Wandering Ginza Butterfly 2 1972 Meiko Kaji

Wandering Ginza Butterfly 2 1972 Meiko Kaji

You guys are having fun back there.
I’m jealous.
Hey, sweetie.
You’re so quiet.
Why don’t you have some fun?
Leave her alone.
It will be over in two years.
Come on.
She doesn’t want to work
as a second-rate geisha.
Mabo. Why not give the girls some
sex education before we get there?
L’cllilAll right. It’s my turn now. Hanae.
Go get her.
Stop right there.
Shit. That little bitch.
Come back.
Stop running.
You can’t run away from us.
Don’t let her get away.
Come back.
Get to the other side of the river.
Leave me alone. Please.
Let me go.
Please. Let me go.
– Stop whining.
– Please.
You belong to us now.
You had to do this, didn’t you?
You little whore.
You’d better be strong.
You’ll be sleeping with lots of men.
Stop it.
Who the hell are you?
I was enjoying this majestic view,
until you guys showed up.
Shut up.
What the hell?
Lady, we just want the girl.
We don’t want to hurt you.
Come here.
Bitch! Now you’ve gone too far.
Move and you’re dead.
Screenplay by
Cinematography by YOSHIO NAKAJIMA
Art Direction by HIROSHI FUJITA
1 ‘ve 10st everything
I’ve lost the last hope

I ‘l/e lost everything I ‘l/e lost the
last hope
I’ve /0sz’ eve/j/thfng I’ve /0sz’the/asz’hopeWAN
1 ‘ve 10st everything
I’ve lost the last hope

But 1 always hide behind a smile

But 1 always hide behind a smile
But 1 always hide behind a smile

But/alwayshide behind a smileYU Kl E
Ho/dfng on to my luckM ytough luck YU KI E
Ho/dfng on to my luckM ytough luck FUJIO SUGA,
Holding onto my luck
My tough luck

Where will 1 find myself tomorrow?
I’m a wandering G/nza butterfly
I’m a wandering G/nza butterfly

