What’s She Screaming About? ft. Keke Palmer (GAME)

What’s She Screaming About? ft. Keke Palmer (GAME)

Today we make
screams come true.
Let’s talk about that.
( music playing )
Good Mythical Morning!
Mythical friends,
I’m gonna cut to the chase.
Today’s G double M has
more enter-tainment than
you can swing a sword at!
Which is great news because
there will be plenty, plenty,
plenty of very sharp sword
swinging in our new segment,
Celebs with Swords.
We’re also gonna determine
if there’s such a thing
as “too much cheese”
by trying a three course meal
that is made basically
out of nothing but cheese.
Speaking of butt cheese,
this world is full
of surprises
and the greatest surprises
elicit the greatest reactions
including screams!
And wouldn’t it be great
if we could surprise a celebrity
over and over again and guess
what she was screaming at?
That would be great!
It’s time to play…
You know it’s always great
when you have a game
that is about Keke Palmer
to actually have Keke Palmer
and we do!
– Link: There she is.
– Rhett: Welcome to the show!
I’m so happy to be here
with you guys.
– Way over there.
– Right, right.
We’re very far.
It’s hard to feel you.
But you’re a Gemini so I’m glad
that there’s this.
Keep that distance.
Okay now, Keke,
you used to be
on “Scream Queens”
– now you’re on the show
– Yes.
So naturally we had to play
a game about you screaming,
but what is it with you
and screaming?
You know, I think my vocals,
you know, they’re very good,
high-pitched, for any type of
level of scream you may need.
So, you know, people just tend
to call me for this.
– Okay. Got it.
– Just give us one.
Just like a warm-up scream.
Well, give me a scenario.
– Like–
– Gemini getting closer.
( broken scream )
– Ah, nice.
– Wow.
So don’t do that.
You stay right here.
Behind the podium!
Gemini staying over here.
Okay, this is how
this is gonna work.
Rhett and I will
be blindfolded, you will not.
Something’s gonna
be placed
on your table,
you’ll be turned around.
And then you will
swivel around
and you will react to it
and we will be interpreting
your reaction
and potentially any
interactions that you have
with our ears.
– Got it.
– And then you will give us
a couple of options
to determine if it’s
one thing or another.
We can see who’s better
at interpreting
– your scream.
– Oh!
– Yes.
– Okay.
And whoever guesses
more correctly
will win a very special
scream catcher.
I don’t know
what that is
– but I really want it.
– All right,
let’s get screaming!
As you can see we can’t
– and as you can see
we’re scary!
– Yeah.
And we have no idea
what is in front of Keke,
but, Keke,
you can now turn around.
( clears throat )
( screams and laughs )
( groans )
( yowls )
– ( Rhett laughs )
– Link: What?
Oh my.
Quite a range of emotion
happening here.
– Yeah.
– Link: Yeah?
– Okay, are you guys ready?
– Oh, yes.
I will say,
before you give us the options,
that you sounded scared
and then you sounded amused–
– Slightly amused.
– And then you sounded bored.
Rhett: Yeah.
I mean, that’s range.
So did I scream,
because A,
I was watching an old man
sneezing egg salad
onto his sleeping wife?
– What?
– Or was I watching a cow
give birth?
An old man sneezing
egg salad onto his wife?
That’s A or B, was
I watching a cow give birth?
Has that ever happened
on Earth?
Much less on video.
You mean the cow
giving birth?
– Or the old man?
– I know how cows are made.
( Rhett sighs )
I have my answer.
Both: I’m locking in.
Well, I have to say that
this one goes to Link
because, no,
there is not an old man
sneezing egg salad onto his
sleeping wife online currently.
Yes! I–
That’s how you feel
about a cow giving birth?
It was very very disgusting.
There was a lot of film
and it was very–
It looked harsh.
I think you enjoyed it
too much.
But what were you laughing at
in the middle?
You were like giggling.
I was giggling
because I just couldn’t believe
that you guys were
doing this to me.
Okay, Keke,
spin and react.
( screams )
( laughs )
Something is happening.
You all right?
Something’s crawling.
– Yay!
– Scurrying or something.
( laughs )
– I’m getting scared.
– Okay.
Did I scream because A,
I was kissing puppies
or B,
I was kissing
a crew member’s baby
– dressed as a strawberry?
– Rhett: What?
– Well, w don’t let our crew
