Visiting the casinos of Biloxi and The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Visiting the casinos of Biloxi and The Mississippi Gulf Coast

hi I’m Steve Bourie author of the American
casino guide
which is the number one bestselling book
in the US on the subject of casino
gambling and travel
and the only book that comes with more
than one thousand dollars in casino
As a gambling writer I visit a lot of
and I write about them for my website at
as well as for many other travel and
gaming publications
one of my favorite places to visit for
casino vacation is Biloxi on the
Mississippi Gulf Coast
I have been there about a dozen times I
always enjoy going back
it’s a very scenic area and for casino
players it also offer some of the best
blackjack games in the United States
this video was created to give you a
taste of what it’s like to visit the
and hopefully one day I’ll be able to
visit it on their own to take advantage
of its friendly southern hospitality
a major highlight have any visit to the
Mississippi Gulf Coast
is to take a drive along scenic highway
90 which spans most of the state’s 62
miles shoreline
the viewers especially beautiful in
Harrison County
briefing drive along miles majestic
shoreline including a 26-mile stretch
that showcases the world
longest many be Harrison County is also
home to the city of alexi
which features any the Gulf Coast 11
the others are located further west with
one in Gulfport to
Bay Saint Louis in 1990 mississippi was
the third state to legalize riverboat
whether like the first Tuesday
mississippi never allowed riverboat
through instead all were required to be
doc loading Gulf of Mexico the back babe
foreign waters on or adjacent to the
Mississippi River
additionally the river boats which first
began operating in 1992
were never required to look like a bird
so most of the casinos ended up being
built on huge barges
that resembled land-based building
rather than traditional riverboat when
Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005
many advocates no barges destroyed when
they broke from their moorings
learning in short time later the
mississippi legislature changed the law
to allow all go
does casinos to be rebuilt on land with
shoreline I was pissy no have been
rebuilt in that manner
but three are still looking on barges if
you’re flying to the Gulf Coast area
you have two options you can go to New
Orleans which offers nonstop flights
from most major airports around the
and then you can get a rental car for
the ninety-mile trip to Biloxi
the other options take applied directly
to the Gulf or
airport which offers direct service from
several major southern city
you don’t get a rental car thirty-mile
Rebel XSi
you can take a shuttle bus directed you
know fifteen dollars
for a taxi for around 25 before heading
alexi you may want to drive a few miles
from the airport to the city Island View
Casino Resort
which is gulfport only casino property
Island View has a 560 room hotel
and the 78,000 square foot land-based
there are also four restaurants looting
but may my bro and the coffee shop
for the drive to collect so you can take
Interstate 10 to get to their quickly
or take a much more scenic highway 90
which Apple’s Long Beach Boulevard
most people up for the highway 90 route
because the views are well worth the
extra drive time require
the first casino you see is you headin
to Biloxi is also the city smallest
Casino Resort
the treasure Bay casino and hotel has
guest room and the 24,000 square-foot
casino treasure Bay offers more dining
venues including
Bay a fine dining eatery a tapas lounge
and a casual at bay about four miles
further ease
bath most well-known Casino Resort
article her over by
which bottles simply referred to as the
is the tallest building mississippi and
rises 32 story the resort
also holds the distinction of having the
city’s largest casino
and with $740,000 including 95 sweet
the bow is the largest resort in the
southeast received AAAS four-diamond
especially impressive is the massive
atrium in the main lobby with its ornate
glass ceiling
this area also showcases a display
thousand beautiful animals better change
monthly both
MGM Resorts International Property
offered and life players but
benefit a casino which sits on a barge
features almost 100 ever game possible
for my limit buyers there separates
along with his own tables
gaming machines mounted just off the
casino floor is the Bose
1550 °c theater were top entertainers
perform nearly every weekend
dining options include be our prime
steak and seafood
Jia which serves up contemporary asian
the Memphis cue smokehouse barbecue for
something special teams
terrorist campaign for classic american
favorite and of course the buffet
but offers a wide variety of cuisines in
specialty foods
another unique feature or revise it it’s
