Vex cutscene explained Destiny 2 lore Shadowkeep | Myelin Games

Vex cutscene explained Destiny 2 lore Shadowkeep | Myelin Games

We say that the black garden is the birthplace
of the Vex.
“But it was not the beginning, it is the
The life in the Garden called out a question,
the Vex are the answer.
The Vex will do anything to protect it.
In these things, there is symmetry.”
The Gateways have opened, the Vex are coming.
Welcome back guardians.
As you may have seen, Bungie has released
a newish cinematic trailer and gameplay trailer
at Gamescon.
The cinematic trailer was actually leaked
years ago, and we are now officially seeing
it for the first time.
In the cinematic trailer we see the Vex milk,
which is the Vex themselves, and the Vex milk
animates the Vex robot frames.
The Vex then enter a portal to defend the
Black Garden.
Ikora Rey provides voice over, saying that
the Black Garden was not the beginning but
the reason for the Vex.
So in todays video we are going to dissect
this cutscene and explain what it means.
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So in the new cutscene, Ikora Rey says this,
We say that the black garden is the birthplace
of the Vex.
Now, I covered this in detail in my last Black
Garden video, and essentially, Destiny 1 made
multiple references to the Black Garden as
the birthplace of the Vex, however, when Forsaken
was released they gave greater clarification
to what was meant.
Prince uldren, as one of the first to explore
the Black Garden, says that it was not the
literal birthplace of the Vex but more of
a baptism.
The lore entry called Through the Gate reads,
Out of that aperture emerges the behemoth
silhouette of a Vex Gate Lord, metal and mind
crashing together, self-assembling, ready
to defend this secret place.
The Vex are born here, in the sense of baptism:
consecrated to the service of some terrible
purpose that the machines found within.
So that the Vex were re-born in the Black
Garden in the service of something, they are
serving something that is within the Black
Now as the cutscene continues, Ikora Rey confirms
the same thing as Prince Uldren, The Vex are
in service to whatever is in the Black Garden.
Ikora says,
We say that the black garden is the birthplace
of the Vex.
“But it was not the beginning, it is the
The life in the Garden called out a question,
the Vex are the answer.
The Vex will do anything to protect it.
So now, we have both Prince Uldren and Ikora
saying that the Vex have been called to protect
whatever is in the Garden.
Now in my previous Black Garden video, I suggested
that I think Bungie will confirm that the
Darkness itself is at the center of the Black
Garden, that whatever the Black Garden is,
it is the opposite of the Traveler, the Traveler
represents the Light, The Black Garden represents
the Darkness.
If you haven’t seen my Black Garden video
I suggest you watch that, as I go into a lot
of details about the Darkness and how Prince
Uldren Explored the Black Garden, and also
Osiris’s prophecy of the Darkness in the
Black Garden.
There are lots of clues now that point towards
the Darkness within the Black Garden.
So with all that being said, in my opinion
Ikora confirms this theory, she confirms that
the Darkness is at the heart of the Black
Garden in the new cutscene.
It is very subtle but have a listen, Ikora
says this
We say that the black garden is the birthplace
of the Vex.
“But it was not the beginning, it is the
The life in the Garden called out a question,
the Vex are the answer.
The Vex will do anything to protect it.
In these things, there is symmetry.”
Symmetry is the clue.
So now have a listen to what the Warlock Pujari
says from the Grimoire card The Black Garden.
The Traveler moved across the face of the
iron world.
It opened the earth and stitched shut the
It made life possible.
In these things there is always symmetry.
Do you understand?
This is not the beginning but it is the reason.
Pujari and Ikora are literally using the same
The Warlock Pujari is from the faction the
Symmetry, who argue that Darkness cannot exist
without Light, and Light cannot exist without
Have a listen to the Symmetry Flight lore
Symmetry Flight
“To have Light, we must have Dark.
This is the symmetry of the Universe.”
—Controversial Warlock Ulan-Tan
the reason you persecute me is not because
of the symmetry.
It’s because of the truth beyond this truth,
the truth which you most dread: if we could
destroy darkness, but we had to give up our
Light to do so, how many of us would make
that trade?
So in my opinion, Pujari described the Traveler
and said there has to be symmetry, and that
this was not the beginning but the reason,
then Ikora Rey described the Black Garden
and said there must be symmetry, and that
it was not the beginning but the reason for
the Vex.
Hopefully you can see the pattern, if something
happens with the Darkness, something will
happen with the Light.
In this case, the Traveler created warriors
of Light, Guardians, so for there to be symmetry
the Darkness needed its own warriors, the
Black Garden called out a question and the
Vex are the answer, the Vex now protect the
Darkness in the Black Garden.
So, as you can see, a single line of dialogue
from Ikora rey in the cinematic trailer in
my opinion confirms a lot for the Season of
Undying and the Black Garden raid.
I really do think we are getting closer to
seeing a conclusion with the Black Garden
or at least better understanding the Black
Garden, and it very much seems to be pointing
in the direction of understanding and facing
the Darkness.
And with that, that concludes if you would
like to support the channel and cannot think
of a comment, leave the word, symmetry, to
symbolize that we will face the Vex representing
the Darkness in the Black Garden.
As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games, peace.