Excuse me.
Who are you?
I’m sorry to bother you.
Is this the right address for Mr. Okuma?
Yes, it is.
I apologize for coming without notice.
Please allow me to introduce myself.
I was born and raised
in the Kanto District.
My hometown is Shinbashi,
in beautiful Tokyo.
My surname is Higuchi,
my given name, Nami.
People call me Nami
the Red Cherry Blossom.
I’m really nobody.
I’m nothing but a wanderer.
Please remember me as such.
That was very cool.
Boss, she’s the bitch
we were talking about.
How dare you?
Hey, you. Where is the girl?
He said, “Where is the girl?“
Guys. Be quiet.
Mr. Okuma, I presume.
How do you do?
I heard you put on quite a show today,
for a pretty girl like yourself.
Oh, you’re talking about the girl.
She’s safe.
“She’s safe“?
We didn’t ask if she was safe.
We spent more
than a million yen on her.
Here’s the contract between us.
I knowl crossed the line.
Mr. Okuma, I understand
your gambling house is open tonight.
Will you agree…
to settle this
over a game of cards?
Agame of cards?
If I win, you set her free.
And if you lose?
She and I…
will do whatever you want.
I can do whateverl want
with both of you, huh?
Interesting. I’m in.
Here goes.
She had the water iris card.
Honey. Is he doing all right?
He’s all right.
He’s not a good swindler,
but he’s a good gambler.
You just watch.
Here goes.
Hold it.
You should do a little better than that.
I saw it.
You had another card in your hand.
Lady. I’m Monjiro oflkaho,
quite known in this field.
What are you going to do
if you don’t find another card in my hand?
What are you going to do?
Do you see anything?
– You bitch…
– Wait.
Since you have a gambler’s name,
Red Cherry Blossom…
you’re surely aware
of the gamblers’ code.
So? How are you going to settle this?
First, let us finish this game.
Three and five make
a big difference. I win.
It doesn’t matter.
You called me a cheat.
You tried to tarnish my reputation.
Stop whining.
It wasn’t in your hand
because you threw it there.
Sister, my sincere apologies.
Please consider my body yours.
Do whatever you want with it.
How about if I do that?
You’ve embarrassed me
in front of all these people.
You’re fired.
Boss. It’s not me. It’s my hands.
Shut up.
He works for you.
This is your responsibility.
You’re aware of the code, aren’t you?
Now is not the time
for a defiant attitude.
As we agreed,
Hanae’s contract is invalid now.
– Thank you for having me.
– Sure.
You moron.
You’re back.
How’s it gOing-7
Perfect timing.
You know I don’t like smoking.
Bro, Mr. Senzo
lost at the track again.
He never wins.
Hey. RW-
Can I borrow 5,000 yen?
I don’t think so.
I’d rather not associate with someone
who pimps out his own daughter…
to settle his gambling debt.
Don’t be like that.
At least I’ll try to get
lots of customers.
Then what are you doing here drinking?
Hey, old man.
Hanae ran away from us.
Did she come back?
Let us know the minute you hear from her.
Otherwise, you won’t like what we’ll do.
Did you hear me?
Got it?
Hanae. Where are you?
Hanae, where have you gone?
Excuse me.
Hanae. Get over here.
– Get over here.
– Stop it.
You brat. Where have you been?
What should I tell Aiboshi?
– That’s not my problem.
– What?
Don’t touch me. You sold me
to a second-rate geisha house.
Daddy. I don’t want
to live with you anymore.
You’re not my father anymore.
You don’t have a daughter anymore!
Shut the hell up.
I was going to kill myself.
If it weren’t for her…
I would’ve been dead.
I know this is
none of my business, sir.
But will you let her do
as she pleases for a while?
I don’t know who you are…
but thank you for saving her life.
I’m sorry you had to see this.
Please accept my apology.
Please don’t do that.
You’re Senzo the Two Cards. Please.
Well, that was a long time ago.
Nowadays, I can’t even handle
a single card.
If I may, I want to ask you about
something that happened in the past.
Thirteen years ago…
a man died in a fight
that stemmed from a card game.