20,000 square foot spa and salon
where guests can enjoy personalize
treatment boss there’s a workout
just a block Easter the bow is the 326
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino like other hard
rock properties throughout the world
it as a treasure trove rock-and-roll
memorabilia on display
the resort features a 55,000 square-foot
land-based casino
1800 seen Hard Rock Live Concert Hall
and the rocks offering massages and
the property also has five restaurants
including a room
breast stakeouts and the Hard Rock Cafe
and speaking restaurant while unblock
see you should tried to make a visit to
Mary Mahoney
located just across the street from the
hard rock it one of the most famous
restaurant in the country
as house building dating back to the mid
specialties are seafood and steaks which
can be a little pricey for some diners
but hospice a concern plan to visit for
lunch prices are low
heading two miles further east is the
five hundred room grand Biloxi Casino
Hotel & Spa
the grant is part of the Harris chain
and players can earn and redeem their
total reward points throughout the
the brand has a thirty
thousand-square-foot land-based casino
and forth any choices including Asian
coffee shop and the always popular
grant also features a spa and salon
serving up an array of pampering
the last stop in the gulf side as a
travel another half-mile knees
is the isle Casino Hotel it has 700
rooms and a 57,000 square foot casino
that sits on land
of course it’s part of the I’ll Capri
see noting
& Casino North good news there how one
players but hard to earn and redeem
top dining options at I’ll movie upscale
obey and the cafe is also a Starbucks
and I’ll gastronomic rejuvenate
themselves resort’s pool service by
fitness situated about a half mile north
of the aisle
as the palace see no resort palace has a
250 room hotel
and it is the only help those proper to
have its own marina
22,000 square for casinos land-based
located on the first floor of the hotel
mignon steak and seafood is the fine
dining option at the mountains
on the back babe alexi are two casino
51,000 square foot
western themed boomtown casino sits on a
and it is the only black see property to
not have a hotel
boomtown also offers a buffet a grill a
and the bakery the other Back Bay casino
is the one thousand
88 room IP Casino Resort the IP houses a
76,000 square foot casino which sits on
a barge
there are also two showrooms be 1467
seeds studio way
and the 1200 seat Studio B with Bo
studio showcasing many headliner at the
IP offers 8 restaurant with dining
options ranging from sushi to sports bar
or Brazilian birthday when trying to get
elected casinos you may want to consider
using be convenient
casino hopper shuttle bus cost is only
one dollar
services offered daily dawn until late
in the evening
shuttle bus stops at all casinos Sep for
treasure Bay
and if you need to take a break from the
action at the casinos to do a little
Black Sea area offers a few interesting
the patrons of the Arts the first stop
it be before O’Keeffe museum a bar
originally opened in late 2010 the
features a5
building complex designed by world
famous architect Frank Gehry
lastly bison read interpretive center
which is a reproduction of an historic
house finally
1800 Museum’s mission is to preserve the
unique legacy a blunt
father George or who was known as the
Moda by showcasing exhibit and
educational experiences
with them emphasis on ceramic are
if you’re a history buff you want to
make a visit to both block
the former home Jefferson Davis
president of the Confederacy during the
Civil War
both lost service Davis is returning
home after the war
and it was badly damaged by Hurricane
Katrina in 2005
however after extensive renovations the
home was fully restored
plus a presidential library was added
and it makes for an interesting look
back into the area’s past
alexi also serves as the home to a
bustling shrimping industry which runs
easily from June
December if you’re curious you can just
visit the stripping dots to see what
it’s all about
or fair little more adventurous you can
book a shrimp or on a real shrimping
we can take a ride in see up close how
it all done
finally don’t forget the Paluxy has a
wonderful beach there are numerous
pullovers the make it easy to stop by
the shoreline
sure to pay a visit take your shoes off
and head for a leisurely stroll down the
or even better in the early evening find
a convenient spot to relax
and the water to the Gulf Coast once a
beautiful southern style sunset
for more information visiting people
like the Gulfport area
all the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Convention and Visitors Bureau
at 888 467 4853
or visit their website at
don’t forget that you can see more of
our educational gaming videos on our
YouTube channel
just go to

