What Most Schools Don’t Teach

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…
because it teachers you how to think.”
>>Bill: created Microsoft
I was 13 when I first got access to a computer.
>>Jack: created Twitter
My parents bought me a Macintosh in 1984
when I was eight years old.
I was in sixth grade
I learned to code in college.
>>Ruchi: First female engineer at Facebook.
Freshman year first semester, Intro to Computer Science.
I wrote a program that played Tic-tac-toe.
>>Drew: Created Dropbox
I think it was pretty humble beginnings.
I think the first program I wrote asked
things like, What’s your favorite color? Or, How old are you?
>>Elena: Created Clothia.com
I first learned how make a green circle
and a red square appear on the screen.
>>Gabe: Created Valve
The first time I actually had something come up
and say “Hello World”, and I made a computer do that,
it was just astonishing.
>>Mark: Created Facebook
Learning how to program didn’t start off as wanting to learn
all of Computer Science
or trying to master this discipline or
anything like that.
it just started off because I wanted to do
this one simple thing.
I want to make something that was fun for myself and and my sisters.
I wrote this little program
then basically just add a little bit to it.
Then when I needed to learn something new
I looked it up either in a book or on the Internet
and then added a little bit to it.
It’s really not unlike kind of playing an instrument or something
or playing a sport.
It starts out being very intimidating,
but you kind of get the hang of it over time.
>>Chris: NBA All-Star, Coded in College
Coding is something that can be learned and…
I know it can be intimidating…
a lot of things are intimidating, but…
you know, what isn’t?
>>Makinde: Early Facebook engineer
A lot of the coding that people do is actually fairly simple.
It’s more about the process of breaking down problems
than coming up with
complicated algorithms as people traditionally think about it.
>>Vanessa: Created Girl Develop IT
You don’t have to be a genius to know how to code.
You need to be determined.
Addition, subtraction…that’s about about it.
>>Tony: CEO @ Zappos
You should probably know your multiplication tables.
>>Bronwen: Technical artist at Valve
You don’t have to be a genius to code.
Do you have to be a genius to read?
Even if you want to become a race car driver or play baseball
or… you know
build a house… all of these things
have been turned upside down by software.
What is it, is you know, computers are everywhere.
You want to work in agriculture?
Do you want to work in entertainment?
Do you want to work in manufacturing?
It’s just all over.
Here we are, 2013
>>Will.I.Am: Created The Black Eyed Peas, Now taking coding classes
We all depend on technology to communicate, to bank…
and none of us know how to read and write code.
When I was in school I was in the this
after school group called the Whiz Kids
and when people found out they laughed at me
and you know, all these things and I’m like
“Man I don’t care! I think it’s cool and I’m learning a lot and
some of my friends have jobs!”
Our policy is literally to hire as many talented engineers as we can find.
The whole limit in the system is that
there just aren’t enough people who are
trained and have these skills today.
To get the very best people we try to make the office
as awesome as possible.
We have a fantastic chef.
free food
breakfast, lunch and dinner.
free laundry
even places to play
video games and scooters
there’s always kinds of interesting things
around the office where people can play, or relax,
or go to think, or play music or be creative.
>>HADI: Created Code.Org
Whether you’re trying to make a lot of money
or whether you just want to change the world,
Computer programming is an incredibly empowering skill to learn.
I think if someone had told me that
software is really about humanity, that it’s really about helping people
by using computer technology
it would have changed my outlook a lot earlier.
To be able to actually come up with an idea and then see it in your hands and then be able to press a button
and have it be in millions of people hands, I mean, I think we’re the first
generation in the world that’s really ever had that kind of experience.
Just to think that you can start something in your college dorm room and you can have a set of people
who haven’t built a big company before come together and build something that
a billion people use as part of their daily lives…
It’s crazy to think about, right? It’s really, it’s humbling and it’s amazing.
The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future.
You know, you’re going look like you have magic powers
compared to everybody else.
It’s amazing. It’s, it’s the closest thing we have to a super power.
Great coders are today’s Rock Stars. That’s it!
1 million of the best jobs in America may go unfilled…
…because only 1 in 4 schools teach students how to code.
Whether you want to be a doctor or a rockstar,
ask about a coding class at your school
or learn online at Code.org
Share this film and visit Code.org.

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  1. a lot of people like myself dont want to be surrounded by computers our entire lives, so no i dont agree. learn physics

  2. Be practical, Have patience, Get ready to face failures, Seek help, Learn, Be Logical, gain experience && repeat. I guess this things can help new comers in Programming.

  3. I'm ten years old, and I taught myself to code when I was eight. I love programming! I code in C++, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Batch, Python (well not anymore because it crashes my computer), and more!

  4. Hi there, I'm sorry it's late I'm commenting this, but I've got a big problem, my family are not in my support as a programmer… I'm depressed
    Pls I'm gonna need a motivational video on this… In fact, my dad said he hates it… They always get one kind of bad feeling when I'm working on computer

  5. I want to learn programing,codeing.I want to learn cs.But my school do not want to teach that…..I live in a place where no one for suggestion in this field….But you tube give me the chance ……don't know what to do….😢😢😢😢

  6. Can you tell me one universal programming language for following 3:
    1. Apps and games
    2. Web development
    3. Back end data processing
    4. And if possible linking all three of above

  7. I dont like this video because "Not everyone should code" by polymatter and also that shitty cover of dance yrself clean

  8. It took me five years to understand the song at 3:15 is a remix of Dance Yrself Clean from LCD Soundsystem ! Someone know whos this remix from?!