100 thoughts on “Vex cutscene explained Destiny 2 lore Shadowkeep | Myelin Games”

  1. I can’t wait to read the new lore cards on the vex, bungie finally will give greater detail to one of the most interesting races imo.

  2. Are the writers setting up an alliance of sorts between the vex and the veil? Aligned together with the darkness, against Guardians and the fallen and the Cabal, with the Hive and the Taken as independent factions. I'm calling a four-sided conflict in D3. ✌️

  3. Graviton Forfeit, besides being an underrated exotic helmet, also references that we're enacting genocidal war against a rival god.

  4. I heard only Saint 14 Survived a Combat Vex Frame
    Can't find source.

    Anyhow, for the lore thrall, as a lore ascendant, I'll state that every Vex we see and fight is a Construction Frame.

  5. what about the hive, because before this the hive was the lights closest darkness counterpart, with the deep and the sky stuff. or would this mean the vex are an certain kind of faction with the darkness who doesn’t agree with that of the hive and the darkness they follow

  6. The Vex are given their purpose in the Black Garden. To carry out the will of the Darkness. It's will is to shape it's own Destiny, to decide what will be, and to not be.

  7. I think there is another interpretation. The Black Garden was made by the Travelers actions. That’s stated in the grimoire.

    Typically when spaces are made by anyone they belong to them. So since it’s stated to have been made by its action, ownership should belong to the Traveler.

    I would also point at the theme of the space. A wild grove of ever changing life and physics? Even dangerous changes.

    Sounds exactly like Fundament, the hellhole the Leviathan called the treasure of the Sky.

    A spade of the Darkness should represent it thematically, which would be the Ascendant plane.

    However, that doesn’t mean that a remnant of the Darkness couldn’t of been taken there. To feed on Light to recover from being destroyed.

    Recall in D1, the Hive ritual on the moon that was draining the Travelers Light? They needed a shard of the Traveler to do it.

    We don’t see that in the Black Garden. We just see the Heart pulsing with energy. Then once it’s destroyed the Traveler is magically better.

    Yet it was almost brought back, no true death. If the Garden was the Darkness realm, wouldn’t the Heart have suffered a final death?

    See? For the Black Garden to be a realm belonging to the Darkness is a real doozy of a retcon.

  8. but what about the theory that the vex was the difence system for a race the hive wiped out could this still be cannon

  9. OMG. I thought that was a still from the video. Then I thought maybe my streaming got stuck and was rewinding. Then you brought up gamma! Totally couldn't tell. Great stuff. As usual

  10. I think our next journeys like with the hive and their sword logic we will now turn to the vex with their symmetry two different beliefs one cause for their reason

  11. Vex are one of the more mysterious races because we know what they are and what they do, but we don't know a thing about their history, how are they connected to the Darkness, how are they related to ghosts and exo?

  12. We know that the Pyramidion was supposed to be in D1 and was originally on Mars. That Lake Asher talks about during the Pyramidion strike, that's the water we see in the Vex trailer.

  13. Very cool insight! Didn't realize how Ikora's words mirrored Ulan-Tan's, definitely gives credence to your theory. Can't wait to find out more in October!!

