We Escape HACKER Hide and Seek Chase with FIRST E3 Laptop to save Game Master! | Rebecca Zamolo

We Escape HACKER Hide and Seek Chase with FIRST E3 Laptop to save Game Master! | Rebecca Zamolo

– Go go go, he’s hypnotized! That’s not the real Kurt,
he’s hypnotized right now. I have the antidote, I
just need to the red light. Look, the reds light open. I just need the red light. – Go, go, go, go, go. – Get back here. – Go, go go go go. – Get back here. – Hold it Matt. – I got the door. – Okay Hey Zamfam, right now we are in another hide and seek chase, with Kurt, who is hypnotized again. I need to get my red
light but its out there. I have the antidote. Hold it, hold it. – Waiting, you can’t
hide in there forever. – I have a plan right now. – What? – We need to create a diversion. Run across the room, across the hall and then you’re gonna go, okay. – Okay, I need to grab that red light. – Three, two, one. – Its open, its open. – Hey Kurt, Hey Kurt, Hey Kurt. – Get back here. Get back here. – Go go go. – Kurt, Matt, Matt. – Yes, yes, yes. – Matt – Yes, yes, yes. – I got it. I got it. Hold the light. Okay, Kurt. – Puzzles pieces, black box. – What? What does that mean? Here, here, here. Here. Take. Kurt, Kurt. – You sang so well today,
dude. Sorry, I don’t know why my head hurts. – Yeah, we are meeting
a friend so we gotta go. – Yeah, okay. – This is great. We’ll see you soon. – Yeah, hit me up. Give
me a call whenever. – Thanks, Kurt. Good luck with the video. Can’t wait to see it. Go, go, go, go, go, go. – Okay, so we are back in the car. Kurt seems to be okay now. – I’m glad that you had the
red light and the antidote. – Yeah and now we need to
get over to the location. Rocky said we have less
than ten minutes before the door shuts. It should
be up that way, Matt. Stay tuned, because later
in the video we’re gonna be giving shout outs to you guys in the game master network
that scored a hundred percent on the game master quiz. Even, if the red hood hacked it for now. There are still the right answers. But, right now we need
to get to the location. To get the first of five laptops that the red hood is using to hack into the game master network and we need to get our site back. – And we need to stop E3. – Yeah, okay. – Kurt seemed so normal
when we were recording, I don’t know what happened. – Yeah, I’m not sure
either. There was something that made him turn back
into the hypnotized Kurt. So, if you guys know let us know. – Are you sure this is the spot? – Yeah, I mean these are the
coordinates Rocky sent me. And you guys know that
this is one of the five laptops that the red
hood is using to hack our website. So, we need to find that laptop. But, it looks clear right. – It looks just like a blank building. – No Matt, its around the corner. – Right over here. What’s the quadrant? – This is the right location,
we need to spy on them. Like he said, we have
less than ten minutes. We need to get in there
before the door shuts. – Okay, go, go, go, go, go. – Come on. Hurry. Okay, hold on. They’re going, come on. Matt, go go go. – I got, I got it. – You guys, this is an
escape room its sixty out. The game masters tunnels,
maybe the red hood has taken them all over. There, come on. Did you see? Close the door. I got it, I got it. Come on, come on. Its shut. Okay, we barely made it inside. Now you guys, we need to find the hackers computer so we can save our website. How many quadrant members
do you think are here? – I have no idea. Careful. – It looks like they’re
playing cards, check. – How many? Its like two. – Did you see a laptop in there? – No. – Okay, I didn’t either.
We need to call Daniel and see where this laptop
is. Face timing Daniel, pick up, pick up pick up. Daniel, hey. We made it in. – Great, you made it in. – It looks there’s two
of the quadrant members playing cards inside but
we don’t see the laptop. – From the schematics,
it looks like there is a back room. That might
be where the laptop is. – Okay, we need to figure
out a way to get in there. But, there’s two quadrant Daniel. – Also – What should we do? – It looks like they have
found out how to create the sleeping cloud, I can activate it. But, it might only buy
you about two minutes. Do you want me to do that? – Two minutes? – Okay, two minutes is
not going to be much time – Okay, hold on one sec. – But, we’ll make it work. – How soon can you do this? – I’ll activate the
cloud as soon as I can. – I’m bored. Hey, did they ever show us
how to get into that room? – No, I don’t think she ever
showed us how to get there. It must be because of
that mole, she stopped training us she wants us to
figure this out ourselves. – Did you guys hear
that? They can’t get into that back room, there’s
that piece of paper. – Are you feeling a little tired? I’m kinda sleepy. – What is this? It looks like money. – Did you hear that?
They’re getting tired. That means Daniel activated the cloud. They’re falling asleep.
Okay, Zamfam smash that thumbs up button right
now. We have less than two minutes to try and figure out
how to get into that room. Lets go, Matt. – Go, go, go. – Oh my gosh, they’re sleeping. – Sleeping standing up. – We need to figure this out. Look the doors here. – Maybe its open. Is it locked? – Its not locked, its not moving. Okay, what does that say over here Matt? – There’s a note. Pay what you roll to hit the jackpot. Zamfam, you guys see pay is underlined and jackpot. But, there were three of these. Do you think these have
something to do with being able to get into that room, Matt? – Maybe that’s a magnetic
lock and when we put ’em somewhere its gonna
unlock that room over there. – Okay, lets try to
figure this out quickly. Pay what you roll to hit the jackpot. Lets look at these. So, there’s like cards. There’s a dice. – There’s a dice. – There’s a dice. – And its blue. – Its blue. – What about this table, okay? There’s another dice you
