Warren SURGES to 2nd Place, FIRST Place in Betting Markets

Warren SURGES to 2nd Place, FIRST Place in Betting Markets

There’s something super interesting happening
in the 2020 Democratic primary.
I alluded to it in the last segment.
Elizabeth Warren has sort of quietly and steadily
surged into second place in the 2020 Democratic
primary polling and maybe just as interestingly
is now tied for first place in what are called
the prediction markets for the 2020 Democratic
I’ll get to that.
This came up yesterday during my twitch live
There’s another twitch live stream happening
this evening, 6:30 PM eastern time.
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Ask people who do you support prediction markets?
Ask people who do you believe will win regardless
of who you support.
And often those are more accurate.
So first, let’s look at the polling I told
you months ago.
Elizabeth Warren is not doing anything flashy
but she is slowly but surely gaining about
one-to-one and a half points per month in
polling and she’s doing it not with debate,
kill shot attempts or ad hominems.
She’s doing it with policy and talking to
voters including in red parts of the country.
She put out last week a detailed internet
public option policy.
She put out a detailed healthcare policy education
policy I just outlined for you her gun safety
regulation policy and she has just continued
to plug away and pick up about a point to
a point and a half per month and she is now
more solidly entering second place.
As you can see on screen, if you’re watching
Joe Biden is still in first place, but as
dropped a bit in the last week, Elizabeth
Warren is now up to 18% with Bernie Sanders
behind her at 16.8 it’s still very close.
Some would argue within the margin of error,
although when you average polls, the margin
of error calculation becomes a little different.
But the trend has been Bernie steady Joe falling
Elizabeth Warren slowly but surely climbing
now, just as interestingly, Elizabeth Warren
has tied to Joe Biden for Perth first place
in the prediction markets right now, if you
go to the website, predicted the money is
even on Biden versus Warren.
Now, there are some other questions here because
some of these other numbers don’t make much
You’ll see that in this particular prediction
market, uh, Andrew Yang seems a bit high given
where he’s polling Tulsi Gabard seems a bit
high given where she’s polling.
She may not even make the third debate.
Kamala Harris is also probably too high.
Bernie may be too low, but Elizabeth Warren
clearly has momentum and the prediction markets
are seeing it.
In fact, yesterday Elizabeth Warren was ahead
of Biden solely in first place.
Now she’s back into a tie with Biden in the
prediction markets.
Imagine what kind of a relief it would be
to the world if we had Elizabeth Warren or
a Bernie Sanders as president of the United
I don’t think right-wingers realize this,
or if they do, they certainly don’t care.
Even if right-wingers are against some of
the policies of Warren and Sanders, nationalized
healthcare, single payer, some version of
it, not Cajun kids or whatever.
Do they understand, do you think that the
United States around the world would be reinvigorated
drastically in terms of our reputation?
If Trump were to be replaced by someone like
Warren or Sanders, I know that they do all
the talking points and we will never be a
socialist country.
Get these Socialists Outta here.
They of course have no clue what socialism
even is.
I understand that they say all of that stuff,
but do you think they realize that the United
States is suffering such a reputational deficit
and alliance deficit right now?
Uh, I don’t know if they do and if they do
realize that.
I think a lot of the trumpets think if other
countries dislike us, it’s probably because
we’re doing great things for ourselves.
I mean, they participate in this bizarre,
childish sort of zero sum mentality.
And one thing that’s appealing about Warren
relative to Biden and Bernie and Trump, which
may actually be to her advantage if she ultimately
is the nominee, uh, is that she is quite a
bit younger than Biden and Bernie and Trump.
And that is an issue that is coming up more
and more.
Let me know what you think number one about
Elizabeth Warren’s trajectory here.
Number two, about looking at prediction markets
versus, or in addition to, uh, election polls.
Let me know what you think about Warren’s
age relative to some of these other front
runners and Donald Trump.
Uh, and we’ll do, we’ll continue to do a follow
up and track this information.
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Pacman updated tomato progress pictures.
I have way more tomatoes growing in my backyard
now and I think that now they’re in the several
Uh, the plants still don’t look great because
I’m clueless, but I do have more tomatoes
and you can see that in my latest stories.
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Quick break.
We’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “Warren SURGES to 2nd Place, FIRST Place in Betting Markets”

  1. If Andrew Yang is that high, I'd question the wisdom of those who were polled. lol Will he even make it to the next debate?

