Wayne’s World (5/10) Movie CLIP – Garth Likes to Play (1992) HD

Wayne’s World (5/10) Movie CLIP – Garth Likes to Play (1992) HD

Wow. ’64
fender stratocaster
in classic white
With triple
single coil pickups
and a whammy bar.
Pre-cbs fender
corporate buy-out.
I’d raise the bridge,
file down the nut,
And take the buzz
out of the low “e.”
God, I love this woman.
[chimes clang]
Hi, garth.
Where’s the clerk?
I know. I’ll use
the “may I help you” riff.
[heavy metal riff]
May I help you?
Yes, my good man.
I’d like to look at this
fender stratocaster, please.
Oh, really? Again?
Amazing, dude.
I like to play.
Excuse me. Wayne.
Can I put
the fender back
now, please?
Not today,
my good man.
I’m feeling saucy.
I think
I’m going to buy it.
Do you accept…
Cash? Cha-ching.

100 thoughts on “Wayne’s World (5/10) Movie CLIP – Garth Likes to Play (1992) HD”

  1. 0:47 that smile is iconic. You can tell in his head he’s thinking “this is gonna be sick”. This scene is full of great moments

  2. That drum set up was wack. Why was the snare off to the left. Goes in the middle so you’re feet are on both pedals.

  3. After learning so much about guitars and my taste in music, I now need to always have a humbucker or hot rails in the bridge position lol

  4. "Can you write something to make it seem like Cassandra has an in-depth technical knowledge of guitars so we're surprised?"
    "Fender stratocastin classic white with triple single coil pickups and a WHAMMY bar"
    "Can you make it better?"
    " . . . no"

  5. Why do people think this was great? It was funny, but it was garbage drumming. No one had the hearty or balls to tell Carvey NO.

  6. For a more knowledgeable audience she probably would have pointed out the 4-bolt neck plate. But that's kind of one of the more obscure points to enthuse over (not to mention by the time the movie came out in 1992, FMIC had taken over and had been making vintage-spec Strats for a few years).

  7. Wayne held up 20 $100 bills for that Strat. I didnt think USA made strats were that much unless its a signature model maybe….WOW

  8. Still don't understand exactly what part of stairway he's supposedly playing there. It's definitely not the beginning

  9. At 1:08 basically when I and my friend play drums and we combine we are like super good at it but oof I guess

  10. That guy represents every sales prick in every Sam Ash and Guitar Center I'd ever been to back in the 90's

  11. The way the camera pans around to hide the fact that they need someone to sneak in and hand Mike the money for his right hand (his left grabbing it from behind the guitar). Such a smooth way to do it.

  12. My Dad taught himself how to play the Ukulele and this is one of the few songs he knows, so I totally get the no Stairway

  13. Near my house a comic book shop said all unattended children will be taught to play magic the gathering

  14. Wtf she acts like it's the first time seeing a standard strat😂😂 wow 1959 Gibson Les Paul with triple a maple top and a pickgaurd 😂😂

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