Wheelchair Basketball Team Gives Hope To Paralyzed Men

For most it’s tough coping with a
facial disfigurement.

But for 30-year-old, Rafee, looks became
the least of his worries.

After a serious accident confined him
to a wheelchair.

And when it seemed that things couldn’t
get any worse,

It was basketball that brought him back
from the brink.

Rafee was born with a benign facial
tumour known as Hemangioma.

Surgeons concluded its removal could
prove dangerous.

In 2010, Rafee aged just 23 fell from
the roof of his house.

As part of his rehabilitation, Rafee,
was admitted to the Shafaq Centre dedicated
to helping those with disabilities.

Rafee was encouraged to join the wheelchair
basketball team started specifically to help
recovery from spinal injuries.

And this was a
story shared by others.

For 29-year-old team captain, Waseem,
he’s been part of the group since the beginning.
The opportunity came along just when it seemed
like his life
was falling apart.

And not even the centre expected how
far the team would go.

Since starting the team they have gone
on to win a number of local awards and are
now hoping to take their team even further.

And for Waseem, basketball has simply
brought him
a new lease of life.

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