  2. You guys gotta start seeing past career politicians. Yes trump was a failed experiment but let's not toss out the baby with the bathwater.

    She pretends to be Bernie and takes PAC$ anyway.

    She will be exposed. She's likely a DNC "dilute the Bernie vote" agent. The most successful bernie clone as of now. Deblasio being the least successful.

    DNC made a plan to counter Bernie. They never predicted Yang or the fact he'd still be growing. Elon Musk's endorsement of Yangs concerns is coming like a self driving semi.

  3. Bernie or Warren, one of them. They're gonna save your country from Donald Trumps stupid decisions. Good luck from an Observing Canadian.

  4. Dude stop over articulating when you speak. Shit drives me up a wall even tho I dig your takes…. And also this video is pretty worthless filler… "prediction markets" lolz.

  5. Trump supporters, at this point, care only about triggering the libs. Every other point they might want to take is just them turning a blind eye on the truth.

  6. Harris would throw Trump off , he rip everyone’s else to pieces, if he survives 2020 he ll serve until his death 💀

  7. I'm a still working 79 year old. However, I know how much more tired I get than I did 10 years ago. Warren is a really good age to be in the top spot. Well educated, good communicator, pleasing personality and ready listener. Biden and Bernie lose in that respect by virtue of the age they will be by 2021 and forward for a term.

  8. Warren 🤗
    Deep thinker, fearless, no frills, she has policies that she can explain, sincere, real and lethal … been eyeing her for a long time

  9. I will not vote for warren. Ill vote for the orange retard in protest before that fake progressive gets shit out of me. Id rather see the country collapse.

  10. It is definitely down to Biden or her. I just don't see Bernie being able to pick off enough Hillary voters. Warren can, despite their policies being very similar.

  11. I don't trust Warren. She didn't endorse Bernie in 2016, has ties to the military industrial complex, voted for the defense budget increase in 2017, was a sympathizer for Israel for a long time, and is considering accepting corporate fundraising in the general election. I will stick with Bernie or Tulsi.

  12. So, when your candidate is on top, she's where she should be but everyone else is overvalued? Instead of looking into why Yang is where he is, you dismissed him as "overvalued". Yang is substantially undervalued. The only thing holding him back is name recognition. The longer Yang stays in, the more he will grow.

  13. Yes, the US's image has suffered a lot, but I'm not sure that the rehabilitation of US image would be as great. The fact of the matter is, that Donald Trump is not an anomaly, he is the face of a large minority of Americans. When he calls us "foes", it's not just him, it's 30-40% of America clapping and approving that we, Europeans are your enemies. I would be much more cautious and transactional in future relations with the US, since there is no guarantee that another Trump won't show up and I would not accept playing the "shared values" card. We are different, as we can clearly see in this period, and that is ok. Europe has its own path and America has its own path and we can continue to cooperate as far as our common interests are concerned.

  14. Still confused as to how Joe Biden managed to get in 1st place, he proposes no actual action plans, is very clearly aligned with corporate interests… don't get it…

  15. Frankly I think Bernie would have a much better shot of beating Trump than Warren would. That being said I would happily vote for Warren if she was the nominee.

