100 thoughts on “What is Smurfing? The Weird Story Behind Online Gaming’s Secret Accounts”

  1. In overwatch the thing that I don't like about smurfs is that in order to stay at the lower ranks they switch between dominating and losing on purpose. How else does a skilled player stay at a low rank? A lot of the time when someone on my team is throwing the game I just assume its a smurf trying to stay in silver.

  2. Smurfing to avoid fair matchmaking is basically griefing. I got Rainbow six siege for cheap and barely even played the game before quitting. One of my younger brothers who is in his early teens wanted my account to "smurf" which I declined. I took the opportunity to teach him that it's shitty to ruin the games of less experienced players. It's basically like going to a cinema and shouting over the movie others are trying to watch.

  3. Smurfing is why I can't get into LoL, it's pathetic how many smurfs play that game. 90% is smurf in lower ranks

  4. 4:45 And this is why fighting games are going down hill. They sell competition as in easier mechanics and take out aspects that only pros were able to achieve with dedication. Also removing fan favorite characters that may need more execution and thought than others.

  5. The best thing that has ever happened was I was in a derank lobby of mgs at silver level and we ran into a group of other appro. mg ranked players. We all began to try our hardest and had a 5v5 mg match at silver 3, I wish I had recorded it I had so much fun.

  6. So I'm a year late
    I despise players who smurf for their own satisfaction
    There are games where I do smurf but I don't intentionally play at my highest. Almost always I'll play at lower ranks to help a friend or teach, or just geberally give tips and advice to lower ranked players to help enjoy their game and get better.

    I do not like curbstomping new players due to it being so unenjoyable for both parties.

  7. Smurfs are a pain in the ass lmao my advice for anyone playing games with ranked matches n stuff is to just keep grinding in ranked even if you suck because when you eventually level up out of a certain rank you won’t really have to deal with smurfs at low levels anymore.

  8. I onky have one dota 2 account and i had no one to teach me the game so i learned by myself and started playing techies so my mmr dropped to 400 plus mmr. Now in my skill level its probably around 1k but since my mmr is low and my main is techies i just feel like a smurf around other people when i solo queue (my party is 1.2k since i never practiced with friends and only played seriously)

  9. Being the superior smurf in a game where the enemy has a smurf aswell is the best feeling there is. Teaches that kid to smurf in low elo games… wait

  10. when grown men beat up 12 year children and take pride in it… in games of course… xb
    its pretty pathetic tbh.. personally i only like playing against people of my own skill level or higher…
    any thing far less.. i myself start playing causal and get off of tryhard mode.. lol

    im all for "smurfing" to play with friends or cause there is a lack of people cause they avoid u when they see ur name due to being op/broken/god like… though in the latter case as i mention above.. i dont go sweat mode playing against people playing for just pure fun..

    i was ranked 6th in pvp in a mmo im not going name… so dont ask… butt i had this issue… i found myself only playing against the top 12 ranked players over and over and over again… everyone else just left the game as soon as they saw our names in the lobby.. which often meant matching making took a LONG time to even start cause u needed 10 players (5 each team) for the match to even begin.. xb it could be anywere from 20mins to 1hr.. sometimes i could be on the game for 10hrs and not even get one pvp match going…
    i was so good at this game it took 6months of me being inactive to be knocked from rank 6 to rank 9…

    butt i didnt smurf myself.. i do not get enjoyment beating up players that were no where close to my level..

  11. This video reminds me of something for parents that they would watch to try and be hip with the kids and talk about.

  12. Smurf is old news. Today, players claim hacking, etc.

    Remember the Korean girls was called out then she had to prove it? People today…

  13. Smurfing is always bad because it manipulates matchmaking in your favor. You are intentionally matching yourself with lower ranked players. This is bad because it means that your game is no longer competitive. Usually, the two main conditions are that players are being matched according to skill level and the rankings accurately reflect those skill levels. When your game fails at either one, it can no longer be competitive. This is exactly what happened with League of Legends's Dynamic Queue a few years ago. Even today, the game never truly recovered from it. Overwatch suffers from a similar problem and why rankings are considered to be a joke by a lot of the community.

