Wheelchair Basketball : Wheelchair Basketball: Dribbling

You have to dribble. Now, I can pick it up.
In able body basketball, if you pick it up
and start dribbling again, that is double
dribble. In able body basketball, you can’t
be dribbling, pick it up, and dribble again.
In wheelchair basketball, that is a difference.
That is allowed, so I can be pushing along,
and I could pick up the ball, and then I can
start dribbling again, so now, traveling.
On your feet, if you grab the ball, and you
take a couple of steps, that is traveling.
The referee goes, and turnover. Well, in wheelchair
basketball, there is traveling. I can’t push
more than twice without dribbling, so let
me show you here. Most of the time, I’m just
always dribbling, you know, right hand, left
hand. You’re dribbling. You flip it around
your back, and over your lap, because you
just have to, and you just always dribble,
but some guys to get more momentum, might
put it on their lap. Push once. Push twice.
You can’t push again, or that’s like taking
more than two steps on your feet, but most
of the time, we’re just always dribbling,
but there is a such a thing, as traveling.
You can’t just push more than twice, so it’s
a change of direction. I can’t grab a ball,
and push once. Push twice, and then push a
third time, that’s traveling, so I’m probably
getting a little bit complicated here, but
the main thing I just want you to know, is
there’s no such thing as double dribbling
in wheelchair basketball, but traveling, there
is traveling in wheelchair basketball.

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