100 thoughts on “What’s inside a Magic Chess Board?”

  1. Dude perfect has one of these from cool not cool in overtime. Speaking of dude perfect, you should meet with them in Texas

  2. I am currently the number five spot on my schools chess team and you guy saying it wrong and the wrong pieces names is TRIGGERING ME SO BAD

  3. Can you guys take things apart more carefully…? And take a look at the interesting parts? .-. It feels like this channel is more focused on breaking than examining.

  4. Why do you americans always destroy things in a bad way and title those as "learning". Reverse engineering is careful disassembling of parts and NOT using a hammer.

  5. Must be nice to have the money to buy that beautiful chessboard just to destroy it like that. Not even taken apart neatly so it could be put back together. Just destroyed. What a waste.

  6. Какие же вандалы… Ни цента уважения… Ни к шахматам, ни к создателям этой волшебной доски.

  7. If you don't know… it's manufactured by an Indian startup….🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 proud to be Indian

  8. It always hurts me seeing people destroying things!
    As a born repairman it is soooo much nicer to screw things open, look inside, respect its mechanism and screw it back working again. Teach children to open and closed civilized, not with brutal action. There is already enough violence in the world.

  9. this reminds me of people buying an expensive iPhone as if it was just costing the same as a cup of coffee and then using it like it was just costing as much as a coffee too, making it broken and destroyed in the shortest amount of time. Oh how I hate these people !

  10. Like others, I’m here from Techmoan, a premier league channel compared to this drivel. Small minded vandalism, ignorant, in front of a junior, what will he grow into? I have never voted down a video until now, I regret increasing his views. For everyone’s info, SCREWS. THEY’RE ON THE UNDERSIDE, THE WHOLE THING COMES APART, AND GUESS WHAT? you can put it all back together…….ANGRY from Mayfair (anyone remember that?)

  11. FYI if you ever want to create a simple chess AI it's not that hard (assuming you know some basic programming) I wrote a python library that makes it possible to make a simple bot in approx 30 lines.

  12. Just stumbled across your channel. Then I see you violently opening up this perfectly working bord…aaand I'm gone again.

  13. This seems so very antisocial. That device could easily have been torn down in a manner that would allow it to be rebuilt. I gotta say, this probably should be demonetized.

  14. This just almost made me cry haha I'd love one of these boards but can't afford it. And seeing one destroyed brings a tear to my eye

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