VirZOOM VR Bike Adds Video Games to Your Workout | Plugged In

VirZOOM VR Bike Adds Video Games to Your Workout | Plugged In

Today we’re going to check out the VirZOOM, a VR bike where you have to paddle to control your movement. Let’s go check it out! So right now I’m using the VirZOOM with the Oculus Rift Dk2 headset, but it will also work with the HTC Vive and the Play Station VR, which will be out later this year. The VirZOOM bike I’m testing right now is also an alpha build, it’s not the final version. There will be a beta build before the final version is released later this year. That one will have more buttons on the handle bar as well as triggers. I think the whole experience is feeling like you’re in the wild west and you’re on this horse and it kind of does feel like you’re on a horse. I wish I had a gun. They got guns. How come I don’t have gun? It’s a gang of wild peep. The faster you peddle, the faster your horse moves and the slower you paddle the slower your horse moves. And that may seem a little bit weird at first that you’re paddling instead of like galloping on this horse , but it’s actually pretty natural. If you lean too much the headset kind of makes me nauseous, so don’t lean to hard. Dude, I gotta take this one off. So that was pretty awesome. I couldn’t stay in there for too long just because I got nauseous really quickly. By now you’re probably wondering how much is the VirZOOM going to cost. Well the VirZOOM bike itself will cost 300 bucks. That’s in addition to the $600 headset for an Oculus Rift. And then you also need a powerful gaming PC. So that’s 900 bucks plus another 900 bucks. That’s $1800. That’s a lot of money
in order to play a VR game. Don’t get me wrong the VirZOOM is a whole lot of fun. But it can be a very nauseating experience and for the money I just don’t
think it’s worth it. For something that looks like a bike and paddles like a bike, why not just get a real bike? Ah, fresh air!

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  1. I wonder when people will realize the concept of working out while playing video games isnt going to be popular. People dont play video games after work to use energy. It's a way to relax and have fun.

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