  14. Tbh, Shadowkeep content is rather meh for me. But once I hear we're dealing with the Vex again, that got me hyped.

  15. You say in the video that the Traveler created us as warriors of light and that the vex were called to the black garden as an answer to be the counter for us; but didn't the darkness already have the Hive as a vanguard? Wouldn't that be upsetting the symmetry to add another force on the darkness side especially when we were already fighting the hive at the point we first encountered them? Also that would imply that when Oryx faced the vex in his throne world that the vex were not a force of darkness would it not?

    Also Uldren states that the dark heart of the black garden was a trip wire presumably for the darkness. And we are told by the awoken that if we want our traveler to heal, we must kill the darkness at the gardens heart. Wouldn't it make sense that the garden is actually a place of Light, held in check by the dark heart placed there because any who would see the traveler healed, would wish to free the garden from its corruption.

    This could mean that the Garden itself called the vex as a force to defend the Light, this retains the symmetry because we are a force in the middle, not of purest light as we have displayed more and more as the campaign progresses.

    The Vex are the Lawful/order aspect; the Hive: Chaos.

  16. Whatever it is at the Heart of The Garden, it tricked The Vex. It will fail them just as The Sword Logic will fail The Hive. I wouldnt want to be on the wrong side when The Vex figure this out.

  17. They aren’t protecting the black garden they are protecting us from the black guardian, keeping it in check so Guardians don’t break the balance of light and dark.
    Anyway that’s just my thought.

  18. I wonder if the black garden is like another pocket universe. Similar to the distributary, homeland of the awoken.

    The awoken were reborn within the distributary, maybe the vex were reborn within the black garden. It could explain how it’s not their beginning, but the reason why they became the vex. Originally, the awoken were just humans. The vex were just……..

  19. The Traveler resurrects those once living using machines called ghosts to protect it, the Black Garden uses machines animated by a living substance called radiolarian in turn. Symmetry.

  20. Hey Myelin, are the Vex truly the protectors of Dark? Guardians are champions of Light, blessed by Light, how would the Vex be their symmetry?

    If the Vex are the will of the Dark, why would the Vex allow our intervention in the VoG when it was taken? Why arent the Hive and Vex working mutually together? Why is the Vex not a comrade for the Hive gods, having them to Take them like Quria?

    Are the Vex truly the servants of the Darkness or are forced to obey them, or is it only a subtype of them? Much like psions of the Cabal?

    What would make Panoptis? Did it not predict a future whereby Light and Dark ceased to exist? A scorched earth scenario?

  21. Yeah actually when I was working on my Titan more like a reforged Titan, but that's another story in itself in any rate I was recording when you get the third path (Spectral Blades, Thunder Crash, Well of Radiance, ect.) and I purposely turn off the music and made any sounds minimal so I know what I'm doing, but beyond that you could say the light of the traveler did mention this earlier as you're cleaning up the Taken from the Light Trees in that mission.

    If you wish Myelin I can forward it to you in your Discord later.

  22. Could this be the end of the Destiny saga? We destroy the darkness, understanding doing so will destroy the light as well. All ghosts start fading away and guardians become mortal or even die. Would be a hell of an ending!

  23. Just like the Worm Gods, I highly doubt that there's one entity that is the darkness. More so, I assume that the darkness has a plethora of "old ones" that the pyramid ship entities are trying to bring back. The thing that Oryx talked to through an ogre spawn, as detailed in the Books of Sorrow, is most likely one of those "old ones".
    As well, I also think that the Traveler is just like Oryx, or Atheon, etc….as the avatars of aspects of the light and dark duality.
    We're fighting a fundamental war, without knowing the true enemy, or knowing the true ally.
    And the Vex are just another pawn in this fundamental war.

  24. I strongly disagree, if the vex were created by the darkness as a response to guardians, then what about the ancient vex ruins that were found by golden age humans? Also we know that during the golden age, when Mercury was still fertile, the vex were already present, this wouldn't be possible if the vex were created as a response to guardians, also we already destroyed the heart of the darkness back in D1 in the black garden, so why would there be more darkness, we were supposed to have gotten rid of it already, it just doesn't add up

  25. The Vex are supposed to be a threat, smart machines and yet……they still leave their most vulnerable point exposed.

  26. Both the light and darkness are gone in one of their infinite forsest simulations, didn't Osiris say it was their goal? Why would they strive for that if they are agents of darkness?