    There is a place for people to test out things and that's in custom games. The rest of the community should not have to suffer because of it. If smurfing isn't addressed, the game will continue to take a hit in its competitive ladders until no one takes it seriously any more.

  14. Confession. I smurf alot…. But only when I'm tilted and I. Use a character that I'm not used to.

  15. Never could I have ever guessed that in my lifetime id watch spider man get his ass beat by smurfs

  16. For me Smurf’s just destroy all the fun about online gaming.
    Smurfs suck, they are trolls and they suck..
    They just ruin the fun for everybody..

  17. As long as the matchmaking is effective, smurfs wont be a problem since ift hey stomp games they get to high ranks quickly

  18. Smurfing is cowardly as fuck. Or at least, when you can't bear the actual struggle on your main account anymore, and putting in an actual day's play to get rewards just isn't cutting it, and you have to dive down to new and weaker players to laugh at people who just can't compare, that's weak. Especially for the people who then proceed to flame about their teammates being at the same shitty MMR as all of the opponents.

  19. Yea, I smurf sometimes too with cheats, it's pretty fun

  20. I love to smurf lmao, i often incounter other smurf players but the problem here is that how strong or professional is thay smurfing person?

    So i always crush cocky weak smurfers lmao.

  21. I honestly went into this video hoping to learn the origin of the term "smurfing" and what it means to the smurfs

  22. You know if you really think about it the days before video recording and streaming etc are like the ancient days before writing where they had to orally transfer stories throughout time. What if we're the 'ancient times' of computers and technology? The very first breath of computer life able to be shared between individuals through snippets of video and audio.

    I'm sorry. I'm high, on life. SAY NO TO DRUGS KIDS

  23. I think its fine.. there's no harm.. just think that if you kill that smurf you're getting better on the game..

  24. 'i'm helping you get better'
    'just get good'
    'why do you want to have fun? you should record this game and watch it back for mistakes. i'm smurfing for your own good'

  25. The only way I can justify smurfing is to do it for a certain challenge (like 1v5 or no items, etc) or to rank up on another account. If you're doing it to permanently play against low-ranked players to fuel some kind of superiority complex then I can't stand you.

  26. I'll admit to smurfing, thing is Im atleast humble about it but the entire low ELO for league is made up of mainly diamond,plat,gold Smurfs who flame new players and it pisses me off entirely,I feel bad for anyone who starts league this year , what I also hate is when the Smurfs feels like their the shit and starts boasting about how good they are after killing noobs repeatedly and carrying the game

  27. In csgo its fucked up basically nova 3 to master guardian 2 are all the same skill level. Fall 1 rank below that its a shitstorm.

  28. I have been "smurfing" for years, and I never knew that it actually was had a name for it. Here is an example, I really like Battlefield and often don't have time to play for a month or so, I care alot about my stats, so I want to have a few games to get back into the game and for that I want to use an second account. Another reason I do this, is when I want to play laid back and just try out funky weapons and not care about playing good, that's when I use the second account. I don't think this is cheating or even a bad thing to do.

  29. Blunt statement: If you smurf regularly, you're kind of an asshole.

    You can have your reasons, and they don't have to necessarily have to be malicious in origin, but if you're a very high ranked or skilled and experienced player regularly entering matches full of low skill/low ranked players on purpose, it does make you kind of a dick.

