VLOG #89 – По следам мальчишника в Вегасе. Филатов выбивает Страйк.

VLOG #89 – По следам мальчишника в Вегасе. Филатов выбивает Страйк.

Hey, guys!
I had 2 days off.
Today I’m going to play in the tournament.
I’m going to play in the
6-max tournament for $5000.
Going downstairs.
I’ve dressed up a little.
I’ll play in the Amazon hall
Table 104. Seat 4.
Let’s go!
Playing in the 6-max tournament for $5000.
The tournament proceeds. I have 70k.
My stack. A new table. Celebrities are
everywhere. Daniel Negreanu is here again.
Doug Polk is in the hand.
We’ll come back later.
This hand is going to be
the last one of the day. 86k.
My stack decreased from 60k to 30k.
But then it increased to 40k.
There was a cooler.
I had a straight versus a set.
Won that hand. Gonna play one more.
Adrian Mateos is here.
He earned some chips.
A mountain of chips.
He won a bracelet in the heads-up
tournament for $10000.
Every year he earns a bracelet.
Chris Moorman is sitting here.
He also won a bracelet. In the 6-max.
Doug Polk is talking to somebody.
Guys are gathering chips here.
Such a fuss!
Guys’ve decided to play a hand right
in the end, so we’ll go on a break later.
We’ve just finished a day. 86k.
Advanced to the 2nd day.
To be continued tomorrow.
Dzmitry is in the tournament too.
How much do you have?
As a normal guy, I eat before
the tournament, and then I play.
I ate nothing.
– You seated yourself at 8pm?
– Yes.
As the last blind level began,
I returned to my starting stack.
Up and down.
Alright. Gonna push hard tomorrow.
There are 200 people left out of 574.
At 2 pm tomorrow.
– Why do you need to eat before going
to bed? – Ate nothing the whole day.
– You can just go to sleep.
– You played just starting from 8pm.
You had an easy game.
We’re not like that. We’re hard workers.
It’s a turbo bounty tournament for $1000.
I have 3 knockouts.
My stack is very short. 10 big blinds.
Here is Sergey Lebedev.
Kostyan is also here.
I won with J 8 suited
versus a pair of queens.
I check/pushed all-in. Smashed the guy.
I eliminated two players.
Almost got back a buy-in.
A nice tournament. We’re on a 2nd break.
There are 600 players left from 1800.
One more break.
Everyone will be in the money.
Dzmitry is chilling out here.
He registered late.
Already increased his stack considerably.
– Who has 60k?
– Roman Rogovskyi.
It’s because he played football yesterday.
You, Roma, didn’t come with
us to play football.
We were promised
that you would come.
Where did you get so many
hematogen bars?
– Brought it by yourself?
– No, Gleb gave me it as a present.
– A super power hematogen bar?
– Yeah.
Gleb Tremzin gave me a super power
hematogen bar as a present.
I’ve decided to use it during
the most important tournament.
– Zaya, how are you doing?
– Alright. 82k.
– Wow! How much did you knock out?
– Four.
– So few.
– Not so much.
Maybe eliminated one player
with a huge bounty?
No, I won a three-way all-in.
Aces vs 7 7 vs 5 5.
I made some value bets. People don’t go
all-in, but call value bets.
It makes them short-stacked.
Others eliminate them.
– Zaya, how is the WSOP going for you?
– Not good.
– We’ll come back to this conversation
later then. – After this tournament.
What’s up? I got in the money
the second time here.
In the turbo knockout tournament for $1000.
Knocked out 4 guys.
I got a min-cash.
When I had 3 big blinds,
I decided to call an all-in bet with Q J.
A guy had 6 big blinds.
He had A K. Antonio Esfandiari
had 4 big blinds. He also called with K 7s.
But an Ace was tabled, a jack was tabled
too. Had outs for a straight, but lost.
Not a bad result. Got in the money.
A fast-paced tournament.
Might go to the Venetian
to play some poker.
It was fun. It’s a pity that
I can’t film there.
Going to collect some cash now.
I got in the money the second time, guys!
We’ll play only better. I was close
to the money a couple of times.
This time I got in the money.
On the bubble I was dealt K K versus A K.
I lost. I was left with 4 big blinds.
Then I pushed all-in with a pair of queens.
Everybody folded.
I waited through with 3 big blinds.
Got in the money.
We’ll continue grinding.
Good luck, everybody!
