What To Know Before You Buy The AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade

so last weekend I went out and purchased
the AtGames legends ultimate arcade
cabinet since that purchase I’ve learned
quite a bit about it so I thought it’d
be beneficial for those of you needing
more information out there so go ahead
and put together a top 10 list of things
I think you need to know before you
consider purchasing this cabinet
so number one there are 350 games on
this at games legend Saltzman arcade
cabinet and these 350 built-in games do
not require any kind of payment plan
subscription service or online
connectivity in order to allow you to
play this game of these 350 titles 147
of them are actually true arcade titles
while the remaining games are from
various different home consoles such as
the Atari 2600 sega genesis super
nintendo and the original nintendo home
consoles you’re also able to play
additional games via internet
connectivity whether it be Ethernet or
Wi-Fi the at games arcade net is a
monthly subscription cloud-based service
that will allow gamers the option of
paying an additional $19.99 a month for
access to a larger assortment of game
titles additionally you’ll have the
option to purchase these games for an
additional fee on top of a monthly
service fees should you wish the
purchase price of these games will vary
from title to title but game owners will
be able to store their purchase games on
their own personal USB drives to keep
forever arcade net is currently in the
beta stages and is currently being
offered free of charge on the system at
the time of making this video and of
course the million dollar question that
everybody is asking and wants to know
has finally been answered yes you will
be able to add your own game roms on
this via USB very soon
more details will follow on this process
in regards to which systems or emulators
will be supported but we already know
that this arcade can handle playing
games from Nintendo Super Nintendo Sega
Genesis tari colecovision etc so it’s a
safe assumption to say at the very least
we should be able to load our own games
for these systems onto this cabinet
there are also be two different retail
versions of this arcade cabinet the $499
Sam’s Clubs special edition version
which comes with an included Namco blast
dongle three months of arcade net
subscription service and an additional
five hours of the bring your own game
service for free you can purchase this
exclusive Sam’s Club bundle online today
using the product link in the video
description box below or you can find it
at your local Sam’s club stores there
will also be a Walmart version price
$199 which is actually available now on
walmart.com but it will not come with
the blast dongle the extra three months
subscription of the arcane net or the
five hours free of the BYOD bring your
own game service additionally this
cabinets dimensions will vary a little
bit by about two inches but the internal
components and game software inside
remains identical the BYOD or bring your
own game feature allows you to stream
and play PC digital games from places
like Steam epic origin etc using the at
games optimized servers using their
servers requires a one dollar per hour
usage fee and this hourly fee is
implemented because you essentially are
running a remote gaming session on their
specialized servers which in turn are
doing all the hard work and processing
work for graphics rendering instead of
your own hardware and if you aren’t
really interested in paying an hourly
fee to play your own streaming games
which I can’t imagine any of you out
there would be well there’s also
supposed to be a method that will allow
you to stream your own games free of any
charges using your own local network at
games the stated there is a free app
that will allow gamers to use that will
enable this free home network streaming
functionality that will be rolling out
in the coming weeks but at the time of
making this video no such function
exists and if you choose to play
streaming games on this system right now
you will be forced to pay for it and if
you’re looking to utilize this BYOD
streaming service keep in mind you will
need a USB mouse and keyboard because
currently as it stands right now there
is no internal virtual keyboard so when
you’re trying to log into the Steam or
origin accounts things like that and
you’re trying to type in your email
address and password
well you’re unfortunately unable to do
that without the use of a keyboard or a
mouse so keep that in mind because the
keyboard and mouse does not come with
any of these bundles and it’s something
you’re gonna have to provide on your own
the unit has two additional HDMI
peripheral ports located on the control
panel that are easily toggle between
using the source button these ports
allow for even more expansion
possibilities on this arcade and you can
easily connect various types of input
sources such as an external game console
or a Raspberry Pi or something like an
Amazon fire stick to make this an all in
one media center for yourself you will
still need to use the controller or
remote control for whatever input
device you connect instead of the
arcades control panel should you wish to
utilize the arcade controls for a
secondary source like a Raspberry Pi
well you would need a splice or tap into
the existed wired connections and then
add your own wires and USB encoder
boards to get that up and running
currently at games is already on the
market with a lot of these blast
domville units and these include a bunch
of pre-loaded games on them users are
going to simply plug this into the HDMI
port on the front of the console and
you’re actually able to play and control
the games via the included control panel
on the at games Legends ultimate arcade
cabinet this arcade actually comes
partially preassembled and is relatively
easy and simple to set up there are
three main sections of this cabinet the
base being really the only portion
that’s actually going to require any
kind of setup an HD monitor display
section in the control panel and total
the machine weighs about 90 pounds and
is light enough to be moved around by a
single person the control deck height
sits at about 35 and a half inches up
from the floor and comparatively this
height in comparison to a full-sized
dinamo arcade cabinet in the arcade 1up
cabinet on a riser look like this
the legends ultimate arcade cabinet
really is a connected arcade online
firmware updates can and will be
implemented to correct any bugs or
errors in the users experience
according to act games and I can attest
to this because the very first time I
turn this thing on and signed it on to
my internet connection I was forced to
download a firmware update with the
firmware update did I’m not really sure
but it is nice to see they are
supporting this with firmware update
they will also aim to provide further
updates to the system with new options
and menu settings that will improve the
overall gameplay experience I personally
found a few spelling mistakes and
labeling issues and a few of the games
in their menus so hopefully these type
of things are quickly remedied and
corrected by quick firmware update a
games has also made mention of
potentially offering updates to allow
for more display options for games
versus their original aspect ratios that
are seen on this cabinet
that does it for this video guys hope
you found some of the details and
information inside this video helpful if
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