What Makes Gambling So Addicting?

What Makes Gambling So Addicting?

Got a gambling problem? It’s not you, it’s
your relatives!
Hey folks, Laci Green here for DNews. You’re
probably already well aware that gambling
can be addictive. What’s a fun night on the
town for most people can be a toxic breeding
ground for impulsive behavior in about 2-4%
of the population. Gambling addiction works
just like other types of addiction: the person
becomes obsessed and they can’t control themselves,
it’s the ultimate high. They’ll continue to
pursue the high — even as they’re running
into financial problems and tearing their
family apart. Some may even break the law
or steal in order to recover their losses.
Even though problem gambling is commonly seen
as a personal failing by the mainstream, scientists
have found that there is real biology behind
the behavior. For many years, scientists thought
that gambling was a matter of impulse control
— I mean, claiming that gambling was like
alcoholism was pretty controversial in the
70s and 80s. But last year, psychiatrists
moved problem gambling to the addictions chapter
of the DSM, reflecting our developed understanding
of addiction in the brain.
This week, scientists have added more to the
growing body of researching about gambling
— and they’ve found some pretty important
stuff. Awhile ago on DNews we talked about
how smoking is contagious, then pregnancy,
and now gambling. In a new study published
in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, scientists
have found that having a relative with a gambling
problem puts you at EIGHT TIMES the risk of
developing one as well. Amongst those with
gambling problems, 11% of their relatives
also had pathological issues — compare that
to the non-addicted population where only
1% of their relatives have gambling problems.
But here’s the real kicker: amongst the RELATIVES
of those with a gambling problem, the scientists
also found a much higher prevalence of behavioral
disorders: like antisocial personality disorder,
and social anxiety. And, those disorders in
the relatives didn’t necessarily overlap with
pathological gambling itself. There were some
overlaps though with MOOD disorders: in the
pathological gamblers, rates of bipolar disorder,
major depression, and substance abuse were
much more common.
What this suggests is that problem gambling
and some psychiatric disorders may have some
kind of shared genetic cause, which could
hold the key to effective treatments and help
us better understand psychiatric disorders.
But scientists aren’t quite sure what genes
are at play……….yet.
Thanks for watching DNews everyone! We’ll
be back soon with more science updates.

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  1. If I grew up with relatives who had gambling and drug problems I'd probably be more susceptible too. I suspect it's more of a case of environmental influence than genetic influence. A real scientific test would remove the environmental factors and focus only on subjects who are genetically related but live in different environments, like possibly adopted children.

  2. I love gambling in Fallout New Vegas. Holy shit I once somehow won 10,000 caps at the Tops, and I couldn't stop. I then doubled that, lost it all buying stuff the the Gun Runners Arsenal and .50 BMG rounds for hunting Deathclaws. 😀

  3. Not my first language but isn't "Addictive" a more common use of the word in that context than "Addicting"?

  4. Check out "Addiction and Brain Development with Dr Gabor Mate" lecture.  Amazing.  What people are more susceptible addictive behaviors?  People who have been severely abused as kids.  The environment we grow up in (even before we are born) can turn on and off our genes. 

  5. Stop making excuses for failure humans. We all have our problems and deal with it.
    If these people can't lock them up or hang them at least.
    Oh and you're still ugly!

  6. Maybe I'm just crazy, I don't have a degree in this field, but biologically humans with easier stimulated dopamine glands are the ones more susceptible to addiction. So drugs, habits, whatever makes you feel good, isn't it all down to how good you can feel and how easily? In the end will power still conquers addiction, just depends on if you're facing at a mountain or a hill

  7. i really don't understand what it is or why i feel this way but for some reason i just cant stand watching a dnews with lacy :/

  8. If people are willing to accept that any other organ in the human body can become diseased or function improperly, why is it so hard to accept that the brain (another organ) can also be affected in the same way?

  9. These are the types of people that are APP to being addicted. These disorders dose not mean this is what is wrong with everyone that has a gambling addiction problem. The main key factor in gambling addiction is the feeling of winning and once you get that rush and you win you want to chase that dream of winning. 

    My wife has some of these disorders that I will not go in and she has won the lottery and still yet dose not have a gambling addiction. After winning 50<000$ from TN Lottery with a 2$ ticket and having depression and bipolar disorder among others. I do not think that this opinion is true. Yes her whole family gene pool has a wide variety of disorders covering all she mentioned. So if anyone should be addicted for these reasons I would say it would be her and she has addiction tendencies. 

