100 thoughts on “What The Heck Is Santa Doing? (GAME)”

  1. Santa was laying his Yule Log, but how can you guess what someones doing with just a close up of their face? Like all i could guess from all the close up is he's looking at the camera.

  2. I loved today's episodes, you can tell that they were all having a great time. Good chemistry. Kelly seems so nice 🙂

  3. They should do this with zoomed up shots of peoples faces in full body costumes/mascots and they have to guess what the costume is

  4. Please see if you can get shania twain. I know she would be so down to do this and you can spread the messenge of lyme disease

  5. In case anyone was wondering… we started giving our dog CBD oil for his arthritis and joint pain (we talked to his vet abt it) and it's actually helped him a lot! He's a big dog of 14 years and counting

  6. It wasn't Adam and Eve who bit that Apple from the Apple store someone else bit that Apple and appear genuis to masses businesses with that Apple called forbidden knowledge

  7. No one may claim his Holy Temple of Worship as their own not even fallen angels of St Gabriel churches or St Mary churches or any 5 pillars rituals by the archangel Gabriel in Arabic.

  8. Rhett:dont admit to doing that.
    Link:I dont do that. I dont mail anything. I dont believe in mail.
    ……nice cover lol 😂

  9. I actually own one of those plants! But I have always heard it called Mother-in-Laws-tongue 🤔 It has lived for well over 20 years.

  10. There’s just very few episodes where Link steals the show, and this is one of them.
    When on this form, he trumps Rhett on his best day.

  11. Apparently he never caught what goes on in the basket of the ferris wheel when it reaches the top.

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