Want To Move To Henderson, Nevada?

Want To Move To Henderson, Nevada?

hi thank you and say hi guys welcome
back to the channel we’re gonna talk
about living in Henderson today yeah so
sorry about that intro I wanted him to
have a cute little intro anyways so
living in Henderson is quite good I’m
not gonna lie I don’t like living like I
wouldn’t like living downtown or on the
strip or like Las Vegas itself I like
living in a more quiet place I don’t
like a lot of noise I don’t like
partying I don’t like loud people so I
definitely suggest Henderson or Green
Valley of Henderson
they’re both Henderson but it’s a very
nice area I live right off Wigwam and
Gibson so I’m right off the 215 it is
perfect we have our finger tips I mean
we have everything at our fingertips so
we have Winco we have Walmart we have
neighborhood Walmart
we have Game Stop I mean we have
everything like food wise we have
Wendy’s McDonald’s Burger King
everything is less than five minutes
away perfect and I don’t know about the
school systems here in Henderson yet
because I can’t really talk about those
yet because my son starts kindergarten
this year August August 12th he’ll start
is a Monday so I can’t talk about the
school systems but I heard Las Vegas
school systems are really bad but I
can’t really you know talk about it yet
but I will update you guys other than
that it the okay so it’s not really
expensive living in Henderson but you
are living in a better area without
homeless lower crime rates better things
for families there’s parks there’s stuff
but there’s also really good things
downtown on the shirt too for kids like
the Avengers Museum the shark stuff I
mean there’s tons of stuff that you can
do here with your children but if you’re
moving here with a family I definitely
suggest living in Henderson or Green
Valley of Henderson because it’s more
family orientated if you’re if it’s just
you or if it’s just you and your wife or
your girlfriend
go ahead go move on the strip and
like one of those condos that’s awesome
I totally wish I could afford it but I
can’t okay so Henderson is very quiet
there are a lot of people but the people
you it’s a hit or miss you could have
friendly people you can have crazy
people you can have new people but most
people the the apartment complexes that
I live in they’re mostly from California
so they’re nice I’m not gonna lie our
next-door neighbors are from California
right across the street he’s from
California and I think he moved here for
his job and they’re all nice people very
friendly but I do notice a lot of Nevada
ins and I’m gonna say Nevadans they’re
kind of different they’re not very
but it’s okay everybody’s gonna be
different not everybody’s gonna be your
so Henderson is perfect if you’re moving
with a family we it’s me my husband and
I do have two children but he’s actually
he just been finished school over there
in Chicago the cost of living that’s
what I mean wanted to get into for this
video so the cost of living it’s a hit
or miss so if you want a really good
area really good everything you’re gonna
pay we have a two-bedroom two-bath
little apartment it is nice very nice
it’s not ghetto it has central air
because I know back in Chicago we had
the little air conditionings in the
window you don’t have that here because
it gets so hot you die it literally you
would die so everything is what we pay
is 1395 so with our electric and
everything put together we pay around
sixteen hundred dollars a month for a
two-bedroom two-bath apartments yeah
that’s a lot it is a lot yeah it’s a lot
but if you’re coming from California
it’s quite cheap but if you’re coming
from Chicago it’s about a little bit
more expensive or about the same in
Chicago we definitely could get a
brand-new little condo for that much
where we were living back in Romeoville
Naperville giulia area but we thought
live it living here would be lower cost
of living yes it is it is lower cost of
living living here but
it’s not lower cost of living like in an
apartment in a house it would be cheaper
actually living in a house a house you
could get a three-bedroom house for
1,200 $1,100 a month but the reason the
apartments here are so costly and going
up it’s because people are moving here
from California in different states that
Nevada their rent goes up and down so
every single day your rents gonna be
different but not your rent that you’re
already locked into I’m talking about if
you haven’t locked in your price yet the
price will fluctuate every single day so
let’s just say we locked in at 1395 it
could have been 1595 the next day it
goes up and down I think it’s crazy we
don’t have that back in Chicago so I
kind of feel like whoo that’s kind of
weird but I get it because Nevada the
cost of living as they have to has to go
up because so many people are moving
here but grocery wise because there’s no
I think there’s no state taxes here it’s
actually cheaper to get groceries here’s
funny as that sounds I can get too cart
full of groceries for a hundred and
twenty five dollars all name-brand
things from Winco if you’re gonna shop
here you need to shop at Winco a Walmart
even a little bit expensive Smith that’s
really expensive I mean I would only
shop there for sales but wind comes
literally I could walk right out my door
and walk there real quick and that’s the
cheapest grocery store that I found here
so far sorry the cat keeps attacking my
feet look at him what he kept attacking
my feet oh there he goes
but yeah what else am I missing so the
cost of living oh the water it tastes
like crap it tastes like chlorine like
if you would just went to the swimming
pool and got a cup and drink it that’s
what our water tastes like so if you’re
gonna move out here make sure you get
bottled water or you get a water filter
because it tastes like crap also I like
living in Henderson I like it it’s very
quiet I like more of like a quiet
atmosphere there’s no crazies at night
here we have a gated community
our gates broken a lot but it is still
quiet nobody comes in here just to start
trouble so I guess that’s a good thing
other than that guys I think Henderson
is a wonderful idea if you’re moving
here Henderson there okay so there’s
henderson paradise summerlin and I can’t
I don’t know the other ones but those
are the ones I’m familiar with at this
moment so I definitely recommend
Henderson or even Green Valley of
Henderson that’s like a high scale area
very beautiful oh my god they have grass
green everything it looks beautiful and
it’s not all fake grass either I mean
it’s real grass it’s like a high-end
Henderson I guess oh wait wait okay
sorry to confuse you Henderson is Green
Valley but I mean the Green Valley area
of Henderson is beautiful I wish we
could move there so maybe if we don’t
move back to Chicago when I rent I mean
with our what is it when our lease is up
in eight months we might move home so I
don’t know what we’re doing there but we
might move home back to Chicago I’m not
saying I don’t like it here cuz I like
it here I’m starting to be gonna like in
here but I miss my home I miss my home I
miss my family my mom and dad I miss my
friends I miss my photography business
there’s just so much and moving here I
didn’t realize that I would lose it all
like that you know so alright guys I
hope you enjoyed this vlog and if you’re
new here don’t forget to hit that
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I am a vlogger I do family vlogs I do
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you so alright guys I will see you in
the next video

