Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept – 2018 New York Auto Show

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept – 2018 New York Auto Show

The Atlas Cross Sport concept shown at
the 2018 New York International Auto Show is essentially a shortened version
of the 7-seat Atlas we already know. Let’s take a look. Rolling on 22-inch wheels,
the Atlas cross sport shares its wheelbase with the existing seven-
passenger Atlas but the Cross Sport is seven and a half inches shorter. They
basically cut the back end of the Atlas off and the results are actually quite
nice. Inside occupants enjoy infotainment via a 10.1-inch touchscreen and driver
specific information with a 12.3-inch digital cockpit display. This
is one of those rare concepts where you can actually sit inside or at least you
can until somebody tells you to get out of the thing. Yeah, actually really neat
very, very forward-looking futuristic I guess. Big screen, horizontal layout,
deeply reflective metal that will blind you. Oh wait yeah, here come the lights.
Oh god, no wait, should I be opening that? Probably, probably not, oh yeah, oh jeez, I
really feel like I’m gonna break stuff, and I probably shouldn’t be sitting in
here. It’s nice though. The big question, can I sit in the back? Let’s sneak back
there. Again, I’m not sure we’re supposed to be in here because everything feels a
little this side of production quality but great legroom and the recline
mechanism doesn’t seem to work but with these seats slightly reclined this
should be very roomy space to sit. I mean what we already know about the Atlas is
that it’s a big SUV when it seats seven, so even with the back end cut off, a lot
of space to work with. I’d even occupy the middle seat. It’s
that good. Powering the near production concept is
a plug-in hybrid powertrain that blends a 3.6-liter V6, electric motors one front
and one rear, and an 18-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack
to deliver 355 total horsepower and an all-electric range of 26 miles, or so. VW
claims a 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds The Atlas Cross Sport also
offers five drive modes including all-electric, off-road, and a sporty GTE
mode which boost the powertrains output to a beefy 494 pound-feet. Though
billed as a concept, the Atlas Cross Sport is destined for production in scenic
Chattanooga Tennessee starting sometime in 2019, and now lingering shots to tide you

16 thoughts on “Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept – 2018 New York Auto Show”

  1. I wonder if we'll get the Tiguan Cross Sport next, or as they call it elsewhere in the world, the Tiguan.
    I still don't understand why they only gave us the 3 row long wheelbase Tiguan Allspace in the states when we were already getting the Atlas, or why they're ignoring the quick growing sub compact CUV market and denying us the T-Roc.

  2. Great looking vehicle! This model may make me seriously consider a VW for the first time ever — the plug-in hybrid version of this, assuming that the electric motor and ICE both send power to all four wheels (unlike the crappy design in Volvo T8s). I am not the type of person to order screens for the back-seat passengers, but if you had those in a car, this is definitely THE way to do it (integrated into the back of the front-seat headrests, rather than having screens stick out from the back of the seat in front). And just a general thought about all these new huge infotainment screens in cars today: Anything that the driver needs to change while driving (climate control; audio controls; drive-mode controls; etc.) should be integrated into dials/buttons ON the steering wheel, as it's way too unsafe for drivers to be looking at and fiddling with big infotainment screens over to the driver's right.

  3. Like many VW enthusiasts, I'm sad that we're not getting the beautiful and super high-tech Touareg (although I really dislike its LED strips; looks outdated), but if they do this one right, then I think it could be a big hit. As a father of two, I definitely could use more space than my Golf R or my wife's Golf SportWagen, but we don't need huge cargo space that the Atlas offers. Sure, for road trips the Atlas would be ideal, but when you're simply commuting, it feels like an overkill. Not to mention, all that weight and big size would be challenging for city driving and gas mileage. In addition, the VR6 just isn't powerful enough to get the big Atlas to weave around traffic. But by shaving some weight in the Cross Sport, I'm hoping the same engine will feel much better in this smaller version. My guess it'll start around high $20k's and top out at around low $40k's in the SEL trim (I wonder if they'll introduce the R-Line trim package too). Would be cool to see VW implement the same dashboard tech found in the new Touareg as well like you see in this concept. I'll gladly pay $40k for the range-topping model if it were available as an option.

  4. I love the look at the atlas out now, reminds me of a beefy Audi; however, I’m getting Jeep vibes out of this. Maybe it’s just because it’s shorter? But I don’t need three rows!!!

  5. NICE!!! but the sound of the door closing…..not that good….hollow…not solid…..perhaps because it is a concept prototype….

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