  16. Its definitely a positive to be younger but the question is to what degree? Personally I rather have an older candidate if they are better on issues. I have been a fan of Warren for a long time, I very much appreciated what she did to the banking industry, but as of late I do see some issues with her. Bernie is better on foreign policy. He is better on domestic policy, while they have some overlap, who do you think will push for medicare for all? Warren has started talking about inequality more but again, Bernie is the standard on that topic. When you really boil it down Bernie has decades of advocating for the same policies so personally I think he is much more likely to at least TRY to implement what he says he wants to do (see Obama for for why this is important). Couple that with the fact that the media seems to be pushing Warren over Sanders, I am even more weary. Its abundantly clear to Bernie supporters the bias against him by the media (which I would like to see better covered on youtube). Although I am happy to see articles detailing the bias like the example below, I worry not enough people are seeing whats going on:

  17. I’m very confused how and who is supporting Biden? All anyone talks about is Bernie or Yang – I’m unclear how warren is doing so well in the polls peeling off Bernie voters when she supported Hillary in 2016… if she is progressive then why did she support Hillary? I’m unclear on many fronts in this election; Mostly because there are too many candidates. Let’s weed it down to the top five. By October

  18. As an Australian I can tell you that many of my friends and I have lost a lot of respect for the way the United States is now leading the climate change skepticism movement and trashing the environment. You also didn’t appoint an ambassador to our country for the first two years of Trump’s presidency, which was peculiar though didn’t do any real damage.

    Having said that, Trump does have his supporters here. They’re not very numerous; most people tend to look at him as a bullshit artist to be perfectly honest. But there are some people that agree with him.

  19. Some of the Bernie fan reaction to Warren, despite them having similar policies, make me think maybe there was some truth to the whole "Bernie Bro" thing afterall

  20. Honestly, I wouldnt mind another 4 years of Trump, Only because he is fucking everything up. AND my country is finally getting liberated of the U.S.A hands. Trump greates mistake was to push China into the arms of Rusia.

  21. I definitely am concerned about age, regardless of candidate. But I question Warren's tenacity in getting things done by doing the sort of state-by-state post-election campaigning to get legislation passed.

  22. I'm hoping Warren and Sanders join together for President and VP, making sure we get a very very strong democratic option for 2020.

  23. If Warren gets the nomination she’ll lose to Trump.
    Trump just needs to say “Pocahontas” (like he said emails) and he’ll win.

  24. I think Warren is the best candidate to unite the Democrats, since centrists hate Bernie as much as leftists hate Biden. Any of those candidates might lead to a repeat of the viciousness that we saw in the primaries of '08 and '16, which Trump will use to his advantage. But if it's Warren, and she sticks to the facts and policies, she will be seen as a polar opposite to the namecalling nonsense of the Trump presidency. All she needs is a good comeback to the whole Native American thing. Unfortunately, that little blunder of hers is just too funny to be forgotten.

    But on the other hand, Bernie is probably more likely than Warren to win back the blue states that Trump took in the last election. His success hinges on whether or not he can truly get his message out beyond the progressive/Joe Rogan echo chamber, despite all the mainstream propaganda depicting him as a kooky Marxist.

  25. I only really pop in to the show for particular stories that interest me- in no way did I expect this video about dem polls to end in a slightly cute side note about how he's growing tomatoes

  26. Love warren. If she becomes the nominee I would definitely vote for her with very little qualms if any. But I just feel that Bernie is the better candidate , I mean isn't it obvious to everyone? I'm not sure elizabeth has a single area she is better than bernie in except for the commerce and financial industry.

    I will say however that warrens policies are more numerous, voluminous, and more deeply thought out than bernie's.

  27. Think about! It must be Warren. Warren for President. I love Bernie, but in the case he is elected and goes towards 2 terms his age is in his way. He is then approaching his mid 80s. Old is old. No matter what. I think health, stamina, motivation, ability to plan for the future of the nation … Warren is not young – but at least younger than Bernie.

  28. Warren said she would take corporate money in general election. This should not be forgotten. If you're excited over her you're a fool

  29. Biden is too feeble for me. Bernie has always been too far to the left though I like him a lot. Though Elizabeth Warren is not one of my favorite people, I think she would make an excellent president and would vote for her in a heartbeat.

    Thanks for enlightening me on Elizabeth Warren actually speaking of what she will do.