  27. I visited D1 just for this. Also did you check Kabr Agies ship lore I think is related. Him being vexified & all that he talk now again

  28. If the vex are the protectors of the darkness what the fuck are the hive then? Does that mean that if the darkness has 2 species doing its bidding that to keep the "symmetry" the light will empower another race for D3?

  29. You do realize you could have made the same video in February 2017 when this scene was first leaked…. Lol … It's funny how YouTubers are trying to treat this like it's a new climatic scene… The only thing new about it is they added Ikora's voice lol
    like I told other YouTubers we get rehashed content we get to rehashed cutscenes what's next rehashed Dead characters like cayde 6 as a girl exo named Katie 6 😂 this isn't about just like in Destiny this is about the fact bungee is too lazy to make new content and create enrich cutscenes. I do not dislike Destiny if I did I wouldn't have been playing since 2014 and playing Destiny 2 since launch

  30. what if whatever lies in the black garden is one of the remaining three worm gods?we know that they are agents of the deep just like the traveler is an agent of the sky.

  31. Dissent we fuck up the vex god at the black garden and kill another vex god former Guardian Atheon also did we not kill a fuckmothering vex mind or 3 WHY HAVE THE VEX NOT DONE YO US AS TO CROTAS BROTHER

  32. Also how dose The exiled old mans foretelling make any scenes when guall stayed the he stared out into the nothing and saw an army with ships of size unimaginable size and that he was the herald of there rule :::something along those lines:::

  33. I really like the idea that the Vex are anathema to Guardians, but if the Garden isn't truly the birthplace of the vex, then why do we call it that? Does the Darkness corrupt an already present version of the vex inside of the Garden, and that's what Uldren means by a "Baptism" for a new purpose? Does that mean that there exists, somewhere, a pure, uncorrupted version of the Vex? Am I thinking too much? Is it simply that the Garden is where the radiolaria are given the physical, mechanical form?

  34. I don't think you need to "make that trade" so to speak. I think Symmetry can be obtained within ourselves. A synthesis of sorts.

  35. I had a curious thought in my head and it has to do with the Deep (the location) and the Black Garden. When the Ir Anuk and Ir Halak tricked Crota into allowing the Vex to enter the High War, the Vex set about trying to understand the thronespace and, presumably, turning it to their design. Maybe, in their efforts to understand the Sword Logic, the Vex were able to reach the Deep as Oryx did and converted that space like they did Mercury and Nessus. Could it be that the Black Garden is a converted Deep?

  36. I always thought that the Vex were a 3rd party type of villain. Like their end goal isn't necessarily to win for the darkness but to encompass all.

  37. I think you missed something big there, "the traveler moved across the iron world "and created life and brought light to the dark planet. The traveler is light, the traveler created a dark garden, the life in this place knew something was not right and called out to the iron planet which responded by creating the vex as its guardians , the heart of the garden is what remains of the darkness that once covered the iron planet and in retaliation to the travelers action across the systems on numerous planets the vex set out to do the same. Or at least thats what i got from your video. Just my thoughts.

  38. The Stranger from Destiny 1 also references the Darkness/Vex relation – being an 'evil so dark that it despises other evils'; the Darkness despises anything that isn't a cube or a tetrahedron, or isn't trying to become the simplest they could possibly be.
    – All Vex patterns are square or triangular or curves/circles. – The Darkness Pyramid-ships are tetrahedrons with rectangular or parallel indents across the hull, within which are little lights.

    That is the Pattern. The Vex want to turn everything into cereal (cubes/tetrahedrons) for the Darkness to freely consume/erase, the Vex by then being nothing more than an endless ocean of radiolaria.

    And it all gets consumed by the Darkness, using it's ships as a spoon-proxy to devour the cereal.

  39. I'm sorry. Can you say that thing about how we say that the black garden is the birthplace of the vex again? I need to hear it at least 4 more times.

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