In the previous video, we’ve discovered the relationship of Free Fire characters. As you knew, the characters from Free Fire universe are kidnapped by a mysterious organization.They are brought to an island for an experiment of human survivability. In this first episode, we will meet Maxim, Misha and Kelly We’ll know their story before they were kidnapped So, what do they do before the Free Fire experiement? Maxim and Misha is brother-sister, and they live together Maxim was a guy who always feel hungry He can eat everytime everywhere and sometime Misha was angry because Maxim ate all things in the frigde Maxim love jogging so he met Kelly. He likes Kelly much, but too shy to show his feelings to her Misha encourage him to date Kelly But Kelly was kidnapped suddenly right before the time Maxim go to meet her Compare to Maxim, Misha is more desperate and self-confident. She usually join the illegal car-racing to get money Misha has a friend named Eddie, who she assumed to have better racing skills than her One day, there was a black car try to kill Misha. Eddie sacrified himself to save Misha. In order to find justice for Eddie, Misha join a car racing tournament which she believed she will find the black car there Mish won the tournament, then was called by the fans as “The Racing Queen”, but the mysterious car did not appear After gave Maxim an advise, Misha have also been kidnapped! Maxim decided to go to the Purgatory to find Misha. Kelly is not only a student but also an amateur athlete She is humble and only use the money prize for living and café Kelly lives with her mom, but their life is hard She has one step-father named Andrew But her mom and Kelly left Andrew’s house since she was a little girl Andrew still hold one present from Kelly Kelly met Maxim when running and usually watch Misha’s livestreaming Kelly and Misha were kidnapped in the same day So, this is the story of the trio Maxim – Misha – Kelly In the next episode, we’ll discover the story behind Andrew, Olivia and Ford Good bye and see you again!

100 thoughts on “VŨ TRỤ FREE FIRE | Câu chuyện về MAXIM – MISHA – KELLY”

  1. Hi guys, just added the English subtitle to the videos! Please press the CC button and enjoy!

  2. Tại sao kelly 17t mà misha 19t tại sao Misha nói hãy hẹn hò với chị ấy đi :V

  3. già thuyết
    endi gì đó có thể là trùm nhân vật tiếp the vì thằng đó có thể còn s vì tr video chỉ ns là hi sinh nên kết luận chưa thể đã chết misha là một n tay đua nên có thể r giỏi vì thế bên Áo đen (kêu đại nha) tưởng thằng này có tài cán vì thì s đem về mỗ sẽ là mạnh như voi r

  4. Wait, isn't Maxim the younger brother? It said clearly in his profile that he's 17 years old, and Misha is 19. How the heck is he 21 in this video??? Or does the age differ in English version only?

    I'm rooting for big sister Misha btw

  5. tiene papá entonces había esas encima no sabía que todos son hijos padre de free fire en la que se entregan hermanos que se odian mucho kelly

  6. Nếu người bị bắt coc đưa vào thế giới sinh tồn thì chỉ có admin tạo ra game này thôi z cũng đăng

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