Weird Ping Pong

Weird Ping Pong

What’s up guys!
We are for Pongfinity
It’s time for another episode of
Challenge Pongfinity
Let’s try to hit the mousetrap
With a ping pong ball
Okay the first player to set off both mousetraps wins
So we have launched our own
mobile game
and as we mentioned
There is a little surprise at score 100
So the challenge is to get there
Let’s do it!
The idea of the game is to get as many
shots in as possible
You can hit harder with a longer swipe
It’s good to use one hand to move
And the other hand to hit
It helps you if you double-click into the shot
And hit harder
So the ball comes slower back to you
A robot
The robot is quite hard
We really like the game
so make sure to download it for free
On Apple and Android
And try to beat our high scores!
Okay we are ready for some double decker ping pong
Let’s try it out!
Two balls at the same time
I can’t reach there!
Let’s try playing with an umbrella!
I don’t know what part to hit with
Maybe the top part
Yeah, this part is good
Too late!
Umbrella number two!
Only with the push of the button
I was expecting it to do like…
Starting to break?
Maybe? Maybe.
No around the net for Otto this time
It was fun as long as it lasted…
I still think you can use these
They didn’t really survive the playing
But don’t forget to hit subscribe
And watch our previous videos there
until next time

100 thoughts on “Weird Ping Pong”

  1. Last challenge episode of this year, more to come next year again! 🤗

    Here's a few tips to improve your high score on the Pongfinity Game:

    1) Use two hands to play –> One hand to move the character and one to hit the ball.

    2) Make longer swipes –> This gives you more power & easier shots from the opponent.

    3) Dash / Double click into the shots –> This gives you more power & easier shots from the opponent.

    Emil currently has the highest score with 346 shots, try to beat that 😉

    If you haven't already, download the game for free here!



  2. 2:33 – 2:43 What "ahh ahhh ahh"? ( Я из России пришел сюда чтобы услышать ах ах ах???) <== Translate it and comment

  3. Hi Emil, I have you a challenge, play ping pong with an egg but don't break it and let Otto not throw it away and love ping pong

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