Visiting the Venetian Macao Hotel & Casino in Macau China (澳門威尼斯人度假村酒店)

Visiting the Venetian Macao Hotel & Casino in Macau China (澳門威尼斯人度假村酒店)

Background music playing.
We got so bored staying in China that we decided
to change things up. Now we’re in Venice,
Actually we just crossed the street from our
hotel in Macau and now we’re visiting the
Venetian. So we’re still in China.
Background music playing.
So even if you’re not a huge gambler there
is still plenty to do in Cotai Central here
in Macau. There are so many hotels that you
can visit and every hotel usually has a unique
show that they put on. Here at the Venetian
you can ride the Gondola and just feel like
you’re in Italy for an afternoon. Then the
hotel we were staying at was having some kind
of Shrek parade which you missed out on. I
did miss it but Sam loved it. Oh wow, yes!
There is just lots of shows and different
performances that you can attend in the evenings.
So plenty to do aside from gambling.
Coming early in the morning was a really good
idea. We basically almost have this whole
place to ourselves.
background music playing.
Well, Macau is a
place where dreams come true. You make a little
wish and throw your coin into the water. Being
the high roller that I am. I’ve got a Macau
ten cent piece here. Which I’m going to throw.
Missed it. You missed it? Nice.
And of course 1 baht. what?
Great camera work on the coin toss. I got
the splash at the end. The after splash.
Background music playing.

24 thoughts on “Visiting the Venetian Macao Hotel & Casino in Macau China (澳門威尼斯人度假村酒店)”

  1. You're welcome. In terms of people you're encounter in the tourism industry, most should speak some English; however, on the street it'll be harder. At restaurants we often pointed at the pictures on the menu.

  2. Hi Samuel & Audrey, your work is amazing, we love it.
    I wanted to ask two general questions about travelling.
    1. Is it comfortable carry a tripod with you for making those wonderful videos?
    2. Do they allow such professional kind of photography everywhere, or you have to take prior permission?

  3. We actually often just film with a small camcorder so we don't need to take a tripod with us.

    We do have our own cameras which we sometimes use for video clips (when we're not speaking) but most of the time we just look like tourists, so we have no problems 🙂

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  5. I want to see the city of dreams with the dragon 360 degree video ! I been to Las Vegas…. This looks same. Vegas is fun ! Yea! Wish I was there in macou 👍

  6. Las Vegas Sightseeing, The Venetian Hotel And Casino Resort Garden and Swimming Pools in Las Vegas, USA

  7. our flight gets in about midnight we plan to do city tour at 1 pm the next day then checking in to room after before heading off hk are there plenty of things to do there in wee hours of the morning other than gambling in order to avoid paying for another night in one of the hotels

  8. Thanks you two! I'm in contact with someone from Macau and have never been to this part of the world. Vegas? Yes. Macau. No. This was very helpful. From the home town of Jonathon Toews … Go Hawks! Well, first-and-foremost, make that Go Jets!

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