Wanted (1/11) Movie CLIP – Cross Kills Mr. X (2008) HD

Wanted (1/11) Movie CLIP – Cross Kills Mr. X (2008) HD

Fuck it.
No one leaves
the Fraternity, Cross.
I have a new perspective
on the Fraternity.
You don’t destroy something
that’s been around
for a thousand years.
It’s already destroyed.
He broke the code.
I have to stop this.
You know this.
So why don’t you
face me yourself?
Never send sheep
to kill a wolf.
They were just
the decoys.
Goodbye, Mr. X.
MR. X: Never send sheep
to kill a wolf.
They were just
the decoys.

100 thoughts on “Wanted (1/11) Movie CLIP – Cross Kills Mr. X (2008) HD”

  1. I don't understand what is the point of the movie. Main characters are killing everyone only because they are main characters.

  2. Lol this movie is so over the top and that’s what made it good! In the first 10 mins you got two dudes flying out of two buildings shooting at each other! 😂

  3. ハリーポッター出とったよなこの俳優

  4. Actually, theoretically, you can curve a bullet!

    You just have to make the bullet a sphere and initiate a massive side spin!

    Then it becomes a soccer ball!

    Yay for science!

    I dropped out of the 4th grade!

  5. I switched off my brain when I first saw this for the first time. Best decision ever. 8/10 movie

  6. Y’all complaining about this documentary and how fake it is but y’all are the same that thinks global warming exists

  7. How'd the lady get shot in the center of her forehead when the shooters were far to her right? And why didn't he just get in the elevator and leave?

  8. Plausible. If people can assign/augment their own genders, why can’t this be possible. “Physics” is just a theory, not a proven fact lol 😂.

  9. like how he jumps into the lower floor and the last dude just stands there like "maybe he just disappeared?" and proceeds to get shot in the mfn head this movie blows haha

  10. Everytjme I see his face I recall: Steven is my name… I’m the most wanted man on me island. Xept I’m not on me island… more’s the pity.

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