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What’s up, guys?
We’re going for a walk in the evening.
Goshan and Dzmitry are here.
Dzmitry is wearing his lucky blue T-shirt.
We’ve come to the Caesar’s Palace.
A famous hotel.
Celine Dion and Elton John performed here.
The main characters of
the Hangover lived here.
Main hotel lobby.
A famous fountain.
People are taking pictures here,
as if they never saw a fountain.
The hotel reception is there.
Everything is beautiful.
Everything is in style.
We’re heading straight to the casino.
Buffet is also really cool.
Must go there.
I can’t film in here, so
I’ll turn my camera off.
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
– Gamble away out of the gates?
– I don’t know. May do that right away.
We’ll see how it goes.
Guys, what’s up? It’s Monday now.
It’s night. Prime time.
Uber costs twice the usual amount.
Oh, wow… A woman just passed out here.
I think, she’s feeling bad.
It’s really rough.
Apparently, guys party really hard here.
A woman is lying on the floor.
A guy is also really drunk.
He doesn’t give a damn.
This is a taxicab stand.
What are gonna do?
– We just wanna sleep.
– Need to sleep, brother.
Let’go then!
Americans like to go barefoot
at this time of day.
Let’s dance!
Las Vegas never sleeps.
Monday is not Monday.
People come here, hang out, walk around.
Everybody is drunk.
I don’t think,
people back in Russia drink so much.
Having busted out of the tournament,
we went to eat to the restaurant.
As you can see,
we’re in a real American bowling club.
Look! So many lanes!
It reminds me of a football pitch.
We’re looking here.
Lanes, lanes, lanes.
So many lanes. People play here a lot.
Show us how to knock down 7 pins!
I missed it.
Have you heard,
how I told you to knock 7 pins down?
– Have I really knocked down 7 pins?
– Yes.
Well-done! Good job!
Wow, what a throw!
A beast. You’re smashing it.
Holy cow!
It looks like a match-winning throw.
It’ll be a warm-up game.
– Are you left-handed?
– Yes.
Mind-blowing skills.
Holy cow! Incredible!
He just wanna pay for the dinner.
Here is Arman.
A rising star of kazakh bowling.
He gave up a career in show business
to take up sports.
He has a serious face. He’s throwing.
The ball is spinning.
Wow! What a performance!
The wind got in the way again.
What’s on the scoreboard?
Georgy – 29 points.
Apparently, he doesn’t want to pay
for the dinner.
I don’t want to pay too.
But I have 0 points.
And Arman won the first game,
Goshan took 2nd place.
As a total disgrace I lost.
I gave an opportunity to the guys.
They just don’t take it.
I’ll show these guys now how to play.
I’ve done nothing yet,
but one pin has already fallen.
Have you seen it, guys?
It’s a whole pin.
I screwed up again.
What a throw!
Power in every move.
Oh, no!
1 pin, Goshan!
Have you seen this swing?
Holy cow!
We’re neck in neck again, Goshan!
Arman, come on!
It’s because you broke a fingernail.
Everything is clear.
Guys, I’ll show you now
what I can do.
This is not a strike, Tolya!
This is unfair, Tolyan!
Made a spare.
Must succeed in the next attempt!
We’ll come back at the end of this game.
It’s a last 10th throw now.
We see the scoreboard.
Final table! Attention!
The pins are walking.
Here are my rivals.
Fearsome and powerful.
Anatoly – 110.
Goshan – 90, Arman – 77.
Looks like, they have no chances.
Struggling for 3 points.
Hold it, Goshan!
Do the same.
If it’s not a strike,
then the game is over.
Don’t mess it up!
Holy cow!
Wow! He knocked down one pin again.
Incredible! Everything depends on him.
The plot thickens. 91 points.
Looks like a victory…
It’s a victory!
Look! 95 points and 77 points. Ah, ok…
Wow! What a performance!
We won!
It’s a tie now.
Who wins next, wins our battle.
That’s it.
Playing for a victory.
4-14 September.
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$1 000 000 for the 1st place.
$5 000 000 guaranteed.
Satellites from $0.01.
Every Sunday
Super Phase 1 Satellite
The buy-in is $550.
Don’t miss an opportunity
to win a million dollars!
On PartyPoker.
4-14 September. PartyPoker Millions.
$5 000 000 guaranteed.

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