  30. I love Bernie but last debate she really impressed me. It's really painful picking between her and Bernie but right now she's my first choice. That could change though. Besides Trump's racial slur towards her, I think we could get a lot of nonvoters to vote for her. She could excite a lot of young people. Though she doesn't have enough of the black vote that I think Bernie has.

  31. I like Warren but I'm afraid she won't perform as well against Trump as will Bernie. Bernie will easily smash Trump but with Warren it will really close.

  32. I think Warren’s popularity is because people want to get it over with. The country is in a downward spiral headed to bankruptcy. Let’s get on with it so we can start recovering. Warren will get us there the quickest

  33. Is it all propaganda that Biden still is rather above Warren & Bernie? I cannot comprehend how many people still have comfort in him…

  34. From an outsider perspective, a Warren Sanders ticket seems like it could be wonderful for the western world in general, maybe even activating civil societies in a lot of european countries that have been cemented in a fixed political reality for a long while. I love it.

  35. More proof that humans are too stupid to exist…

    You have Bernie Sanders and u choose anyone else… Wow…

    Enjoy another 4 years of Trump's morons…

  36. The prediction markets may figure that Sanders is going to keep suffering from opposition from the Democratic and media establishments, jeopardizing his nomination chances, while Warren only gets a fraction of that grief. That sort of figuring in establishment biases may be part of Harris' boost too, but you'd think, if they're thinking like that, Yang and Gabbard would be in much worse shape in the prediction markets than this.

  37. I'm a little worried. I'm convinced only Bernie has a shot at defeating Trump, who is almost guaranteed to win due to how the system and electoral college works. Warren isn't great on foreign policy either, a place where Bernie previously struggled but now excels.

  38. I think people think Elizabeth is more on the left than she is. It worries me that we will choose the worse option here and then nothing will get done.

    Elizabeth has just not been a strong enough advocate against corporate interests. She's willing to bend the knee and has shown that on defense spending.

    You know she'll keep the wars going. Maybe this is even what the establishment would prefer. And do we really want to go with what the establishment prefers here?

  39. Good that Harris has fallen right back down where she should be. Now it's just Warren and Bernie vs Biden. Biden will continue to fuck himself over. I think Warren has the best chance at this…. I'd prefer Bernie though. But knowing the US… you know they just can't fucking wait to vote for Biden lol. Anything to fuck themselves over. Then Trump will probably win, would be about right.

  40. I think that a lot of people in the democratic elite are working to make sure Bernie does not become president. I also think that anyone would be better than trump and literally anyone but trump will make a world of deference a plant would be better. Sure President Bush doesn’t do much but at least it doesn’t fuck things up. Just a smarter president one who at least is smart enough to keep quit about the things your not supposed to say

  41. This makes me worried. I like Warren but I don't think she would do her level best to bring about the changes this country needs. It's Bernie that needs to be nominated if Trump is to be defeated and important changes brought about.

  42. I’m a little worried Liz and burnie will split the progressive vote and then Biden will win. I really hope one of them drops out and supports the other or something.

  43. What’s funny is I have never heard anyone anywhere who wants to vote for Biden, yet the polls say otherwise. Why is that?

