Vocal Coach Reaction to Chris Cornell – Audioslave – Cochise – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Vocal Coach Reaction to Chris Cornell – Audioslave – Cochise – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing.
I want to do a vocal coach reacts to Chris
Cornell, and I chose Audioslave “Cochise” because
I think that’s one of his toughest tunes to
I think Say Hello to Heaven, there’s a couple
other ones.
In fact, I did on YouTube this song as well,
as like a medley, and I also did a Casino
Royale, so if you get a chance, I’ll have my
associate Bob put that in the description
so you guys can just click on it and see my
versions of it, but I wanted to do this and
talk about Chris because, you know, what an
incredibly talented dude, man. And what a great
loss to all of us in the rock world, and the
whole on the whole world actually. But so
anyway, I want to do a takedown of what he did
here in Cochise and we’ll just do it first.
I’ll try to stop it a step at a time and we
can discuss it as we go.
Here we go; I moved it all the way up to just
before the vocals.
So, here we go.
Right out of the gate.
I mean, he just goes full bore, you know?
He just Bam, right out the gates! Just
gettin’ it!
Now, what’s really important about this, by
the way, if you notice, I’m not hoarse and
I’ve been singing a lot today already.
I did three vocal lessons and an hour warm
up before I did this. And the Disturbed video
just before this one, but if you notice he
has a certain kind of compression that he
uses. And he uses what I was teaching you guys.
By the way, I was singing course called how
to sing better than anyone else and I walk
you through, step by step, how to get this kind
of distortion, but it’s not something you
can do right away.
It’s something you have to build up to.
Okay? So anyway, you use open throat techniques,
so AH, AH, AH, you build up that AH vowel first
It’s kind of like Dio did the same thing.
Dio had a very similar distortion, so as
you go through, you’re going to hear that
he’s able to control this distortion, and it’s
not shredding his vocal folds, okay?
That’s really important! So, let’s continue.
Here we go.
Okay, now there’s an illusion that he’s just
blood curdling, just shouting at you, right?
That’s not really what’s happening.
He’s actually compressing there
he’s compressing the air.
He’s not like screaming at a baseball game,
he’s pulling back the air and compressing
the air. And I’m going to bet that he did an hour’s
worth of vocals before this and he
worked up with a clean tone first, and then
add the clean tone.
He started leaning in the sound a little bit
more, a little bit more, a little bit more
until he was able to achieve this kind of
distortion safely, okay?
This is really important.
Excellent, man.
Okay, Now, one other thing that we discussed in the last
video the disturbed video, how most modern
singers covered the sound, and he was from
that era, right? So –
Right? So he’s covering the sound, and in
order for him to get up top like say
hello to heaven, and some of the other songs where
he goes higher, you’ve got to be able to open
up that sound.
It’s just too covered, it’s too dark, so I
would sing it:
I would open up that sound.
I wouldn’t cover that sound because
the more you cover the sound the less range
you’re going to get out of it, so let’s continue.
Here we go.
Okay, now…
I got to remind you guys, this requires
a tremendous amount of abdominal strength,
Because if it didn’t, it would be
You’d have a real weak, anemic,
weak sort of sound.
So you’ve got to get that roaring lion out
of the sound.
and then you’ve got to relax and release
between the phrase.
You can’t keep the stomach tense, you’ve got
to release between, you know:
you know, whatever the
other lyric is, sorry about the miss quote
on the lyric, but so you’ve got to release
and relax between each phrase.
Otherwise, you’re not going to have the strength
to finish the song, okay?
Very, very important.
Again, I cover all this in my singing course.
Here we go.
Now, I love that
All that use of air…
So he’s kind of really setting you up for something,
So we’re going to come into the famous scream
here and I do this… Bob, I’m going to, again,
as I said, I’m in the description tag, I’m
going to put my version of this.
So you can hear it and then, Bob, if you could also put my version of Casino Royale, so because
I do another scream at the end of that, where
it’s very similar in nature in how you achieve
this scream.
He’s going to give us the famous scream,
I want you to listen to my version, because
I’m going to tell you about how to achieve
this in a minute. Here we go.
Great. So…
And then it goes on to the end of the chorus, right?
Okay, so when you hear my scream, I want you
guys to understand something.
It’s not like you think. It’s actually relaxing
the vocal folds and the false folds,
and then you’re going to like
allow them to relax and vibrate
even more as you get into the sound.
He’s not killing it and blood-curdling screaming,
he’s actually getting into a state where once
that distortion has started, he starts to
relax into that sound and then the distortion
just takes over, kind of like the Roger Daltrey
scream and some of the other ones.
So check out in the description tag my version
of this so you can see how I walk through
this or how I sing this, because I add Show
Me How To Live and some other stuff in a medley.

But then also check at the end scream of Casino
Royale that I did have Chris’s version as well.
All right you guys, thank you for joining
me, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the proof
is in the singing. Until next time. Peace. Out.
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Thanks guys.

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