  30. I played on my normal account in league and i tried playing with noobie friends ( IM SILVER SO THEY ARE REALLY BAD) as an adc with my friend im going 1v2 , and i think that my supp friend helps me….well he dont, cuz he has 1000! Gold! And 50% hp omg he is low af so he recalls and meanwhile i scream for help XDDDDDD. Second game with another bad friend i play kassadin mid. I told him to go top but he says that he must helps me and be on my lane so he will not int ( veigar with glacial augment but when i explained what runes are veigars normally using he used them so i wasnt so dumb XD ) i completely stomp enemy team ( 50/2 lol) and….it was pretty funny 😀 but when i play with players what are worse than me…it dont makes me happy cuz they do mistakes..a lot of mistakes that i can see as a silver player xd

  31. So I'm terrible at league and my brother created an account and he was like "can you get me some champs I want to play?" so me being a good sister I decided to grind for some blue essence, and playing with those people stomping them with support champs going 20/1 for the first time in my life I said "is this considered smurfing?"

  32. Just because you are level 24, doesn't mean you will get nothing but lvl 24's in your game, in theory the system does it's BEST to match similar statistics on players. When those aren't met and they never are, it'll auto match the rest, You may be lvl zero first time ever playing, that doesn't mean you will get VS all level zero that are brand new…

    And again you're only thinking about YOURSELF and WINNING and doing overly good or want to quit…

    EVEN if you DID get all matched to your level/rank/stats and you lose hard you'll find SOMETHING to fucking cry about…

    League= Level 12 "Im new" and say for example another level 12 was GROUPED with their friend level 234 Gold top player. try hard. You'd WISH he would of Smurfed then because it favors YOU. (In theory)

    War thunder, tank all vehicles battle rating 1.8 you're STILL match maked and Versus higher level opponents You're fucked always going against higher level players no matter what.

    Apex Legends literally just released rank, so literally NO ONE has rank point so the elite high godly try hard players are the same rank as you still infinity better and you stand no chance. Until they rape you enough to rank out, and that rank shifts and youll see those players again.

  33. Dota 2 is ruined. I just uninstalled. About 50% of the games are won by a single player (smurf). Only online where there is anonymity could smurfing take place. Its the product of amoral kids with no honor. In REAL sports you couldn't sign up for a golf tournament with a fake name and fake handicap. You would be called out. But when your anonymous and there are no social norms……people sink to their lowest acceptable morality.

  34. I love when people call me a smurfer in paladins. Lol I dont smurf I just come from overwatch so it was a easy transition so it's easy for me to dominate… so everytime someone says "reported for smurfing" I laugh and say thank you for the complement but I dont smurf. Same when people say "aimbotter" I dont aimbot so the fact that my aim is good enough that they think I do??? Massive compliment.

  35. I always thought it was called "smurf" because there size is misleading, just how someone's rank can be missleading in games

  36. As a person who is trying to learn the game to have to suddenly be placed against people who are higher lvl than you and is really good at the game, it sucks. Rito's matchmaking system sucks so bad that I'm playing against people that are lvl 100 and higher, while I'm only lvl 32. I complain about it and people call me names or just talk shit. I dont mind the higher lvl players that actually are nice and helpful.

    Having to deal with toxic teammates and smurfs while trying to just have fun is just discouraging. That's why I can only play 2 or 3 games of LOL or OW, I rather play Warframe since at least the higher lvl players are actually nice and helpful.

  37. In ml there are time when i sorta can't get back to my main account till my new account reach level 8 or something. So it kinda feel bad since i don't have any intention to smurf whenever i uninstall and install ml again for nostalgia. Thankfully i still have a really low rank of master so a real smurf player can stomp me easily, real newbie on the other hand…
    In case you don't play ml here is the rank progression
    Warrior — Elite — Master — Grandmaster — Epic — Legend — Mythic

  38. I hate smurf accounts, they’re all so goddamn annoying to go up against, tbh, to me it brings a bad influence on some games, people make these stupid ass accounts because on their main accounts they can’t find anyone to sweat their asses off with so they make another account and queue into lobbies with possible new players, it honestly ruins some games

  39. I ask as someone who's more casually into gaming ,and I play video games few times a month because I have a life ,and I have to ask why is this allowed? It has ruined certain games for me.

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