What’s wrong with my game?

Okay first what I find about you Tom, what is
very important, you have to skip a rope
a lot… because you are very hard on your
legs. It disables you to move faster and
to put more energy in the ball.
For example, your movements they are not
so bad but legs are too too stiff. You have to be much smoother with your
legs to move much faster.
That’s why the best exercise for
those things is skipping the rope
or work with the coordination ladder.
We will do it today, this afternoon with
the guys. You will see how they are doing
with the coordination ladder. And to be
coordinated between your legs and upper
body is unbelievable important for table
tennis. This is what I explained
previously about swimming.
I’m a terrible swimmer because I fight
against the water. You need to go with
the water. This is the same in table
tennis. You go with your body
not against your body. And you, you go
against your body because your legs are too stiff. Upper part is not so bad
but legs disable you to move faster. You are spending much more energy to
move from backhand to forehand or other
way around, than is really
needed. You have to be much
smoother and more on your toes. Your
weight has to go forward. You don’t play like this and then
move like this. And this is what you do.
You do like this then you move your legs
like you have one tonne on your
legs. This has to be really smooth what I
told you before, like like a boxer, you
have to move really smooth.
Not too many small movements like this.
Table tennis is one-two, one-two. The table is not five
metres. You don’t need 55
small movements because you are
losing time, so much time you don’t
have. This is for me the most important
part of your table tennis issue. You
will see when you start to move easier,
when you start to feel
your body better, you will play directly
better table tennis without practising extra.

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