36 thoughts on “Visiting the casinos of Biloxi and The Mississippi Gulf Coast”

  1. All of the casinos in Biloxi and Gulfport are shown in the video. We were staying Beau Rivage and we had permission to shoot some areas of the property. Unfortunately, we did not have that access to other casino properties on the Gulf Coast. That is why most of the footage shows Beau Rivage. However, we did visit all of the other properties and we tried to shoot video where we could.

  2. According to the official web site for the Casino Hopper bus at biloxibus(dot)com, the bus doesn't stop there.

  3. Upon further research, here's what I learned: The Casino Hopper goes to all of the casinos at the east end of Biloxi, but it does not go to Treasure Bay. For that you have to take the Beach Hopper which also goes farther west to Island View, Hollywood & Silver Slipper. In all cases the hoppers are $1.20 and $0.65 for seniors with a Medicare Card.

  4. Very well done. Being from Louisiana, I love seeing these riverboat casinos. I'm living in Ohio now so they are a bit tougher to come by. Have you ever made your way to Shreveport, LA? That's my hometown and there are 5 riverboat casinos on the Red River to choose from. Thanks for sharing your video.

  5. I have been to New Orleans several times, but I stll haven't made it to Shreveport. I would also like to visit Baton Rouge.

  6. I got to spend nearly a full year in Biloxi. Keesler AFB FTW in that regard! I've visited the Beau Rivage and Boomtown but obviously I wasn't allowed to gamble underage.
    What a way to wax nostalgia, thanks for the video. I won't gamble anymore because of personal reasons but I'll never forget how awesome Biloxi was!

  7. Excellent video! I was there casino hopping for a week in Nov. 99 My friend lived next to the KAFB in Biloxi, just about 1/2 mi from Boomtown Casino. I believe Beau Rivage was still in the process of being erected, or finished but yet to be opened. It sure is interesting to see how things have changed…even when I had visited, there was signs of hurricane damage but nothing to the extent of carrying barges onto shore. anyway, thanks for posting this was interesting to watch!!

  8. It was a well-made video. However, I found it more of a tourist guide rather than a casino guide. what about the gaming? Which casino had the best payouts? Best video poker paytables? Best blackjack rules? Highest craps free odds?

  9. We have that information published in our book, American Casino Guide. The new 2012 edition has a story titled, "The Best Places to Play on the Gulf Coast." You can buy the book on amazon-dot-com or our web site, americancasinoguide-dot-com. Sorry, but we can't give all of the information away for free!

  10. Hah! Yeah Mary Mahoneys was a place my parents used to go to when they lived there in the 80's and raved about but when we went a few years ago the food was awful and overpriced compared to everything else on the coast. So disappointing.

  11. I had numerous people tell me that the Casinos in Mississippi are nicer. What do you think? I've only been to Las Vegas but so far all the pictures I've seen and videos seems like the casinos in mississippi are indeed nicer.

  12. WARNING: Before you go and lose your money, take this notice. If you win a jackpot or hand-pay, the State of Mississippi will grab 3% of your winnings. Even if you are from another state, you will have to forfeit 3%. Oh, they call it a tax, but it really is extortion.

  13. You are correct and we point this out in our book, American Casino Guide, in the section about Mississippi casinos. Some other states will also collect tax from you if you win $1,200, or more. In some instances, you may be able to get that money refunded if you are not resident of that state, but you will have to file a state tax return in order to ask for the money back.

  14. We stopped there for a couple of days on our way to New Orleans. It is beautiful there, but I couldn't take the indoor cigarette smoke in the Casinos. But, to each his own I guess. Thank God for Holiday Inn. We stayed in the one right across from the beach. They were smoke free and it was a really nice place.

  15. the Scarlet Pearl is the newest casino, just one year old. it is bright and open with a fantastic air filtering system. chopstix restaurant and the buffet is excellent. some of the newness needs adjusting, but as the casino has grown in 2016 it is getting better and better. fun put put golf for family fun.

  16. Excellent video, but a few updates:

    Landry’s Inc purchased The Isle, renovating and rebranding it as a Golden Nugget.

    As the Isle was being transformed into GN, Harrahs decided to rebrand The Grand as a Harrah’s.

    The Palace completed a major renovation/expansion and is now the only smoke free casino on the MS Gulf Coast.

    Scarlet Pearl opened its 300 room, 68,000 sf gaming floor December 2015, and is the first and only casino in neighboring D’iberville, the city north of the bay from Biloxi.

    Island View is currently developing its property on the south side of US 90 to open a second casino in Gulfport, this one smoke free.

  17. I'm tho king of moving to Mississippi, alabama, or Florida gulf coast off I-10 ..not sure where yet..florida east coast just to damn much money for a house now

  18. Visited Biloxi for the first time last week. We had a great time! Stayed at the IP Casino Resort…LOVED IT!!!

  19. Isn't Mississippi a total sweat joint area for card counters? Fun Fact: The Tran Organization was busted by the FBI at the Imperial Palace.

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