What Board Games Did You Get for Christmas? (2019)

What Board Games Did You Get for Christmas? (2019)

(yawning) Ho ho ho! it’s Ryan from Nights
Around a Table.
Christmas is over!
Did you survive?
i survived.
Been surviving on these things.
After the 50th bonbon, you kind of lose your
taste for ’em.
Since it’s such a busy season, it’s hard to
make the meticulously edited board game video
that i usually do for you, so… my wife Cheryl
suggested i make a low-effort video (WHICH
THIS IS) and ask “Hey: what board games did
you get for Christmas?”
Or to my Jewish viewers, “Hey: What 8 board
games did you get for Hanukkah?”
Cuz’ they got the… menorah.
Four games.
Game number… would have been five, but i’ll
tell you about the fifth in a sec.
Game number one: Lorenzo… (i don’t even
know the name) Lorenzo il Magnifico, which
is about Lorenzo de’ Medici, a famous patron
of the arts in the Italian Renaissance.
Unfortunately it’s illustrated by the supremely
untalented Klemens Franz, who stinks, but
i think.. i heard the game was great, anyway.
i think all through playing it, i’ll just
do that the whole time, and then maybe the
game will be slightly more bearable.
i… i know nothing about the game, except
what people have told me.
My friend Jay says it’s fantastic, and you
gotta play.
i was supposed to play before Christmas.
Jay got sick.
Whatever! i got the game now, so who needs
Just kidding, Jay.
i love you.
Lorenzo il Magnifico game number one in “Hey:
what board games did you get for Christmas?”
Or to my viewers who celebrate Kwanzaa, “Hey:”
… i don’t really know anything about Kwanzaa.
Game number two!
Most of these games came from Cheryl, by the
way – my wife, Cheryl.
i showed her Paula Deming’s video that she
put out just before Christmas, where her character’s
opening up boxes and hoping and praying that
they’re board games, and she gets so excited
when every present that she opens towards
the end is a board game, so that was kind
of like…
BIG FLASHING HINT that uh… i like board
But this one is not from Cheryl.
This one is Cities & Knights of Catan, correctly
pronounced “Catahn,” but i was a c-section
So i actually requested this one from the
Catan people because, as you may know, i did
a how to play Catan video which got a lot
of traction, and people seem to enjoy it,
and it seemed to help them play the game.
And then a couple people were saying “Well
you should do one on Cities & Knights, because
gosh – that’s a complicated game!
It’s probably the most complicated board game
out there!” i thought “Oh, bless your sweet
But i remember thinking that when i got this
i will gladly do how to play version, and
i thank the Catan people very kindly for sending
that to me before Christmas.
On my naughty list: Stronghold Games.
i backed Terraforming Mars: Turmoil, and all
the widgets and doodads, back in January or
February, and they fulfilled the Kickstarter
orders for the entire planet except my country
in Canada, so that would be like Santa Claus
visiting every single house except for the
most deserving boy in the world.
Pretty raw deal, Santa / Stronghold Games.
So i’m holding you accountable in this video.
Sucks that that did not come here Christmas.
But… what’ll i do?
i’ll just play the games that i’m drowning
in until that arrives.
Game number 3… (i can’t remember what we’re
on now) This is Scythe: The Rise of Fenris.
Scythe: decent game.
Not my favourite game, but i really appreciate
all the effort and the love and the care and
the artistry that went into it.
As you know, i like well-produced games, i
like pretty games.
Scythe is both of those.
And it also happens to be an extremely collectible
game, and i’m the kind of guy who likes to
collect things!
So Scythe had a bunch of Kickstarters.
i missed them all, so there’s all kinds of
little Kickstarter promo packs and upgrades
and things that you can buy from Meeple Source
and all sorts of different people, so i went
collecting, and i’ve got a few of the Kickstarter
promo packs and i’ve got the metal coins now
and i’ve got a couple of the extra cards,
and the completely useless combat dials which
came in a pack… anyway! i don’t feel like
i deserve this yet or need this yet, because
i still don’t have the Scythe modular board,
and i still don’t have The Wind Gambit, which
was the second expansion they came out with.
This is the third expansion they came out
with, which turns the game into a campaign,
so you can play Scythe across sessions, and
the story builds and builds and builds, and
you play, like, a season of Scythe, which
sounded pretty interesting to me.
It’s not a legacy game.
i think the difference – we were talking about
it in the Discord (there’s a Discord invite
link if you want to come and have these arguments
with us) – about what constitutes a legacy
game and what is a campaign game, and i think
what we arrived at was a legacy game involves
some sort of permanent change to the game.
You’re earning stuff, you’re scratching things
out with with markers, you’re… throwing
components into the ocean.
This doesn’t have any of that.
Nothing gets destroyed, everything’s intact
when you’re done, so it’s a campaign game.
Enough of Scythe.
Next: the final… the final game, and it’s
a doozy.
People who are looking at the complexity level
of Cities & Knights of Catan, pay attention.
The final game that i got for Christmas 2019:
Food Chain Magnate.
You say “What the heck is that?”
Maybe you’ve heard of this, maybe you haven’t?
If you sort of run in board game circles,
of course you’ve heard of this.
If you don’t, you don’t, so you think “Oh,
what’s… what’s Food Chain Magnate all about?
i think i’ll turn the box around and… bleah!
Oh my God!”
This is kinda like… you know, if you have
to ask, you can’t afford it.
That’s… that’s the kind of idea.
If you if you have to ask what this is, it’s
not for you.
This is by a company called Splotter, a European
company that makes a very very heavy strategy
games, and they’re known for it.
They had trouble selling their games through
to toy and game stores for normies.
Nobody really wanted to buy them.
But there is a hardcore fanbase that likes
their games complicated and heavy and long
and drawn-out, and lots of interesting decisions,
not a whole lot of luck… they even advertise,
you see, on the front: “100% dice-free!”
So they’re – you know – there’s a… there’s
a group of board gamers, i think i’ve mentioned
to you, that really don’t like luck in their
games, and Splotter’s all about that.
They’re all about heavy strategy and tactics,
Food Chain Magnate, you play the owner of
a food chain, and you are filling orders and
putting up billboards and advertising and
adjusting the rates of pay for your fast-food
employees and trying to corner the market
on things and trying to edge out your competition
in the neighborhood so that they don’t make
burgers like you make burgers.
Super fun!
Sounds great.
i don’t know if i will ever find somebody
to play with me, and the components… i mean,
to go from Scythe to this, it’s night and
The… the components here are very very spare
– sparely designed.
They’re kind of drab you might say, compared
to something like Scythe.
But hey!
You know, it’s… its life.
You have to dabble in a bunch of different
things, and you got to expand your horizons.
So i’m very excited to play.
This’ll be my first Splotter game i’ve owned,
first Splotter game i’ve ever played, and
i’m excited to crack it open tell you all
about it!
But i would like to know from you: if you
did celebrate Christmas, and you did receive
some gifts, and some of those gifts were shaped
like boxes, and when you opened them, there
were board games inside…
What board games did you get for Christmas?
Leave me a comment in the fields below, from
wherever you’re watching this video, and we’ll
And if you want to talk in real time, come
on the Discord server and we’ll talk in there!
Merry Christmas everybody, have a happy new
year, and i’m looking forward to another fantastic
year with all of you!
Did you just watch that whole thing?
Oh – hey!
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19 thoughts on “What Board Games Did You Get for Christmas? (2019)”

