Who’s Better: LeBron Or This Guy? (feat. Bobby Moynihan) | The Sport of Science

– [Narrator] LeBron James. With three NBA titles and four MVP’s, he’s clearly a good basketball player. But how good is he? How much better is he than Brad? – I’m Brad. – [Narrator] An insurance middle manager who averages six points a
game in his church league. Is LeBron five times better? 10, 50 times? To find out, we put Brad in the lab. This is the Sport of Science. – Today we’re comparing regular guy Brad with NBA superstar LeBron James, a man Brad had some
choice words for earlier. – LeBron, LeBron is a choke artist, man. That guy. (choughs) – [Narrator] In addition to
choking, LeBron’s also known for his ups. King James has super
human jumping ability. But what about Brad? We used our patented
Brad Tracking technology to see how high Brad can fly. (dramatic instrumental music) Ooh, Brad gets off the ground
with a big five inch vertical. That means LeBron’s ups are
eight times better than Brad’s. Add in King James’s six eight frame and ridiculous seven foot wingspan, and LeBron can reach
nearly one point nine Brads off the ground. – So LeBron wins this round. But what about when we move
to the horizontal game? – [Narrator] LeBron’s long
stride and powerful legs give him an incredible top
speed of 20 miles per hour, as fast as a white tailed deer. But what about Brad? (dramatic instrumental music) Wow, Brad tops out at two miles per hour, almost as fast as the average chicken. – It looks like LeBron has
a slight speed advantage over Brad, who likes to say things like. – LeBron is passive,
soft, and he’s a quitter. And he flops. – But Brad can redeem himself
in this next category, dunks. – [Narrator] We all know
LeBron can throw down and down and down. But what about Brad? (dramatic instrumental music) Wow, so close. Brad soared a distance
of zero point five feet. So far, LeBron has the edge, but we weren’t done testing Brad. Strength. LeBron is five times as strong as Brad. In terms of agility, six Brads. Accuracy, nine Brads. And while LeBron can play
for 38 minutes a night three times a week, Brad
seems to be powering down after just 11 minutes. All told, Brad is point seven
percent as good as LeBron, meaning to recreate LeBron’s encore play, you’d need 132 Brads. (dramatic instrumental music) – So Brad, what do you
think about LeBron now? – LeBron still sucks, a lot. He sucks so much. (groans) He sucks. – [Narrator] Next time
on the Sport of Science. – How much better than
Brad is NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.? (groans) – Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you want to see more
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