Do you remember the gambler Suzumasa?
Do you remember him?
Of course.
He was an old friend.
He was an excellent gambler.
L’rn his daughter. My name is Narni,
You are?
You’re that small girl he took with him
to the gambling houses.
Oh, my.
I grew up to be a gambler,
just like my father.
I’ve been playing here and there,
but I’m back now.
I heard a rumor that Hoshiden…
the man who killed my father,
is in Tokyo.
Do you know him?
If you know where he is,
please tell me.
Unfortunately, I don’t.
But as they say,
where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
Why don’t you start
with the gambling houses nearby?
The sting on my cheek
Aches sweetly in my lonely heart
You betrayed me that night
But 1 ‘ve forgiven you for all you’ve done
Please come back to me
But 1 don’t know how to say it
This is the last time
That we say good-bye to each other
– Hi.
– Hi there.
– Hello, welcome.
– Mama!
Hi, Mr. Yoda.
I’ve been waiting for you.
Who have you been with?
You’re the only one, you know?
Madam. Someone’s here to see you.
I have to go.
Take good care of him.
How manyyears has it been?
Where have you been?
Here and there.
I came back to celebrate
your promotion to a Ginza madam.
You’re lying-
Look at this dump.
Not much of a promotion.
What’s the real reason
that you’re back?
Well, this is my friend.
Can she work here as a hostess?
Sure. When can she start?
My name is Hanae. I’ll do my best.
I’m sure you will.
What’s new with you?
You know the only thing
I’m good at, right?
Old habits die hard, huh?
Do you want to go
to a gambling house tonight?
A gambling house?
Madam, how’s it going?
– Is he here?
– Yes.
Have a good time.
Anyone? Any more bets?
Is this it?
The first hand.
For either hand. Bet now.
Time’s up.
Any big bet for the first?
Here goes. Game.
The first hand is six.
The second, seven.
Damn it.
Here we go.
Place your bets.
Holy cow.
P-Putting my h-hand into a b-beautiful
woman’s kimono brings me good luck.
Hey, Ryuji.
Don’t even try to make an escape.
Not with us.
I know, I know.
I t-totally didn’t mean that.
Excuse me.
Good job.
All this for me?
Bring more high rollers
next time, too, all right?
– Madam. Hello.
– Hi there.
You’re pretty busy.
How’s the club going?
Just fine.
Bro, that bitch is here.
The one from lkaho.
That bitch.
She’s got some nerve.
She’s sitting at the table.
The one in the kimono?
The first hand is six.
The second, seven.
Th-This is it.
I-l have no other choice.
Lend me m-money for these.
What the hell is this, Ryuji?
There are ladies present.
Show some respect.
I’m completely broke.
I’ll throw this in, too.
I know you score girls easily…
but you’re a lousy gambler.
Be quiet.
Will you or won’t you?
You son of a bitch.
If you stay like that,
you’ll catch cold.
Hop in.
Thank you for waiting.
Come on. Eat.
What do you want?
I always pay off my debts. Always.
My present for you.
It’s nothing fancy. Keep it.
As a professional gambler,
I shouldn’t wearjewels.
I can tell that you aren’t legit either.
I guess not.
I’ll doj-just about anything
for money.
If-If you need my services, call me.
It won’t hurt to know me.
Ryuji Azuma.
Hello, young lady.
Sorry to bother you.
Our boss would like a word with you.
Come to our office, please.
What about me? Huh?
You can go home,
take a dump and go to bed.
Well, guys.
Let’s all take a deep breath.
Y-You and I,
we’re both just Ginza s-scum.
Let’s be nice to each other.
What cam do {cw yam?
Nami the Red Cherry Blossom, right?
I understand
you’re an experienced card player.
What do you say?
Do you want to be our dealer?
You want to hire me?
I hope you say yes.
I’ll forget all about Hanae.
It’ll be like it never happened.
You know her, don’t you?
We know you helped her escape.
And that she’s a hostess at Blue Star.
What do you say? I’ll pay you well.
I’ll bejust like that bird in the cage.
I’ll feed you well.
Sorry, Mr. Aiboshi.
From one gambling house to another,
I’m nothing but a wanderer.
I want to stay free.
