Who is the Hardest Opponent of Ma Long?

Who is the Hardest Opponent of Ma Long?

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Today, 15th December, is a special day.
The birthday of
Wang Hao, one of the legend in table tennis.
He is not as famous as Ma Long, but for
me, he is a legend.
There are 2 reasons.
Wang Hao was previously ranked #1 on the official
ITTF world rankings for 27 consecutive
months, from October 2007 to December 2009.
In January 2010, he was replaced by
Ma Long as the #1 rank on the official ITTF
world rankings.
If someone asked me, “Who is the toughest
opponent of Ma Long?”.
I would say, “Wang Hao”.
Wang Hao is one of the player who has a positive
score versus Ma Long.
Let’s check
the Head-To-Head score.
So Ma Long has played 23 matches versus Wang
Hao on the international competitions.
And Wang Hao has won 12 matches, and Ma Long
won 11 matches.
He is known as the best Reverse Penhold Backhand
(RPB) with exceptional skill.
Wang Hao retired from the national team by
the end of 2014, at 31 years-old.
2 years later, he had a son.
Wang Hao stated he would prefer his son to
not pursue table tennis.
I have asked a question to you, “Wang Hao’s
backhand versus Ma Long’s forehand, which
one that you choose?”.
And here is your answer!
With 2500 votes, 80% has chosen Ma Long’s
And only 20% wanted
to have Wang Hao’s amazing backhand.
Wang Hao has won an astonishing 18 world championships
since he joined the national
team in 1998, but failed break through in
three Olympics singles finals in 2004, 2008
and 2012.
The defeats shocked millions of Chinese sports
Each time during the live broadcast,
the entire country felt the pain of him seeing
Olympic titles slip through his fingers.
He admitted to the media that he was emotional
after winning the silver in 2004.
In 2012 he also cried, not because he had
lost, but because it would be his last trip
the Olympics.
Today, I want to show you a crazy set between
Wang Hao and Ma Long.
That Ma Long is winning 9-3.
Yes, 9-3 is a huge difference.
But 5 minutes later, the score is now 10-10.
By watching this set, you will understand
why Ma Long often choked at the crucial moment.
The head coach Liu Guoliang has said
“Ma Long has a big problem – scared of winning”.
And you can see how powerful
Wang Hao’s backhand is.
He used his RPB backhand to counter Ma Long’s

25 thoughts on “Who is the Hardest Opponent of Ma Long?”

  1. To be honest, WH won most of his games against ML when Ma was young. Later in his career, I think it was ML who usually won more.
    However, WH won all of his WC matches over ML which is why ML has now "only" 3 WC titles.

  2. I would def take Wang Hao's backhand. Even having Ma Long's forehand, you would need crazy good footwork to be able to use it like he can which I don't have. Also, the game is quicker now so backhand is used more often and having a good BH flick is huge.

  3. Combler un écart si énorme est incroyable , quelle force mentale de ne pas se laisser aller . Merci de partager , et bonnes fetes de Noel @ tous les fans de EmRatThich !

  4. Wang hao the final penholder, I hope to see a penholder again with great rbp. I have expectations in xue fei. A video of RBP coach!

  5. Wang Hao does not have a positive score against Ma Long. Here is the statistics from Wikipedia:

    Head to head vs. other notable players (December 2004 – present)

    Timo Boll: 16–5
    Chen Chien-An: 3–0
    Chen Qi: 19–2
    Chuang Chih-Yuan: 17–2
    Mattias Falck: 4–0
    Fan Zhendong: 21–10
    Fang Bo: 10–2
    Marcos Freitas: 4–0
    Tomokazu Harimoto: 3–1
    Gao Ning: 10–0
    Hao Shuai: 20–9
    Jung Youngsik: 6–0
    Joo Se-Hyuk: 20–3
    Petr Korbel: 4–1
    Kalinikos Kreanga: 3–0
    Liang Jingkun: 6–1
    Lin Gaoyuan: 8–2
    Ma Lin: 30–14
    Michael Maze: 7–0
    Jun Mizutani: 16–0
    Oh Sang-eun: 9–2
    Dimitrij Ovtcharov: 17–0
    Ryu Seungmin: 7–3
    Vladimir Samsonov: 9–5
    Werner Schlager: 9–0
    Tang Peng: 14–0
    Wang Hao: 30–27
    Wang Liqin: 32–12
    Wong Chun Ting : 21–1
    Xu Xin: 41–11
    Yan An: 8–3
    Kaii Yoshida: 6–1
    Zhang Jike: 31–10
    Zhou Yu: 10–2

  6. If you ask me ML is finding every opponent tough now. Not necessarily all due to skill but majorly due to Ma's injury. Hope ML is 100% ready by Tokyo.

  7. Wang Hao was pretty big Star For making RPB famous & wearing that Knee band around his leg.

    But since most players are shakehanders it woundn't make sense to follow and be a fan of penholders. So i belive the shake handers will always have an advantage in the fame department.

    But Wang hao's playing style was more beautiful to watch then anyone else's.

    RPB I believe still needs development to be better then where Wang Hao took it. Becuz RPB is still relatively new…. (relatively speaking)

    In 3 generations of watching TT, shakehands playing style was different in each generation., penholder probably needs to change also.

    I would have loved for him to have been the Greatest of all times. But It would be too much for any one person to bear, to start a new playing style then be expected to be the greatest of all times,.. in middle of that big experiment.

    How do you coach someone who started a new technique no one had ever seen before, and is the he only expert at it?

  8. Hey ! I just wanted to ask if my setup was good enough. My setup was stiga 9.8 hybrid carbon with dhs hurricane 3 on forehand side and tenergy 05 on backhand side. Im an all out attacking player and my forehand topspin was my biggest strength. 🙂

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