What Was Being An Adult Like In The 70s?

What Was Being An Adult Like In The 70s?

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There was a lot going on in the United States
during the 1970s.
But besides being really into disco music,
what was day to day life like when you turned
18 in the 70s?
Well to start with, in the late 60s and early
70s, many of the states lowered the drinking
age from 21 to 18.,
While I’m sure some of you are wishing they
left it there, this change actually resulted
in a lot of deaths from car crashes.
According to the National Institutes of Health,
in the mid-70s, alcohol was a factor in more
than 60 percent of traffic fatalities, particularly
for those between the ages of 16 and 20.
But the drinking age wasn’t the only thing
that was lowered at that time.
In 1971, the 26th Amendment passed, moving
the voting age from 21 to 18.
Youth voting groups advocating for the change
used the slogan, “Old enough to fight, old
enough to vote,” in response to the draft
age being lowered to 18 during WWII.
And speaking of the draft, it was officially
called the Selective Service Act and allowed
the government to force men into military
In 1973, after the Vietnam War ended, the
draft also ended much to the relief of the
public and the hundreds of thousands of men
who fled the country or refused to respond
when they were drafted.,, And in 1977, newly
elected President Jimmy Carter issued a pardon
for everyone who avoided the draft during
the war.
Between then and now the average prices of
certain things has increased significantly.
That means that people in the 70s had an easier
time affording things compared to us.
For example, in 1970, the average cost for
a home was around $26,600.
Adjusting for inflation, that would be about
$175,600 today.
However, in 2018 homes were sold for an average
of $385,000.
That’s nearly a 120 percent increase in
The cost of a college education has also increased
a lot since the 70s.
In 1971, the average yearly price for a public
university was $1,400 and a private university
was $2,900 – which would be about $8,900 and
$18,000 today.
However, college costs have since skyrocketed.
The 2018-2019 school year cost about $22,000
for public universities and about $36,000
for private ones.
That’s a 100 to 147 percent increase!
But despite rising housing and college prices,
the federal minimum wage has decreased by
31 percent, from $1.60 in 1970, – which is
about $10.56 in today’s dollars – to $7.25
since 2009.
Though, some individual states have increased
it to as much as $13.25.
Which explains why my bank account is so small…
And also because I’m an animation and people
don’t want to hire animations, it’s just…
it’s sad.
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