Are you declining our offer?
If I do, what will you do?
Girls, you can’t come in here.
Now what? What is it?
Boss, please.
Don’t sell us to Hong Kong.
We’ll do anything you say,
but let us stay in Ginza.
Shut the hell up.
Can’t you see we have guests?
– Take them to the basement.
– Yes, sir.
Move it.
Sorry you had to see that.
See? I don’t want to treat you
like those girls.
Speak up.
All right. Let me think about it.
Smart move.
Is there anything else?
No. Please come back with a yes.
If you’re in Ginza, you don’t want
to disobey Aiboshi Enterprises.
Tokyo, here I come.
Give me a shine, young man.
Mister, nobody wears
straw sandals in Ginza.
You don’t know anything, do you?
These are snakeskin flip-flops.
Gamblers wear these injoshu Province.
Gamblers these clays
wear shoes just like these.
Shoes? No thanks.
Besides, they give you athlete’s foot.
Hey. You’re stepping on my foot.
My bad.
Go right ahead.
I’ll pay you handsomely.
Son of a bitch!
You nailed my big toe!
My first fight in Tokyo. Let’s go.
Come on, punk.
Hold it, hold it.
Big sis.
It’s me. Monjiro oflkaho.
What are you doing here?
Why do you even ask that?
I came all the way here
to find you.
What are the odds?
We meet each other by chance in Tokyo.
The guardian god of my village
is really looking after me.
Let me be your pupil.
I want you to mentor me, please.
I want to be close to you,
like our hands are right now.
Yeah, yeah. Hello?
It’s for you, mister.
Yes, Play Ball.
This is the manager of the house.
Mr. Kanai of Tokyo Company?
Thank you for your call.
Two foreigners? Okay. Thank you.
You girls are ready to go, right?
I want to get paid double.
Foreigners are twice as much work.
It’s work. Of course you get tired.
So we’ve got foreigners.
Put your kimonos on.
Maybe I’ll put the red belt on.
Maybe I won’t wear panties.
No panties? Good idea.
The same hotel. Show them a good time.
We’re hardworking businesspeople.
Someone is here to see you.
I’m busy right now.
Tell them to come back tomorrow.
Who is it?
N-Nami, it’s you.
Bro, is this woman Nami?
Yup, Nami the Red Cherry Blossom.
That’s rude, you know.
Put something on.
Like I said, I was busy.
W-What do you w-want?
I haven’t a clue what you do,
but the answer is “nothing?
Whoa, sis. Hold on.
Don’t forget about me.
I don’t have a place to sleep tonight.
I understand
seeing a naked man gets you excited.
Don’t disappoint me.
Why don’t you use me?
I sure will make myself useful.
Stop it. I’m not excited
by this pathetic guy.
Pa-Pathetic guy?
Th-That’s not nice.
You told me you’d pay me back.
What about it?
I want you to do so right now.
No problem.
Shall I pay you with money
or shall I doyou?
I want you to look after this man.
Who the hell is he?
He looks like a traveling actor.
How do you do?
I was born and raised injoshu Province.
I’m a pupil ofNami
the Red Cherry Blossom.
The scar on my cheek gave me
the name Monjiro the Red Pepper.
To visit my hometown
Chirorin Village injoshu…
you take the train
that leaves Ueno at 7:32 a.m.
Yes, you do.
What are you talking about?
Are you going to do this or not?
Sis, you got me covered with bubbles.
Yeah, my bubbles.
Place your bets.
Place your bets now. Both hands now.
For the first hand.
Taking your bets now.
Any bets for the second hand?
Come on now.
No more bets?
Ready. Game.
The first hand is six.
The second, seven.
I z’ doesn’t look like Hoshiden is here,.
Hey. How’s it going?
Can I talk to you for a second?
What is it?
Have you thought about
what we talked about the other day?
Oh, that.
You have all those by-bidders.
All the games are pretty much fixed.
I don’t know what I would do here.
Come again?
You calling me a fraud?
Well, think it over,
or you might end up getting hurt.
Sit down.
Kaori. Your debt to us just reached
a million and a half yen tonight.
No, it’s a million yen.
And that includes
what I borrowed tonight.
– You’re forgetting interest.
– Interest?
Yeah. Our interest rate.
You never told me that.