  10. I feel like living under a crappy economic situation cause a person to develop gambling addiction, because, hey, sometime you got to do anything just to survive in this shitty economic system or society we live in.

  11.    goddamn  Laci Green stirs these feelings within you of simultaneously wanting to kick her in the head & fuck her

  12. The video did not cover the question in the title "What Makes Gambling So Addicting?"
    The video was about gambling, and why some people are more susceptible to addiction with some statistics thrown in, but she did not addres the question "what makes gambling so addicting."

  13. My grandfather grew up in the Philippines during WW2. He witnessed his baby brother killed by the spear and was overexposed to movies of all kinds as a boy. Years later, he played $100 a week on lottery, my uncles spend $10 a week on lottery, my dad almost got addicted to casino gambling, and myself I am obsessed with the math of gambling and still play lottery to hopefully retire early and free my family from the rat race. What can I say? The danger of gambling addiction is in the family.

  14. A small point.  It says in the video description that gambling is as addictive as recreational drugs.  Drugs are not recreational if you are an addict.  You use them because you don't know how to stop.  Just saying…

  15. Fucking bitch.
    She's the last person I want to see. Helping and counselling people.
    Fuck off, +Laci Green.
    You're no help.

  16. I've add plus my dad is addicted to this so its good im not living that close to a casino went a couple of times 2x i've started with winning once i've over 300 in less then 10 min but at the end i still lost it went inpulsive all in at roulette -_- im such a idiot sometimes

  17. If Gambling is your hobby, which is considered your Prerogative to have as a hobby. It must be remembered if you Gamble as a family man, you must consider your family income and not Gamble without discussing with your partner how much per week is acceptable, based on the family budget, which would be detrimental to a family unit, if Gambling more than you can afford to lose, which would identify you to be a compulsive gambler and in need of medical assistant by a psychiatrist.

    Personally, my Gambling is based on being a senior citizen on a low income, so my established betting bank is £100, which allows me to wager £12, per day and when my betting bank exceeds £100, it is considered tax free profit because I just transfer only funds to maintain my £100, betting Bank.

    Every person who gambles should be creditworthy, based on their income either as a family or individual, which would ensure people who gambled did not damage society by taking funds from the family budget they cannot afford.

    Furthermore, if funds are stolen to gamble, they should be sent immediately to prison for medical staff, to identify their illness, which could then be presented for further action for court psychiatrists to consider.

  18. Maybe you’re just bored sitting at home watching the same old horrifying news. Opting to find the gaping holes in your retirement plan…

  19. Happens to a lot of retired persons. They’re more interested in discovering who fucked their stock purchases than who won the Oscar’s.

  20. In less than one minute I pause this video for a message about retired persons, serotonin and why it’s important you not walk through life in a bubble

  21. SEE THE SIGNS THAT STATE HELP FOR ADDICTIONS? No? Then you may have a block in your brain. Go sit in the buffet or restaurant of your choice to ponder that prior to sitting at your favorite slot machine

  22. A well fed and rested brain gives the ‘eye’ an advantage. Calms stress levels that affect your serotonin levels.

  23. Your brain didn’t forget. You were just way too busy working, it slipped your memory to pause, view the options available to you

  24. Life has quirks, forks in the road, twists, turns, spins. Helping to identify those discrepancies allows you more freedom not less.

  25. Shifting the blame on relatives rather than taking responsibility for this action is so fkd up. This is not what people with gambling problems need to hear. No doubt this video is one the most pathetic videos I've ever seen.Nobody makes gamblers do what they do. My dead Grandparents didn't come back from the dead n made me lose money at the casino. I was responsible for this very poor decision.. So is every person who makes this choice out of a free will.fk genetics. total b.s.My regret of the day is viewing this video. Assholes

  26. jum, what? wait, .. .when riley reid gain weight and change her color hair's ? anyway, .werever you do, you got my total support in everything you decided to do , riley…

  27. The gamblers need a reality check.
    They need to stop by themselves.
    Nothing to do with relatives.
    Gamblers need to take heed and seek help and STOP

  28. I think of the many times I won a nice pile of money and lost it all the same night..all the shit I've done to screw up my life

  29. My family is at least 3 generations addicted gambling. My grandfather blew $100 a week on lotto, my father almost lost control in Atlantic City, and I had to redirect my gambling obsession into blackjack card counting advantage play. My brother has a higher potential for controlled dice throwing and reading people in poker since those are soft skills and hands on.

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