20 thoughts on “Want To Move To Henderson, Nevada?”

  1. I know I love it in Henderson pray that I am able to get in a complex in Henderson it is quiet my mom loves Ii I have been trying to apply for apartments in Henderson

  2. Nope ! ! ! You still got CCSD .NV is ranked last in education. 80% graduation rate. Slightly above 20 % competency in English and Math for 8th graders. Nevada is ranked 47th in Child Wellness and last in Mental Health.

  3. Henderson is amazing I live off Stephanie ans Horizon it’s lovely and super safe. Look at twitchell or Vanderberg

  4. Girl your going to give me a heart attack!! 1600$!! 😵 we are moving and going to be paying 1500$ for EVERYTHING for a brick house 3 bedrooms two bath all newly redone with a fenced in front and back yard Right across the street from the park. And we are only and hour north of you.

  5. Love love love Henderson! We aren’t too far but closer to the east side and our area is still pretty great! We don’t see too many homeless and we don’t hear sirens 25-8. A lot of folks here are from Cali and yes Nevadans are a tad bit weird lol great video

  6. love WINCO. Spend $100. every two weeks to feed a family of four plus cats. Meats cost less than Walmart. Live in Lancaster, Calif. Plan to call Vegas our home next year.

  7. Thanks for the video! My 5 kids and their dad and I are all moving to Henderson from Michigan in a few months and Im super excited!! Most of all excited to leave the snow behind!!

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