Video Game History | Mario, Minecraft & More! | Kids Wiki

Video Game History | Mario, Minecraft & More! | Kids Wiki

My Cool School project is all about the history of video games.
Today, we have games that almost look like real life,
games where you can build anything you can imagine,
games you play over the internet,
and games that fit in your pocket!
But, early video games were MUCH simpler.
In fact, video games have been around since 1940.
That’s somewhere between dinosaurs and smart phones!
One of the first computer games ever was called Nim.
It was based off an old game of picking up match sticks.
But instead of real match sticks,
this used little lights.
Does sound very exciting…
But thousands of people lined up to play it!
Are we there yet?
I wanna play Angry Birds on my phone!
What Angry Birds… and how do you play it on a phone??
In 1962, Steve Russell invented Spacewar.
It was basically just two spaceships just trying to blast each other.
At least I think they’re spaceships…
They look more like dots.
But it still took programers over 200 hours to write the code!
Aaand done!
This is the greatest video game ever made!
Ten years later, in 1972,
Atari invented a tennis game called Pong.
So many people played it
that sometimes the machine would get jammed with quarters
and stop working!
Aw, come on! I was about to win!
Then, in 1975,
Atari released the home version of Pong.
Awesome! I can finally play video games without getting dressed!
In the 80’s, arcade games were really popular,
so popular that they started popping up all over!
Even in pizzerias and laundromats.
Katie dear, do me a favor and put the clothes in the washing machine.
I’m about to beat my high score!
One of those popular arcade games was Pac Man!
The name is based off the Japanese words “paku paku”
which sound like munching.
You know, since Pac Man eats SO much food!
Since it came out,
the game has made over 2.5 billion dollars.
It even has a Guinness World Record for being the most successful coin-operated game EVER!
And Pac Man was the first video game mascot,
which is sort of like a main character.
Since then, there have been a lot more mascots,
But the two biggest ones in the 90s were Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.
They came from Nintendo and Sega.
In fact, back then it was known as the Console Wars.
There were hours of debate on which was better.
And that is why we declare Sega Genesis the best game system ever.
Wrong! My super Nintendo has got 3 words for you:
Legend of Zelda.
Nintendo and Sega kept making bigger and better consoles.
Eventually, Sony joined in, and Microsoft.
Today, the gaming system rivals are PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and WiiU.
I wonder what the next systems will look like…
Katie dear, put in the fabric softener.
I’m in virtual reality!
Video games have really come along way since Nim and Spacewar.
Now, there are even GIANT tournaments where pros make MILLIONS of dollars.
Or, you can just sit in the basement and play sports games,
like my brothers.
Come on boys! Let’s go play some football.
Dad, we already are. It’s the new Madden 3000.
It’s awesome!
But me?
I’d rather be playing outside in the sunshine!
Where I can play Minecraft on my iPad.
So what’s your favorite video game?
Tell us in the comments below!
And stay tuned, so Crafty Carol can teach you how to make a Minecraft piggy bank.
Well, hey there boys and girls.
Thanks for comin’ over to Cool School to check out some more arts & crafts here with me
Minecrafty Carol
Wait a second, did I just say MINEcrafty Carol?
I sure did because today we’re doing a craft inspired by Minecraft.
We’re gonna take one of those pigs from Minecraft and we’re gonna make our very own
Minecraft piggy bank.
So what do you need to make this craft?
You’re gonna wanna use a Kleenex box–
it’s empty because I just watched Bambi and I cried my eyes out,
so I used all the tissues–
glue (pretty much alway need glue),
stuff to write with,
construction paper–I got pink, I got black, I got white.
With no further ado,
I do think we should get to makin’ this craft.
Alright, so one of the first things you wanna do is you wanna make this grid on your Kleenex box.
This is gonna be the face of your pig.
Okay, so do 8 squares down
8 squares across.
I made little notes for myself so I didn’t forget where I wanted to put the eyes.
I know I wanna put a black square there.
and a white square there.
I got a little brown right there and there cuz that’s gonna be his nostrils.
His little pig nostrils, his little [snorts]
So I made my squares of paper the same size as the squares on my grid.
I wasn’t gonna do this on camera
cuz it would’ve taken forever and you would’ve gotten so bored
you would’ve fallen asleep. You would’ve been snorin’, makin’ pig sounds.
Like this: [snores]
You just cut ’em all out, about the same size. It’s okay if they’re a little different.
We’re not goin’ for the most perfect pig.
The most perfect pig is Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web, everybody knows that.
Or maybe Babe.
You know what? I take it back. I love all pigs.
They’re all the most perfect pigs.
Piglet! Oh my gosh, come on…
Now let’s cover the body!
So I’m just gonna do plain pink panels on the side.
Just gluin’ these on here…
And at the top,
you can see, I cut out a little coin slot.
Big enough for paper money, if you’ve got some Benjamins or somethin’ that you wanna
stuff in there. Or maybe you got some Lincolns are George Washingtons.
So I got a little rectangle cut out here in the crafting paper,
that just fits right over that. There you go.
But we’re not done yet because oh my goodness, we gotta put that face on there.
Start by smearin’ on some glue, gettin’ it evenly spaced.
And there you go, look at that! I made my first row.
There’s row number 2. Número 2!
Now this next row is gonna have the eyes in it so…
Remember that we made a note
that we wanna put a black square there
and a white square there
and a white square there
and a black square there!
Look at here, we got ourselves some eyes.
Check that out.
And right above his snout get a little, uh, a little pale pink
So here we go, checking in on our pig one more time.
Let’s put on our little snout.
I just put a little “T” in our box right there
cuz I wanna put sort of a tan
kind of a gray
Just got a little bit left to do.
Bear with me…
So, the bottom is pretty much just straight pink.
And I’ll be doggone if we don’t have ourselves a Minecraft piggy bank over here.
Check him out, got his eyes here and his little snout.
And we got our coin slot right here so we can drop money in.
I got some change right here. Got my lucky penny, definitely wanna save that.
So there you go boys and girls,
you see how to make your own piggybank
inspired by the Minecraft pig.
And speaking of crafts, tell me in the comments what you want to see next.
If you don’t tell me, I won’t know!
So, right in the comments. Can’t wait to hear from ya!
So click right over here to check out our dragon craft
inspired by How to Train Your Dragon 2. That movie is… pretty amazing!
And make sure you subscribe so you get a new video every week from Cool School!
This has been arts and crafts with Crafty Carol
or should I say MINEcrafty Carol.
And I’ll see you next time, bye!
Bye, boys and girls, bye!

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