Visionary sports executive takes the helm as next Vanderbilt athletics director

We looked broadly for a lot of different
candidates, but what we really wanted was a
I couldn’t be more proud to join such a
fine institution that’s committed to, not
only developing great athletes, but the
next generation of future leaders who
can really help shape our world.
Excellence on and off the field has
always been a very compelling
proposition for me. In 1963, my mother
enrolled and registered at the
University of South Carolina, and thereby
desegregated the University of South
Carolina system, and I couldn’t be more
proud of her and the model of leadership
and courage that she set for me and so
many others. Leadership is about creating
and communicating a certain standard of
excellence. Vanderbilt is not simply
bringing Malcolm to lead Vanderbilt, we’re
bringing Malcolm to really lead in
college athletics, to make clear that the
present and the future is in the
Vanderbilt way. Certainly David
Williams leaves a wonderful legacy, and
I’m intent to build on the fine work
that he has done, but also the work of
the coaches and the administration and
other supporters of this program. I’m
looking forward to engaging and asking
lots of questions and doing a lot of
listening with our fans and supporters.
The foundation is strong, the future is
bright. I’m excited and I’m ready. I can’t
wait to get started.
Anchor down!

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