  1. Board Games from the holiday season (between gifts and purchases made with gift money):
    Food Chain Magnate
    Puerto Rico
    Resistance Avalon
    Just One
    Architects of the West Kingdom
    Oh My Goods
    Res Arcana
    Azul Summer Pavilion
    The Estates
    Brass: Lancashire
    War of the Ring
    Tuscany Expansion for Viticulture
    Gathering Storm Expansion for Race for the Galaxy

  2. I got Welcome To for Christmas. My sister in law got us Llamas Unhinged which I know nothing about 🤷🏻‍♀️. And if you want to count me using Kickstarter as buying myself games for Christmas, I also got Atlantis Rising, Roland Wright, and Enchanters. Oh and I used some Christmas money to buy myself the new version of Castles of Burgundy

  3. Happy holidays season!
    I enjoy your channel.
    For Christmas I got
    Dixit: Odessey
    Dixit: Memories
    Dixit: Harmonies
    Wingspan: European Expansion
    Betrayal at House on the Hill
    Everdell Bellfaire Expansion (pending for release)
    Everdell Spirecrest Expansion (pending for release)
    The Networks: More Executives Expansion

  4. Food Chain Magnate is great! I think the rules are actually pretty simple, there's just a lot you can do, so playing well is pretty hard.

    For Christmas, I got Concordia(!) and Shards of Infinity. I also bought myself Klask…

    Oh, and I received Fortnite Monopoly from the in-laws xD Sigh

  5. Nice set of games…I'll think I'll pass on good chain magnate…
    I got
    The voyages of Marco Polo
    Arboretum…nasty stressful card game
    Bob Ross the art of chill
    And my first review copy of a game…bag of dungeon…a portable dungeon crawler..
    Loved your Marco Polo vid… Will definitely help.
    Cheers. Great vid….😁👍

  6. I don't get one
    I give away 😎 Everdell and Tiny Epic Games.
    I played Grimm Forrest a several times.
    Futher on i wright the rules for a game i create and designed myself.

  7. Lots of board games for me this year.
    Tiny Town
    Castles of Burgundy
    War Chest
    Rivals For Catan
    King of Tokyo: Power Up!

  8. This year for Christmas I got Barenpark, Isle of Skye plus the Journeyman expansion, Castles of Burgundy 20th Anniversary and the Lorenzo Il Magnifico expansion. Lorenzo is uglier than homemade sin but the gameplay is fantastic! Sorry I slept on that one for so long. Happy Holidays Ryan!

  9. Wingspan and Vegas Dice Game! Played both already, both are great for different groups of friends. Vegas Dice is fun for non board gamers. I guess it's just a game, not technically a board game, but still cool. Wingspan is a fun engine builder, good as both solo and multilayer.

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