Jan – Hi All !!! Veena – Hi Namaste!!
Jan – How are you All
Veena – It is getting clashed 😂
Jan – Was trying to say it together !!!
Jan – Veena, Just before starting the video …. Veena – Did I say we all are fine here? 🤦‍♀️🤔
Jan – Before starting the video ” why not we have a cold lime juice ? “
Jan – At Casino Hotel Veena – Lets go to Casino !!!😂😁
Veena – He is refresshing the memories of Casino Hotel , Thrissur.
Veena – Hope all of you understood the link !!!
Veena – The reason for this video is , you remember that sometime back there was a meet & greet organised here in Dubai.
Lot of you had come for the meeting.
All of you from here had come to attend it and made it a sweet memorable event.
After that event , everyone outside UAE had complaint that I had to conduct such a meet and greet in Kerala as well.
So as we thought before itself and when to reply your requests
July is when i usually go for vacation to Kerala.Since Jan is coming in August , we thought of conducting the meet and greet on August 4th 2019
Jan- The reason behind the early notice is for people who are coming for vacation during that time and planning to arrange a holiday accordingly and for people who really want to meet us .
Veena – It might not mean anything for some people .
It is just for all of you to plan accordingly for those who are really wanting to have this meet up 😊😊
you can save the date !!!
So it is on the first sunday of August 2019.
the time is from 3 pm to 6 pm at Casino hotel,Thrissur,Kerala
In the movie ” Thoovanathumbikal” Mohanlal orders for a iced lime juice at this hotel. we will be having the meet up in the same hotel
Veena – Just for a nostalgic touch
that movie has touched every Malayalee’s heart and they would definitely know about the hotel Casino.
Jan – Everyone in Thrissur knows bout this hotel for a very long time.
They would be hearing about this hotel from their childhood
First we thought we could conduct it in Iringalakuda , but looking at the convenience of everybody as the train station and bus stand is near by this hotel, we decided to go ahead with this hotel itself.
Jan’s parents also suggested that Thrissur would be a common location for everyone to come.
it is an easy accessible place
that is why we choose Thrissur
Now many may ask why not in Calicut or Trivandrum
All that places are in the waiting list . Lets just start with Thrissur
So all those who are willing , all are welcome to come to meet my family and Me.
It would be similar to the Dubai meet up .Hope you all have seen that video
A gettogether where we can have a friendly chat and click some pictures
that is all we are expecting nothing grand or anything.
Just a gentle gettogether and meeting.
Welcome to All who would like to meet us.We will all be there
So Lets meet up on 4th of August at Casino Hotel ,Thrissur at 3 pm to 6 pm .Any time you can come we will be there
that is today video all about
Jan- So lets have the iced Lemon juice , right? 😉😁
Veena – For me no ice … i want plain lemon juice 😂
you didnt understand what is “Lemon juice”
Ohhhh 😂😂😂
For me it is Lemon juice . you can have “Lemon juice”
For remembering mohanlal from Thoovanathumbikal.
Or for remembering Sumalatha?? 😉😁😁😁
For me Mohanlal


  1. നാട്ടിലുണ്ടെങ്കിൽ തീർച്ചയായും എത്തും, അതുപോലെ കുമരഞ്ചിറ ചുറ്റുവിളക്ക് എന്നാണ് ? അതിനും എത്താം

  2. Chechi tpr y mall(lulu mall)mall vannitundta…😜enik aduthaan……😃 Tcr veraaan theerchayaayum sremikyata…. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💕

  3. Enik varanamennu nalla asha und pakshe enik yatra pattila allergy problems und I miss you veena orupad sangadam und

  4. Chechi natil undenkil theerchayayum varum…….ente home plkd anu so trichur Njankalude thottu aduthalle so I will be there insha allahh…..

  5. Chechi april-may vacation undu.appo Chechi natil varum naghlum appo natil etham ennu vijarichu. Enthayalum gettogther natil vekum ennu urapayirunu.juneil makalku clss start cheyum😂😂😂

  6. Ente Veenakuttiiii….😘😘😘 😘😘 Eeswaran anugrahichal appol njan nattil undakum….nammude swantham Thrissur…. 💃💃💃

  7. Thank u chechi… nte molku chechine kaanan bayangara thirakkayi. Edaku edaku paryum chechide veetil povannu. Nthayalum njangalkku kaanan ethum chechi…. Love u….

  8. Nammude C H☺☺adipoli.entha karyam ee vacation nattil ponilla 😂😂😂.dubailum meet cheyan pattiyilla.ennanavo kanan pottuka.ellathinum oru samsyam undu dasa alle.😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Both date and place is important for me in my life..Aug 4th ente bday Anu.pinne casino hotel vechanu nangalude engagement party nadathiyathu😊

  10. Ente chechi..august nalla time aanu.ividem holiday aanu..I will try to come..onnu koode chechy ne is the best place. Proud to be a thrissurian

  11. chechiz njn kollam anallo..nokkate trissur varanmnnnu undu..nxt time tvm vaykkane..onnu meet cheyyanmnnu undu..grt move👍👍hats off to u dear..keep rocking💓💓god bless u dearz..😍😍

  12. Aagraham undonno…pine alla…varamtoo chechi. Janchetane kaanan katta waiting. Nth simple manushyanaale. .great. .

  13. VeenaKutty ..Sure we will meet you all.. August 4th..3pm to 6pm .. Done..looking fwd eagerly. Thankyou for d invitation..Love n gratitude 🤗💃

  14. Insha allah.ഞാൻ വരും ചേച്ചി .അപ്പത്തെക്കും മോൾക് കുറച്ചു ആകും .ഞാൻ പെരിന്തൽമണ്ണയാ അതികം ദൂരം ഇല്ലല്ലോ

  15. Varanam ennundu chechi ikka naatil vannal urappayittum varum chechiye kaanan oru paadu aagraham undu

  16. Veena chechy
    Njangal Kuwait il aaanu
    August il naatil varan planning
    Undu… vannal sure dear, I will be there,,,excited ❤️🤞

  17. ഞാൻ സൗദിയിൽ ആണ് ഇപ്പോ ഞാൻ തൃശ്ശൂർ കാരിയാണ് ദിസ്‌ ടൈം ഞാൻ നാട്ടിൽ ഉണ്ടാകും ഞാൻ വരാം

  18. Nmmade thrissur…😎🤘 Chechine kanan agraham ind.. but njan natik may il vannu June il povum ☹️ enthayalum nummade thrissur alle apo kanam..ennengilum..😊

  19. nan Aluva yil aanu…. Anikum chechiye kananam Ennund.. I will try to come… chechyde kaikond undakiya oru maduram tharamo?…… epppozum chechyde vedio kanumbol thonarund athonn kazhikkan kittiyirunnenkil….. plz Chechy….

  20. Nte leave aa time aa but nk varan pattulla ee kollathe hajj book chytu insha meet up vekkumpo try cheyyum ningale full family ne kanan vendi

  21. Veena & janchettan veetilthe orale poleya. Athukonduthanne kannanam ennudu. All the best . But Aug…. .Janchettan chettante amma ente teacher aaanu.

  22. Ende Veene I was there in Uragam for three days to attend a wedding in Perungotukara on 18th. Irinyalakuda, Perinnyanam ellam Oru karakkam karangi. Nyan Veenamol panju ponathu kandu . Veenene Kanda feeling ayirunnu. Felt very happy and told everyone. Ee meetup appozh ayirunnengil endhu rasam ayirunnene. Kashtham undu to 😭

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