  44. I am 100% for Elizabeth Warren and I believe the economy would do a lot better and if she wins I would love to see an "Executive Order" by her to take away the Trump Tax Cuts of 2017 that the Republicans gave to the Wealthy and Corporate Donors like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Of course The Billionaire Koch Brothers the rich have gotten away since Ronald Reagan especially with not having to pay their fair share in taxes then the Republicans want to take away Social Security and Medicare which workers pay into, they want to take away what I have, I am mentally disabled so I get SSI, Which is NOT Social Security and is not paid into but taxpayers pay that for those of us who cannot work… Basically, I am not hirable because all honesty I am too crazy and insane to be hired, I'm on Medicaid which pays for my insulin which I need to survive I'm Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic and Insulin-Dependent and I have Foodstamps (SNAP = WIC and Foodstamps) I am entitled to other shit like free cellphones and home phones and WiFi but I choose to pay for those things out of my own pocket so all I take are SSI, Medicaid and Foodstamps why burdon the taxpayers on that other shit that I can pay for myself! Plus the Government restricts what you can do on Government Phones and WiFi and if I pay for it myself then no one can tell me how I can use my Android or Computer so Fuck Them! I will pay for that shit my own self!
    Biden cannot beat Trump and logically we all know this already it won't ever happen Joe Biden is an "Establishment Democrat" so is Hilary Rodham Clinton, Who's not running in 2020 but she ran and lost in 2016, Yeah Hilary won the popular vote by 3,000,000 + more votes but Trump won the Electoral College Vote and as outdated as the Electoral College Vote is it still stands today and to give everyone an idea of how outdated it is The Electoral College vote was established in 1804 plus only a Progressive which Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican and a Progressive by the way, So NOT all Progressives are Liberals, But only Bernie or Elizabeth NOT Biden can win against Donald Trump and let's face it … Only three Democrat Candidates running have a chance of being nominated they are obviously Biden, Warren and Sanders the rest do not have a chance and you will see them all droppi9ng out little by little here in the next few months leading up to the primaries! The Establishment DSemocrat Voters calling themselves "Moderates" complain on how to pay for The New Green Deal or Medicare for All nOT realizing the 2017 Trump Tax Cuts for the Rich and Wealthy costs the American Tax Payers more than The New Green Deal which is needed to combat Climate Change and if we expect to have a planet to live on we ned it especially since we only have 12 years to fix what damage that can be fixed and is left fixable!

    The 12th Amendment—ratified in 1804—changed the original process, allowing for separate ballots for determining the President and Vice President. See Electoral College and Indecisive Elections for more information. The District of Columbia has had three electors since the 23rd Amendment was ratified in 1961.Since the mid-19th century when all electors have been popularly chosen, the Electoral College has elected the candidate who received the most popular votes nationwide, except in four elections: 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016.The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.The Electoral College was created for two reasons. The first purpose was to create a buffer between the population and the selection of a President. … The founding fathers were afraid of direct election to the Presidency. They feared a tyrant could manipulate public opinion and come to power.The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.

  45. Warren is my second pick. Yang is my number one. I’d be happy with either one of them. A Warren-Yang or Yang-Warren ticket would be amazing.

  46. You really qouted a poll that gives a chance to yang and Tulsi 🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕fuck outtta here bitch I saw you on the hill and still have not given Bernie his credit and you never will.

  47. i would never vote anybody 70+, ideal president should be between 50-65, at this age they are experienced enough but still fresh and dynamic, over 70 the mental/intellectual etc. decline can be really close and dramatic

  48. @Pakman: In all seriousness, do you know what socialism is? All dictators in modern history, without except, rose on the platform of socialism, Hitler included. Wipe your ass, young man!

  49. Bernie for President and Warren as VP.. Point, if Bernie seems too old after 1st term, then Warren can stand as president. Or if something happens to Bernie during his tenure as President ,then again, Warren would be the best to carry on his legacy. Just like JFK to LBJ.

  50. Warren-Abrams if biden blocks a sharper more moderate choice. I really dont want biden. I would prefer a moderate but not him. More would be okay with Warren than Bernie among swing suburban women. I dont want trump to win. I am willing to vote for anyone running except trump and harris.

  51. Omg 70 yo beer-drinking republican Warren is YOUNGER, what a weird thing to say! Yes, compare her with other fossils like Biden or Bernie or trump – she is younger, but she is still just another lying c populist-style politician, i don't know how could anyone trust her. It irks me to see old – really old – people in charge of the future of the world, thats disgusting and does not look like real democracy ( because it IS out of sync with demographical situation)

  52. She is the youngest of the four you mentioned (70 for Warren vs 73, 76 and 77 for Trump, Biden and Sanders, respectively), but all of them are in their 70s. She and Bernie do seem to be the most vigorous of the four.

  53. I want Warren to win so bad. She would pick Bernie as her VP, and put other progressives in charge of the different government departments.

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