What is Over/Under – Totals Betting.

What is Over/Under – Totals Betting.

Hi my name is Glen and I am the Odds Coach.
Today we’re gonna be talking about
over/under betting, or what is more
correctly called totals betting.
Over under betting, or totals as it’s
more commonly called, just involves the
addition of the total score of a game to
come up with a total number of points the
sportsbook predicts the
total number of of both teams scores
will be. You place a wager that they
are either going to go over that number
or under that number.
it’s really straightforward. Let’s
just work through an example
to make it clear.
Here we have a Houston and Dallas in the
The total here is 212.5. Now
that half point means that there’s going to
be a winner, one way or the other. There is
no half point in basketball so essentially
this games either going to go over this
total or under this total. The odds
offered on this there will generally be one odd
for both sides.
Essentially – 110, the 50-50 proposition
for this particular sportsbook, is the most
common odd that you’re going to run into.
That really just means that a bet of
a hundred dollars when you around $92.
In this particular game the outcome was
actually 100- 111
What we do is we
add the total score together
gives us 211 points. We realized 211
points is under 212.5.
The under wins in this case, by one
and a half points.
Anything under anything 212 and under
is a under winner. Anything
213 and above is a winner for the over.
The over/under is a very interesting
type of bet. A pretty common one because
you can be wrong on who’s going to win
the game and still win your over/under
bet providing you have a better feeling
for how many points are going to be
scored then the sports book does.
There’s some very interesting human
psychology driving over under bedding
Typically we like to take overs and it
makes sense from a psychological
standpoint because there are an infinite
number of outcomes that lead to an over
score. You can have hundreds of
points above the over. There
is just more options versus the
under,where there’s only 212 options for
that outcome. The sportsbooks knows
that humans lean this way and are more
likely to bet the overs.
They adjust the total to try to
balance at the money on one side or the
other. Always be aware of that when
you’re placing an over-under bet. Over
unders can be seen in most sports but are most common in NFL and NBA. The the
higher scoring sports.
They’re a little bit different in
and hockey and I’ll address those in
another video. Essentially over
under is adding the points scored together to see whether or not your prediction is
above or below the sportsbooks
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  1. Best way to bet over/under on the underdog. You have two ways to win…..the underdog wins straight out……and/or the underdog bet will win because you bet under/over the total points of the game. Your odds are better betting on under/over on the underdog.

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