you need most
when conducting
covert surveillance,
trying to catch a cheater?
Well, Your Honor,
I need information.
I need as much as possible.
Photos, where they live.
Same here.
I need to know
what kind of car
do they drive.
I followed
Ms. Edwards to her job.
Locations are extremely
important to know.
And what conclusion
did you reach
as to whether or not
she was cheating?
I followed Ms. Edwards
for several days
from home to work.
When she left her job,
I followed her.
I didn’t see
anything suspicious
until when I saw her
engage in a conversation
with a gentleman
for a good bit of time.
If they were planning anything,
they were interrupted
by a visit from
her boyfriend.
Your surveillance gave us
a good look at her activities
and behavior.
But to further
investigate this case,
we gave Ms. Edwards
a lie detector test.
You also asked
Ms. Edwards,
“Since January 5th, 2013,
“the start of your
relationship with Mr. Pryor,
“have you had sexual contact
with any other man?”
What was her response
to that question?
She said no.
What did the lie
detector determine?
The lie detector determined
that she was being
Come on, really?
Since they left court,
our staff has followed up
with both of them,
and no response
from either of them.
Is that typical
in your cases?
Well, Your Honor,
I found that with
some of my clients,
sometimes they get
back with me,
and sometimes they don’t.
I wanna continue with Todd
and another one of his cases,
Oliver v. Nelson.
Yes, Ms. Nelson
was another one
who was more active at night.
She came out in a club attire,
and I followed her
into the club.
However, she was in
and out of the club,
pacing in the parking lot
on her phone.
It was my feeling that she
wasn’t even there to work,
that she was there, perhaps,
to meet somebody.
In this case, you gathered
enough suspicious evidence
for the court to determine
that we needed to do more.
So we gave her a lie
detector test.
I don’t be doing nothin’.
I swear to you,
I don’t do nothin’.
It sounds good.
I just don’t want us
to go down the wrong path.
And I just try to be honest
the best way I know how.
Ms. Nelson was asked,
“The night your boyfriend
found texts about you getting
a massage in a hotel,
“did you have sexual,
physical contact
“or sexual intercourse
with that man?”
What was her response?
Ms. Nelson’s response
was “No,” Your Honor.
JUDGE DANA: What did the lie
detector determine?
The lie detector determined
that Ms. Nelson
was being deceptive.
Are you kidding me?
I don’t wanna do this anymore.
That is a lie.
That is a lie.
I did not have
sex with that man.
I just need to be excused,
I don’t want…
Now, there was drama
after Ms. Nelson
failed the lie
detector exam.
And let’s take a look
at what’s going on
with them now.
So since coming to court,
we have decided…
That we’re gonna
stay together.
And we realized that
we have too much to lose,
we have such a great friendship
that we had for so long.
It’s not something we
wanna throw away.
So we’re gonna
stick this one out.
We appreciate everything
you guys did for us in court.
Thank you again,
Couples Court.

You know, generally,
if you can see yourself
without a person,
then they might
not be the one.

But in this case,
they decided to
stay together.

So I guess they can’t see
themselves without each other.
Like I can’t see my life
without you.
All right.
Let’s get to our last case,
Ross v. Rudolph.

JUDGE DANA:Ms. Ross felt
hey boyfriend was cheating,

and had tried to track
him down herself
before coming to us.

Let’s take a look.
I have been
calling him all day.
No response,
all day long.
So I go, 45 minutes away,
to the next casino,
second casino.
Page, no Rudy.
And you’re doing all of this
’cause you, at this point,
are thinking he’s
with some other woman.
I’m not cheating.
You’re not cheating?
I’m not cheating.
Where are you?
Home asleep.
What kind of sleep…
No, he wasn’t,
No, you was not.
Oh, Mr. Rudolph.
Uh, Eric, you conducted
surveillance on this case.
Yes, I did, Your Honor.
Mr. Rudolph was a character.
But at then end
of the day, I got him.
Well, hold that thought.
We have to take a break.
Couples Court
will be right back with
how to catch a cheater,
and some unbelievable
evidence in this case.
Couples Courtis back.
And with us
are private investigators,
Todd Redding
and Eric Echols,
who have been sharing
their professional experience
on how to catch a cheater.
Eric, before the break,
we were talking
about the case of
Ross v. Rudolph.

And you actually went
to a hangout spot
and submitted video
and audio recordings
from your investigation.
Yes, I did, Your Honor.
I followed him
from his home
to the club,
and that’s when all
the action took place.

Let’s take a listen.

Now, we all heard him admit
that he’s cheating.
Let’s take a look
at where they are now.
This is Ira.
And Lisa.
We’re just giving you guys
update on what’s been going
on with us since we left.
We’re back together.
No cheating.
I wasn’t cheating.
And we really thank you guys.
Thank you,Couples Court.
For helping us out.
In court, she said
she was going to stay,
and she’s still
standing by her man.
You know, Your Honor,
they’ll have better luck
if Mr. Rudolph can
stay out of the clubs
and avoid temptation.
Gentlemen, thank you
for joining us today.
Thank you, Your Honor.
It was a pleasure.
I really enjoyed being here.
Thank you for having me.
We’d also like to thank
our viewers.
Please keep your questions
and comments coming,
and join us on Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram.
Before we go, I wanna leave
our guests and our viewers
with this clip
from one of our most
unforgettable cases.
Ms. Jones tried to catch
her husband cheating,

and we had never heard
of this before, ever.
I check his phone
and I smell his private.
You smell his private?
I heard you say
you smell his private.
Dropped them.
Yeah, yeah.
MS. JONES: And I made sure…

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