Stupid bitch!
No matter who you borrow from,
you pay back with interest.
So pay it off by tomorrow night.
I don’t mind paying off
your debt for you…
if you agree to work at my club.
What? No!
I’ll pay you 20,000 yen per night.
And every night for one year…
you’ll have to sleep
with one of the customers.
Say something!
You still like boats,just like before.
Do you need something?
The ocean is so filthy here.
It smellsjust like it used to, doesn’t it?
So loud. Punk.
Just like we used to be. remember?
You haven’t changed much.
Especially with what you’re wearing.
Miyoko, you’ve changed.
You’rea madam,
running a club in Ginza.
It’s not easy to navigate
smoothly in Ginza.
Is that why you have ties with Aiboshi?
We just use each other
for businesses purposes.
You used to hate yakuzas.
My business
is none of your business.
Yes, it is.
You and your sister
were really close.
You hated that yakuza guy
who used her and dumped her.
You stabbed him to death
and ended up injuvie.
– But look at you now.
– Nami.
I didn’t come here
to chitchat about old times.
The president ofAiboshi
asked me to give this to you.
What is it?
There’s two million yen here.
He could really use your skills.
I’m declining the offer.
Are you serious?
This isn’t a small amount of money.
If I say no to them,
does that get you in trouble?
– No.
– Then tell them no.
He’s not the kind of guy
who takes no for an answer.
Miyoko, I can handle it…
but don’t let them hurt Hanae.
Stupid bitch!
You were supposed to persuade her.
How dare you come back and say,
“Oh, she didn’t accept this“!
I sent you
because you’re old friends.
Are you trying to embarrass me?
That’s enough.
It’s not like we can’t open
our gambling house without her.
Our next house in Karasumori
is a special one. You know that, right?
The big bosses of the Kanto District will
be here to celebrate our fifth anniversary.
Failure is not an option.
Be very careful
with how you get the funds.
Our financing and real estate branches
are doing well.
what’s wrong with your department?
Boss, on that point…
a guy by the name of Ryuji…
has started his own prostitution ring
and we’re being eaten up.
And you just sit around doing nothing?
Go ahead.
Destroy them by any means necessary.
Money, also known as “dough?
It moves from the haves
to the have-mots.
This is the principle of capitalism.
D-Don’t thinkyou’re banging the guy.
Th-Thinkyodre taking money from him.
That way, the customers are happy-
You can make money
and he and I can make a little money.
Unlike Aiboshi,
we never f-force you or s-supervise you.
Clean,just and honest.
That’s our motto.
You sound like Governor Minobe.
You got it.
Moving on.
I’ll now show you
h-how to correctly use a bidet.
Smokey. Sit down.
Hurry UP-
You sit on it like this.
Sit here.
Turn the handle and you’ll get hot water.
Like this.
I’m going to come.
I got water in my mouth.
Wait right here.
Even though you’re with the Aiboshis,
I can’t let you pass this checkpoint.
You have no business on these premises.
Get lost!
Hello, guys.
but t-today only l-ladies are allowed.
Stop messing around.
You think you can corner the market?
I don’t follow you.
We know what you’re doing here.
Let us manage these girls from now on.
You hear me?
– This is our business.
– Shut up.
Let’s see. The customer list.
Lots of big shots.
Not bad for an amateur.
We’ll keep this.
Waita minute.
Come to our office
if you want to complain.
What? Suzumasa?
Masajiro ofSuzugamori.
You haven’t forgotten
about him, have you?
What about him?
Someone is after you for his death.
That happened a long time ago.
The police may have
stopped investigating…
but a certain someone has not.
You’re not thinking about-
I came here to talk it over.
Talk it over?
How does two million yen sound?
If I tell the person,
your life will be in danger.
How about that?
Tell me.
Is this your idea of a threat?
I’m here. And I’m dead serious.
I expect you to take me seriously.
I’m an old man.
