Video Game Chasing – “Game Quest” Episode 15

Video Game Chasing – “Game Quest” Episode 15

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  1. 2:10 You mean to tell me that you DIDN'T want to buy SHREK THE THIRD for the GAMEBOY ADVANCED???? XD

    Haha jokes aside I really enjoyed this video Emily! Hope you enjoy Super Mario Maker 2; I got some levels for you to play. :p

  2. This popped up and I thought I would take the adventure with with you while waiting for the dentist. I like the Nintendo bag. Shame our thrifts have sky rocket in pries here too
    Had to give you some support since you are kind enough to share your delicious baking with me smiles

  3. Glad you finally got Super Mario Maker 2 Emily, I'll definitely send you my level code sometime tomorrow! 😊🔨 Also, cool tattoo! 👍❤

  4. Yay another game chase vid! Haha I see you've begun driving. How's your fuel tank topping up? 😛 Oh wait was that a paracord you're wearing? 😀 Hmm maybe the prices skyrocketed because of your videos promoting game chasing? Sadly, we don't have many retro videogame stores here. Anyway, looking forward to your SMM2 streams! @5:59 You said people are staring at you. Isn't that common for celebrities? hehe. XD

  5. I hate going to thrift stores anymore lol…. always the same junk games! Get a PSP though, love mine.

  6. Great job, Emily! Man, I audibly got excited when you showed off Deathly Hallows, as that's my absolute favorite novel, like, so far, out of any series!

    Now that we've done our colab for Super Mario Party, I was so desperate to say, "Gee, she sure is stingy with her money, isn't she?" when you didn't get anything.

    Speaking of Super Mario Maker 2, you wanna do a colab on that? I've already completed the Story Mode and could slap in a joke about the price of Nintendo Switch Online and say something like, "Hey, you paid to play user levels that are potential trash? Well, I paid to play Nintendo's levels, and 99% of them are masterpieces!"

  7. Hey Emily! I see you decided to go Game Chasing again, my local thrift stores have the same high school musical games. Also cool tattoo!

  8. Now i know what is game quest about, i'll be following the next episodes, mario maker 2 looks sick!! i can't wait to watch you playing it, congrats! 💖

  9. Seeing you drive and vlog at the same time was so different lol! 5:41 I'm super jealous rn! XD Classic Game Quest vlog as always Emily! It was a great & fun one!! 😊

  10. Watching this at 3am and i have no regrets. We definetly need a video game hunting with youtubers editions and i defiently need to be on it. I havee the "BEST" luck so😂😂

  11. Japanese subtitles, thank you very much!
    I was able to enjoy it more than usual!
    I look forward to the game of Mario!!

  12. Been a while but I'm happy to see another Game Quest video again 😄The pickups you got were pretty cool especially Mario Maker 2, I'm hoping to get it soon myself as well 🙏🏽 Also 4:18 what a savage lol 😎

  13. Hey hon!! Is that Value Village you were at in Waterdown? I loved your cute little dance 🙂 I recognized the Best Buy you were in. Way to go getting Mario Maker! I'm leaving soon to go to Entertainment Overload to see what they've got.

  14. Meu Super Mario Maker 2 chegou ontem dos USA /

    Nossa, eu compraria aquele Crackpots do Atari. Me parece bem conservado. Joguei muito enquanto criança…

  15. Hey Miss Nekotendo, I just subscribed to your channel because I love these "Game Quest" Videos. Take care. 🙂

  16. Heyo, good to see a game-quest again, and you behind a steeringwheel as well. 🙂
    (hope you almost have your full driver's license)
    Do you do your vlogs by yourself now, or did i spot 'mom-tendo' in some brief shots and reflections as well…?

  17. Great game chaser vid! Congrats on you getting your driver's license (I knew you could do it! ^^). And I'm very happy you got Super Mario Maker 2. Can't wait to see you stream some playthroughs of your subs creative levels 😁😁😜

  18. Oooh snap been wondering when Game Quest would return 👀
    And yo peep that tattoo lmao I never knew… great vid as always neko!

  19. 日本語訳いいね。楽しく見ることができました😃

  20. 😨 sweet! Game Quest is back? Or is this one time thing? I hope it's back one my favorite videos later😄.

  21. You know what? For me even when people don't find things. I still love these videos. I enjoy watching The Hunt other people go on for video games. And see what their stores look like it's just cool to me later😊.

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