After our Roadtrip in France,
we came back to Belgium.
I’d recently seen some photos from
an old shed full of arcade games and casino stuff.
After some research, it came to my mind…
It was a big warehouse that looked neglected.
All the stuff inside were covered by dust.
It was also interesting to see it.
Hopefully you’ve a lot of fun by watching “lost arcade”.
Good morning everyone.
We’re already inside the warehouse.
All the casino slots are here and…
some retro arcade games.
And , this is wicked sick!
There are a lot of casino seats.
just look.
This is all from a casino.
“Miss kitty”
Oemmie you played in a casino before, didn’t you?
– Yes, I did.
It are slot machines.
It’s in Euro, so that means it isn’t that old.
– 1 , 2 Euro, it isn’t that old indeed.
Euro does exist for 18 years now…?
Here, see this one.
It’s really a warehouse.
It’s a warehouse for sure…
– Yes…
I’ve got told, that they’ll destroy this place.
.. but that’s just weird.
So, to be clear now… it’s a storage for casinos.
But, I think it’s not just from one casino.
– I think you’re right.
– Some of them are in good condition.
– Yes, I’ve also seen some roulette tables over there…
– A roulette table?!
– Yes, I think so…
– Let’s have a look, don’t we?
– I want to see that roulette table too,
I think it’s cool.
Hey, but don’t you think we’re going to find
a black jack too?
– Yes, something like that.
– I want to see that too.
Some race arcade game.
– Isn’t that the table we were looking for?
– I’ve no idea, but there are …
..Oh yeah… here it is, a roulette table!
It should not always be a house…
… this is just an old warehouse…
… just see what we find here, it’s crazy man.
– See, this is the blackjack table.
– Hey but….
..this are screens, right?
I never went to a casino before…
“Pays 3 to 2”
“dealer must draw to 16,
and stand on all 17’s”
here the money came out.
it’s so cool.
– That’s where you insert the money.
– Or insert the money…
you insert the money there?!
– Yes.
– I don’t know a thing from a casino.
– You can put your money in it,
and you can put your card in it too.
– indeed, you’ve got a card in a casino.
I heard that before.
Oemmie, there’s a plant in here.
Is it….
…. I think it’s not a real one.
made out of plastic.
Here we’ve something else…
– I think it’s some sort of ski game.
– This is awesome.
Would this be a…
– it’s a fight game.
– a fight game indeed!
Just like the ones we had back in the days
on the fairground.
It’s crazy to see all these arcade games.
What game was this anyway?
-That’s a slot machine I think.
– These are slots?!
– Kind off…
– Oemmie knows a lot more about this place
then I do…
– I was born in Asia…
What about you guys?!
Have you ever been to a casino?
Let me know in the comments below!
Because I’m curious about that.
See this, this are the…
rewards you could win.
Min bet is € 0.05
– You can win money with it.
– See , € 100,
Are you sure?, because Min bet € 0.05
Max bet is € 4.50
– You could win these credits.
– Really, oh… fuck…
Imagine, if you win this one.
I don’t think that happened often.
Or maybe it does happened, and is that the reason
why all the slots are here.
What’s this?
it looks like something from the fairground.
There’s a small box with € on it.
this was the money box , isn’t it?
I’m pretty sure this is emptied.
That’s where the money was.
The boxes used to be inside the slot machine.
– just put it back…
– Probably someone tried to break it.
– I don’t think there’s something inside, lol.
and what do we have here.
Parking meter.
No, wait….
…it’s to change money…
– Are you kidding me.?!
– Why should here a park meter, please…
– I’ve no idea men…
There are more of them.
These are guns…
.. for the arcade games.
It’s amazing that it’s still here.
it’s such a shame.
it surprises me a lot.
A whole, hall , warehouse…
…full of arcade games, casino slots…
Isn’t that crazy?!
There’s more…
.. another roulette.
Oemmie, what was this anyway?
the flat ones.
I think it’s just a game.
It could be everything.
oh wait, I see… It’s for the roulette.
– You sure?
– They sat around the table.
the roulette was in the middle of it.
You could choose your bet on the screen.
there’s also a button that says ‘pay out’.
– I see, Pay out.
Oemmie’s right.
This arcade game is amazing too.
Just see the gun.
“Silent scope”
I bet it’s a snipers game.
See, player one, player two…
This amazes me.
I’m still wondering… What storage was it anyway…
Because there are garage boxes too…
This is just someone’s garage box..
This is all personal stuff.
You should think these are mummies.
See , this chair…
it’s like the chairs we often see in Châteaus.
It isn’t even damaged…
It’s brand new, wtf…
See, those chairs are still new…
– Come , just leave now.
– This is just crazy…
Also , these garage boxes…
It were…
storage rooms from people.
I think it’s about time now to leave this place…
Beacuse, this place is too crazy …

37 thoughts on “VERLATEN CASINO, ARCADE SPEELHAL / Opslagloods ⇝ #Takiany”

  1. This is like a big boys play ground. No, I've never been to a Casino. Many thanks for sharing and the translation

  2. die dingen wat je gezien verpakt in plastic zijn houten beelden van de entree of iets want er was er een uit het plastic en die is meegenomen denk ik want die stondt in een ander filmpje waar die personen ook daar waren geweest op die lokatie

  3. Gave locatie! Ik ben weleens in een Fair Play Casino geweest, leuk maar geen hobby voor mij. Kost teveel 😉

  4. Echt een top lokatie!! Ik heb ooit eens een paar maanden in een sjieke speelhal gewerkt. Moest er toen netjes bij lopen in bedrijfskleding en vlinderstrikje voor. Haha. Stonden voor 85% speelkasten.

  5. er viel me een ding op in het filmpje er leuk om te zien trouwens !! ga zo door takiany ik zien een plant die in de bloei staat of is die nep ?? het is te zien op 6 min 30

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