Before I die…
I want to do something for my daughter
that a normal parent would do.
I want to give her money.
Money that’s not tainted.
But I don’t know how
to make clean money.
I’m asking this,
but swallowing my pride.
What was that? Did you laugh?
Laugh if you want.
I’m not going anywhere until you say yes.
Okay, okay.
Here’s some money for the time being.
You’ll get the rest later on.
Thank you.
You won’t see me
after I get the rest of the money.
You won’t talk, right?
I’ll lock my mouth
and throw away the key.
I’m out of here.
Boss, the old man has finally lost it.
We should get rid of him.
What happened in my past
You turned your back on it
AH that you leave behind
1s the sound of a closing door
Cigarette butts
The stain of tears
Mama, is Hanae available tonight?
That bald guy is really into Hanae.
Sorry, she’s not that kind of girl.
Are you sure?
He’s a big client ofAiboshi.
Be reasonable with me.
There are lots of cute girls.
Let’s get a drink.
Excuse me.
Hanae, will you come with me?
Excuse me.
What is it?
This is for you.
From who?
I didn’t ask his name.
It was a really old guy.
I’m sorry about the other day.
Where did you get this money?
Use it however you want.
I can’t.
Sometimes, even I can get my hands
on this kind of money.
Come to think of it…
this is the first time
I’ve given you any money.
A hostess in Ginza must be well-dressed.
Go back in. You’ll get in trouble.
– Hey.
– Ryu.
– Hey, old man.
– What?
Gee, you’re drinking again.
Think about your health.
Mind your own business.
I have enough dough
to cover all my drinking.
It’s no use, I guess.
He must have bummed money
off of his daughter.
– Give me one.
– Hello there.
Old man!
What happened, Daddy?
He needs complete rest.
Please be quiet.
He was nearly killed.
It was a hit-and-run.
I think I know who did this.
The young guy from Aiboshi
was behind the wheel.
– Thank you.
– Thanks a lot.
– Is Hanae here yet?
– She’s at the bar.
I’m sorry about your father.
Thank you.
He’s doing much better now.
Here’s a little money. From me.
Now, it has nothing to do
with this money…
but could you go see
Mr. Tanigawa tonight?
Mr. Tanigawa?
He’s a client of Mr. Yae
from Marubishi Construction.
You’re his favorite, remember?
I can’t do that.
You’re not a little girl
anymore, are you?
You may think Nami is the one
who saved you in lkaho…
but if I hadn’t talked to Aiboshi…
you would be
in a worse situation now.
I mean well for you.
You should just do as I say.
He’s at Akasaka Hotel.
Don’t disappoint me.
His condition
has taken a turn for the worse.
I just gave him a painkiller.
Where is Hanae-
I mean, his daughter?
She got a phone call
and left a little earlier.
Come on.
You don’t have to be so nervous.
Shall we take a bath together?
You and me. Come on.
I know you took the money from Madam.
I’ll buy you anything you want.
What do you want?
A brand-new car?
You’re so pretty, Hanae.
It hurts.
Will you get me…
some water with lots of ice?
– Sure.
– Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Why did you do this?
So foolish.
I made you worry about me
until the very end.
I can’t make you do that any longer.
Forgive me for the way I’m leaving you.
I wanted to prove myself to you.
I wanted to make you happyjust once…
but this is the proof
that I was a lousy father.
When I see you again in the afterlife…
I’ll be a good father to you.
I promise.“
Please look out for Hanae.
1 have to apologize toyou,.
Thirteen years ago.».
The guy who killed Masa, your father».
was Sonosuke Aiboshi,
“Now he heads his own company,
and acts legitimate.
But back then,
he called himselfHoshiden.
He was a swindler.
It happened one night
at a gambling house in Omiya.“
Hold on.
Excellent piece of work.
Suzumasa. You’ve gone too far this time.
I didn’t do that.
I’m not that washed-up.
– Then what is this?
– I don’t know.
I didn’t do it.
Honest to God.
– I swear on this gun.
– Go to hell.
Hoshiden was losing that night.
He was impatient.