  9. Imagine Samaritans hotline run by VR machines!! …. lol
    … but yea! what a moment in my teenage years '85 – my first coding prog using hex machine code on Oric-1 … awesome moment 4 sure.

  10. You guys suck so much that make me want to die, you take others' tragedy and make a pseudo-bussiness out of it and be so proud of your fucking rich American schools which have the highest shooting percentage in the world.Seriously?What can you guys teach us?Who put these psycopaths in charge?Go fuck yourselves or we will burn all of you, all of you.

  11. OMG! I am very happy to discover you right here on the internet by chance. It was everything I needed and wanted, someone to teach real programming : D

  12. Being a university alum and former educator, I realize that our colleges & universities here in the U.S., do an extremely poor job at preparing students for real world practices and situations in the areas of information systems and technology. A misguided perception is that the main area of focus should be placed on THEORETICAL knowledge, while hands-on knowledge (which is just about non-existent), along with the purchases/incorporation of outdated equipment become the agendas of each and every day. Colleges and universities charge lovely dollars for attendance and so there should be no excuse for this. Some of these colleges and universities say that they occasionally meet with companies/corporations/LLCs to discuss the skills necessary to actually land a job with these institutions. Man, I'd like to be a "fly-on-the-wall" for a few of these meetings, for as far as I can see, the grade for these so-called higher-learning institution interactions, should be one big fat "F."

  13. プログラミング半端ないって

  14. Code.org without internet connection offline version of code.org

  15. I found a way to complete the challenge in the angry birds thing
    Here :

    for (var count = 0; count2 <2; count++) {
    for (var count2 = 0; count3 <2; count3+++) {
    for (var count3 = 0; count3 <2; count3++) {


    When run
    Move forward
    Repeat 2 times to move forward
    Turn right
    Repeat 3 times to move forward
    Turn left
    Repeat 2 times to move forward

    This is off topic but ya…

  16. Hmmm hey peoples this is an option for a pathway in school and I’ve been debating between coding and media arts. Which should I pick?

  17. my teacher told me to watch this and when Gaben showed up on the screen I bought 5000 keys & cases in csgo for lord Gaben

  18. wait so bill gates got a computer at the age of 13 ?
    i started using a computer at the age of 5
    i live in china
    i started coding at the age of 12
    i love coding'
    i might be the next bill gate

    lol 🙂

  19. I've been practicing my Python. Holy fuck man it seems like everything useful I've ever learned to do or Skill that is useful I learned on my own in my own time. the public education system spends millions on Sports and yet it can't even muster the time or the resources to teach kids how to Write code. If even one in a hundred of those kids became professional athletes it still wouldn't be worth the misallocated resources in the public education system. Maybe if we weren't throwing so much away on Footballs soccer balls basketballs jerseys stadiums nets etc we could actually have a decent computer science department in many of these schools and not be running PCS that are ten years out of date.

  20. I disagree it may not be hard to code basic things but advanced coding takes a little more skill then making a chicken cross the road.

  21. how is computer science making life better for humanity???give examples and computer games don''t count!!!

  22. Eu sou professora de informática, e enquanto assisti esse vídeo, foi impossível não chorar. Meu sonho sempre foi me formar na área de tecnologia e fazer a diferença ensinando aos meus alunos coisas básicas desde ao que é um computador até a programar. Em 2016, o ano em que me formei, o governo do estado de Santa Catarina demitiu todos os professores de informática. Eu fiquei arrasada, sei que para muita gente pode parecer besteira, mas eu realmente sofri e sofro muito com o descaso que nós professores de informática sofremos. Então, este ano foi assumido um novo governo, e utilizando a ouvidoria, perguntei quais seriam os rumos da tecnologia educacional no atual governo. E para minha tristeza, apenas responderam que nós professores de informática servíamos como meros zeladores, que apenas abria e fechavam as portas da sala de informática. E ainda afirmara que o sucateamento da sala da informática foi culpa dos professores de informática. Hoje trabalho em duas escolas diferentes de um município vizinho, dou aula para crianças carentes que não possuem acesso a tecnologia em suas casas, mas na escola, se depender de mim, até o final do ano elas estarão programando. Quem sabe assim, de alguma forma eu faça a diferença para elas. Obrigada pelo vídeo.

  23. If anyone is seeing this…. I am a 13 year old with a dream to become a game dev… but ofc code isnt taught in my school. I need a teacher, but have no money. Message me if you want to help idk no one will care

  24. "..you don't have to be a genius to code…" bullshit you don't need be a genius for use a STUPID FRAMEWORK that do all for you, those are Fake deveopers, but real developers are Genius, stop put those lies in mind of people, how can that woman compare our software developer profession with read a book?….so stupid

  25. 0:41 I first started coding with C++, and all I wanted to do was to make the computer say something. As soon as I figured out how to do this, I then wanted to know how the computer knew how to do that, down to the binary- and CPU-level. How far do I need to wonder?

  26. Shocking about how students are not taught this and when they talk about it, they say it's not important in life. I do computer science GCSE and I am making a programming language and through my experience of coding I've learnt how important it is for people to understand this.

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