(Swishy Swishy Fist Fist) (Music) Super Mario Brothers Mario, Mario! Bowser has kidnapped the princess! Not a Again Not a problem, which way did they go? Left! I’m sorry, my love Castlevania Last week on Teenage Vampire Daughter you cannot go out it is past your
bed time! I’ll do what I want Daddy! ARGHHHH!!! Pac Man Waka Waka Waka Waka (Gasp) Mmmm yeah! (Gasp) Honey! I can explain! No need… You sexy thing! (Gasp) Waka Waka Waka Waka The Legend of the Zeldas (Box Opening music) Castlevania This week on Teenage Vampire Daughter! You cannot join a religion! Don’t tell me what to do Daddy! ARGHHHH!! Grand Theft Automobile Wow honey, what a lovely hotel! Yeah, it’s 5 stars 5 stars?! (Police sirens and gunshots) The Legend of Zeldas. So many Zeldas running around. (Item get sound) Castlevania Next week on Teenage Vampire Daddy! I brought a boy home for dinner! Fantastic! ARHGHHHHGHGHH!!! Pokemon Bobby, do you wanna go to the prom with me? Pfft, no way Sarah! Sarah! SARAH NO!! SARAH NOOO!! NO SARAH NO!!
NOOOOOOOOO!!! I choose you Bobby. I choose you all. (Case shut) Hey you! Speaking of Video Games we just friggin’
made one! Check it out!! (Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share)

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