Killing him was his last chance,
1 t wasn’t wise for Masa
to show the gun,.

Whatever Hoshiden said,
no one dared question him,.

1 know for a fact
that he switched the cards.

Where are you going?
Are you going to see Aiboshi?
I know how you feel.
Avenging your father’s death
after all these years? Very uncool.
There are many things in society
that are uncool.
Is this your father’s gun?
I’ll keep this for now.
Aiboshi is rotten to the core.
You’ll be taken down
the same way your father was.
You can’t kill Aiboshi
with knives, right?
I’ll come up with something.
Thank you for waiting.
– Is everything okay?
– It’s fine, sir.
Here’s the key.
She’ll be right up.
– I’ll be in my room.
– Yes, sir.
Hanae, did I keep you waiting?
Yes, you did.
– Who are you?
-just come with me.
Hanae, what happened?
Who the hell are you?
Mr. Yazawa. What’s going on?
Your company and Aiboshi Enterprises.
Tell us about how you guys actually
do mergers and acquisitions.
But first…
tell us what’s going on
between you and Miyoko of Blue Star.
First, I call Madam of Blue Star…
then, she calls Mr. Aiboshi.
After that, 1 give
the hotel key to the girl.

As you just heard…
he fessed up to
all the dirty business tricks you play.
How much do you want?
Th-There you go.
You’re a smart man.
Just tell me how much you want.
I think I deserve to own Blue Star.
– What the hell?
– You shouldn’t.
The police will be notified right away
if I don’t come back safely.
If-If you want to…
I don’t mind s-settling this
with a game ofc-cards.
Agame of cards?
I’ve heard about you, Mr. President.
You were a well-known g-gambler
back then.
Guess what?
We already have
someone on our side.
If we win, I’ll take Blue Star.
– If we lose, you can have the tape.
– Kiss my ass!
Listen, punk.
Watch out what you do.
You could hurt yourself.
I know that.
I’m leaving. Call me later.
Th-Thank you for your time.
You aren’t thinking about it, are you?
Hell, no.
I don’t have time
to play with hoodlums.
But get the tape back.
I wonder how they knew…
about our relationship
with Miyoko at Blue Star.
Don’t you?
Yes, sir.
Stop right there.
Come with us.
Come on.
Huh? Sis?
I brought all these bananas for her.
She’s having a good time
with those Aiboshi guys.
Wait a second.
Nami, I’m going to need
the tape back.
We know that you
and Ryuji teamed up.
Where is it?
The reason I have to take care
ofAiboshi is on that tape.
Take care of him?
Grow up.
You think he’s going to fall for it?
If I don’t get the tape,
they’ll get rid of me.
Please, I beg you. Give it to me.
What can you do?
That’s how yakuzas work.
Goddamn it!
Who do you think you are?
So? Where’s the tape?
I won’t be nice to you forever
just because you’re an old friend.
You’ll pay for this.
– Hey, where’s the tape?
– I don’t know what you’re talking about.
What the hell is that?
It’s an instant bath.
You son of a bitch! Take this.
There it is.
Give me that.
It’s mine now.
No, give it back to me!
You can’t take it. You can’t!
– Damn it.
– It’s mine.
Piece of shit.
Smokey. Hey!
Bro, they got the tape.
Stay awake.
My Cigar.
You’re not dying, are you?
One tough bitch.
– Guys.
– Boss.
We found the tape at Ryuji’s.
Everything will be all right now.
– Good job.
– Thanks.
I guess you can keep your job.
Then you can set Nami free, right?
Not so fast.
Nami the Red Cherry Blossom.
I warned you not to disobey us,
Aiboshi Enterprises.
You’re going to pay with your life
for what you’ve done.
You’ll finish her off.
True friends should take care of each other,
down to the last minute.
What’s the matter?
Can’t you do it?
Aren’t you grateful
that you have a good friend?
Who’s that?
My name is Monjiro the Red Pepper!
You idiot!
Sorryl couldn’t make it here sooner.
So glad to see you okay.
I could almost cry.
– Where is he?
– There.
Damn it.
Nami, watch out!
Sis,just go.
I can take care of them.
– Monjiro.
– Don’t call my name or I’ll hesitate.
Hey, don’t you move.
Stay where you are.
Come on!
I knew it.
Being a yakuza isn’t worth it.
You’re home.
– What happened?
– Hanae, go get a doctor.
– Okay.
– Hurry UP-
Miyoko, don’t fall asleep.
Leave me alone.
I know I’m dying.
Look at me now.
I ended up the same way my sister did.
How stupid of me, right?
Thank you all for taking time today…
to be here for Aiboshi’s
fifth anniversary celebration.
I really appreciate all of your support.
As the chairman of the organization,
I, Sonosuke Aiboshi…
thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope you enjoy yourselves
all night long.
For the first entertainment
of the night…
will someone volunteer
for a one-on-one match with me?
One-on-one with him?
Mr. Aiboshi was a well-known gambler
back in the day.
Anyone? Please?
Let me be the one,
if you don’t mind.
You have no right to be here!
Why the hell not?
She’s beautiful.
This is going to be fun. Right guys?
Come on. Please come in.
Thank you very much.
Excuse me.
Well, then.
What do you have to offer?
I will win or lose.
If I win…
I’d like a duel with you.
That’s rather interesting.
What do you think I want if I win?
I am well aware of how things are.
You’ll have total control over me.
Very well.
The banker wins.
– Well done.
– He still has it.
Looks like I got lucky twice in a row.
Hold it.
What are you doing?
– Give me a break. A fake card?
– Don’t play me.
I didn’t have that card.
Then, how do you explain this card?
Bitch. You set me up!
Damn right, I did.
Indeed, I had this card in my hand.
You bitch.
What the hell?
Thirteen years ago…
a man was killed over
this very card at Furuyama’s.
His name was Masa ofSuzugamori.
You remember Masajiro Higuchi,
don’t you?
I am the daughter of Masajiro.
All of you gentlemen…
I don’t mean any disrespect to any of you.
My name is Nami Higuchi.
I’m here to seek revenge
for my father’s death-
You’ll pay for this.
You’re the ones who will pay.
You’re the ones who disrespect
the gamblers’ code.
Let’s go.
Get her.
Nami. I’m returning this.
You’re not going to stop me tonight.
Tonight, I’m seeking revenge, too.
We’ve had enough. Kill them both!
Go to hell!
Come back!
Come on.
You’re dead.
Go to hell.
– You bitch!
– Hey!
You piece of shit.
It’s over.
When you finish your sentence,
you’ll come back to Ginza, right?
Well, I’d love that.
ThenI’llsee you again.
We can be a pair
of wandering birds, right?

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