VCU Candid Campus: Basketball Edition

Wait a minute!
Gotta have HAVOC.
Got your HAVOC on!
Ok Ready?-
You’re doing it with me!
You don’t wanna go to war!
With the RAMS – Don’t start no stuff- won’t
be no stuff!
Why are you a RAMS fan?
Oh I love the the Rams.
Because it’s so fun and exciting.
This is where I come to see all my friends.
It’s where I met a lot of them.
The fans, the fun, the basketball, the noise,
the hypeness- when the music starts and the
team starts coming out.
The peppas, the fans that come out in crazy
outfits like this.
And I love watching my daughter dance (laughs).
Something happened when you brought it here
to the Siegel Center that is just magic.
It’s a whole different world then watching
the game on television.
Whenever we come back and we’re down, all
the excitement that goes around, basically
HAVOC itself!
It’s HAVOC you fear!
HAVOC you fear!

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