members have babies.
– Yep.
Unless they’re dressed
like strawberries.
I remember
we did say that.
Rhett: But you’re–
you seemed frightened.
So you’re either frightened
of puppies or babies.
Link: Well, she laughed
at the cow giving birth.
– Yeah, she did.
– She laughed again here.
She’s twisted.
– ( giggles )
– I think I’m locking in.
( groans )
Dunno how I feel about this
but I’m going for it.
Well, you guys,
you both got that right
because I was
kissing puppies!
Oh, look at the puppies!
– Rhett: Whoa!
– They’re so cute!
Rhett: Pug babies!
Pug puppies!
Okay, Keke,
time to turn around.
( grunts )
( groans )
( chuckles )
So, did I scream
because I was A,
watching a video of a chimpanzee
eating its own poop?
( both groan )
Or B, I was smelling
coyote urine?
Well, first of all,
no matter what it is,
I’m sorry.
Either option,
– I’m sorry we’re doing this
to you.
– Yeah.
And both of those are
equally possible on this show.
– Yeah, yeah.
– That’s the thing.
Any given day,
any given moment.
But I’m going with this.
Locking in.
I am locking in.
Well, my nose burns
so that means that it was B.
– I was smelling coyote urine.
– ( Link grunts )
Yeah, I said–
I meant to say B.
I was hoping
this would happen!
– I picked up the wrong
freaking paddle.
– I knew this would happen!
( screams )
Oh gosh.
– Link: I think she–
– ( bleep )!
( laughs )
This is outta control, you guys!
( bleep ) this show!
What the ( bleep )!
No ( bleep )!
( Rhett laughs )
Keke, whenever you’re ready
just turn around and look at–
Oh, man!
Oh, my gosh!
– Link: Oh, no.
– Oh, my–
– Mm-mm.
– Oh!
I’m sorry,
I don’t know why but I am.
You know this is really–
I came into this thing and I was
ready for us to be friends.
I was ready for us
to make a connection.
And I really was enjoying y’all
when I got the puppies,
but this done took
a ( bleep ) turn.
Oh, my gosh!
Oh! Good Lord!
Did I scream because A,
I was digging through a bowl
of cow eyeballs
looking for a Gummy Bear
or B, I was transferring
fish guts
from one bowl to another?
I didn’t hear
– All right, I’m locked in.
– Cow eyeballs?
Cow eyeballs
and a Gummy Bear?
( grunting )
– All right, I’m ready.
– Me, too.
( sighs )
Link got it this time.
It was definitely B,
I was transferring fish guts
from one bowl to another!
( both groan )
Yeah, B!
Of course.
And this is a mess!
But we gave you gloves.
( sighs )
( screams )
– That’s horrible.
– Good grief!
All right, this final round
is worth two points.
So it’s anybody’s game
for the scream catcher.
All right, Keke,
turn around.
( viewer clicking )
Sounds like one of those
slide projectors.
( screams )
What the?
Holy– What?
What just happened?
( screams and laughs )
– Link: Yeah.
– Whoo!
I don’t know what scared you
but you scared me.
– Rhett: Yes.
– My gosh–
Okay, what are our options?
Did I scream because A,
a murderous clown snuck up on me
or B, a giant bunny tickled me
on the neck with a feather?
Well, you gotta tell me
how do you feel about bunnies.
Well, she already told you.
She– It was embodied
in her scream.
If it was a bunny.
If it were a bunny
that would be B.
– That’s what you’re saying.
– Uh, yeah.
So you chose, Link.
Oh, and you chose,
too, Rhett!
And you both chose wrong!
Oh really?
A murderous clown
– actually did come up.
– Link: That makes
the most sense.
Oh, he’s back, too.
So we both went
against instinct,
which means I come away
with the win.
Oh, my gosh!
You gotta get outta here, man.
Link, you are our winner.
You win the scream catcher.
– Where is that thing?
– Bring me the scream catcher.
♪ The scream catcher is
right here ♪
For you, baby.
– Yeah!
– You gonna put that
on your rear view?
And it doesn’t work unless
you actually have it right
above your bed at night.
So you have to keep it
like right above your bed.
Otherwise it won’t work.
My wife and I will
thoroughly enjoy that.
Be sure to watch Keke
on “Scream”
the TV series
on MTV in March,
and check out
her new single, “Bossy,
– which is out now.
– Mm-hmm.
And click through
to find out what happens
when we let Keke go crazy
with a sword.
Oh, we’re still
doing that?
– Ya!
– Get outta here, man.
Rhett:No need to scream
about what to wear.

We’ve got these
GMM hoodies in navy

available at mythical.store.

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