guys and this is red. Zamfam we need your help solving this. So we can get into that
room before they wake up. Green, green. Look, these two pieces. There’s a green here, its five. The number is five and there’s five here. – Look, there starting
to wake up a little bit. – Okay, alright. – Come on, come on. We
don’t have much time. – Okay, so this is four.
And there’s four of these. What if we just place
these Zamfam on the table? – Yes, yes yes. – Okay, see this is five and
we just need the last one. – Where is the last one? – The last one is in the quadrants pocket. You guys remember? – Which one, this one or this one. – I don’t know, I’ll try both. – Okay. – Zamfam let me know,
which quadrant member you think it is, okay. – Okay, we don’t have
that much time. Hurry. Careful, careful. – Okay, its not in here. It
must be the other quadrant. – Oh my gosh. – Okay. Look. – Its over there, its over there. – Yep, its right there. – Don’t wake them up. – I know, I know. – You got it, you got it. – We did it, we did it. Okay, so here. – Okay. – Oh, you’re right its three blue here so then its said hit the jackpot. What do we do now? Its not
opening. Jackpot, jackpot? – Okay, you hit. Okay, do you think if I pull this that that door will open? – Hurry Beck. – Okay, Zamfam smash that
thumbs up button right now. The quadrant is starting to wake up and we need to get into that back room. Okay, three, two, one. Come on, come on. They’re starting to move Matt. – Go, go, go quick, go quick. – Okay. We did it, we did it. Okay, go, go. – Beck, Beck. – What? – I forgot my phone. – No. – My phones out there. – Where is it? – Its over there. – We can’t Matt. Matt, come on. – I got it, I got it, I got it. – Go, go, go. Okay, perfect. – Okay. Matt look, that’s that room.
That means they’re searching. They could get in here if they figure out how to get in and pull
the lever. There gonna be in here and we haven’t
found the laptop yet. – We gotta find the laptop. – Okay, Zamfam keep your eyes open. We need to find that laptop, right now. – If we can find that
laptop, we are one step closer to getting our
website back and hopefully stopping E3. – Yes, alright lets
start exploring the rooms so we can find the laptop. Look, signal amplifier. – Maybe that’s what we’re searching for. – Yeah, okay. It looks like a hacker
device, for a laptop or something. It has all
these controls up here. – All these buttons too. – Whoa. Hello, here’s a key. – Single Amplifier? What? – What do you guys think this is? – Bunch of red lights, like the red hood – We’re in a escape room right now. What if the red hood has
been using all of these escape rooms for secret
meetings to hide the different laptops. – I mean, its crazy if they took over all of the game masters secret tunnels. – We need to explore other places because the laptop is – We’re getting close, we’re gonna come in and get you. – You hear that? Okay we need to run fast. Security officer, the
red hood at our mansion was looking for the head
of security and Kurt Hugo Snyder came back. Do you think this is his disguise? Let me know if you guys
think this is a disguise. Is there anything in this? Its just a hat. – Alright, we gotta hurry up Beck. – Go, go, go, go. Okay, is there anywhere else you guys? Do you see any other clues? – What is this, what is this? There’s a bag right here? – Its like. – Thirty thousand dollars. – Like a ton of ’em.
But, these aren’t real. These are decoy money. The red hood has used decoy money in different challenges,
you remember that. There’s this last room
right here. This has to be where the laptop is Matt. Good. – Okay, getting close. – Come inside. – Its an elevator. – Is that a quadrant member? – What? – Someone from the quadrant. – I think so, but that’s
the same room right now. – If this is the same room
as that, that door is open. Which means that, this, this is a door. We just need to figure out how to open it. More control panels. – Is this working? Its not working. – Okay, we’re running out of time. Is there anything else you guys see? – If that doors in that
room, then we would’ve had to activate this first. – You’re right, and we
think that the laptop might be inside there. So,
do you think if we turn this that it will open that? – Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. – Okay. Faster, go fast Matt. Hurry. – What? – Maybe that charged it or something. The on lights still on. Should I try it? – Yeah. – Comment, “I think the
laptop is in there”. If you think its going to be inside. Three, two, one. It worked. Thumbs up your comment if you guessed that that would open it. This is one of the laptops. – What? – That hacked our website. Okay. – Try putting in the password. – Okay. – Looks like its password
protected. We need to call Daniel, maybe he figured it out. Hey Daniel, we found that laptop but its password protected. Can you help us figure out what the password is? – Chatter on the network – What? – Rebecca I heard chatter on the network. – I can’t hear him – Rebecca – There coming Here. – I think we got disconnected I heard chatter on the network about the password being
about tying me upside down. Let them know what I said
about the upside down room and find that passcode. – Take the laptop, we need to hide. – Go, go, go. – the laptop! – Go, go, go, go. – Go, go, go go. – Go, there right behind you. – Go, go, go. Come on there coming – Go, go, go. Find a hiding spot. Okay, Zamfam we have the laptop but we need to figure
out what the passcode is to get on it so we can deactivate it. Shout out to these people that scored a hundred percent on that last quiz. Even though the red hood has still hacked our website. And check
out this video right here make sure you are subscribed, have notifi

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