Why Costa Rica HATES Gringos- EXPLAINED

Why Costa Rica HATES Gringos- EXPLAINED

Hey guys, I’m michael alan from www.TravelCostaRicaNow.com and I’m going to
tell you… What Tico’s don’t like about us “Gringos”, and when I say Gringo’s
I’m talking about people from the United
States, and that’s it.
Gringos… United States …
and I’m not talking about what Gringo’s are done to the real estate and land values
down here.
That’s another video… Other stuff.
And, I’m also going to tell you the worst
thing Gringo’s do, last.
So you want to
stay tuned… because actually it’s the
most important.
Now, the first thing.
I learned this the hard way and pretty
A Tico said… “So, where are you from?”
I said.. “Well, I’m an American.”
He said… “So am I.”

North America. Central America.
People in United States do NOT have a
monopoly on America or American.
So. They know Christopher Columbus too. So don’t
learn that one the embarrassing way like
I did. They also don’t like that we don’t
have any patience, and that we’re ‘time
oriented’, and we have this constant need
to move and do things. Well actually, they
don’t mind that we’re like that. They
just don’t like us coming down and
pushing our A.D.D. attitude on them.
They’d rather us keep it either in our
mind, or back in the United States.
Now, guys the truth is, Gringo’s tend to be
loud and obnoxious. Not that Tico’s can’t
be loud. If you’ve ever been to a bar
watching a soccer game they can be quite loud.
But I’m telling you in a group. If
there’s somebody being obnoxious it’s
probably a gringo. Whooping and hollering. Drawn attention to themselves.
whoo-hoo, I’m a gringo! I can be loud!
Well they don’t really like that and it is
obnoxious. So, try, try not to do that.
They also don’t like us
bad-mouthing their food. Alright.
And I actually agree with them on this.
Now, it’s true that they don’t like spicy.
really. That’s Mexico. They’re not like
that here.
But just because you went to a touristy
‘gringo price’ restaurant here doesn’t
mean you know their food.
You only know touristy Gringo’s price’
Restaurants menus food.
You know what I mean?
So, yes they have rice and beans as
a staple here. Just like potatoes is a
staple in most places in the United
States. But believe me. They do all the
stuff. They got recipes. They have fish,
and things. They dress things up.
It’s just you don’t know it. You know. So
believe me, the food is good down here
and if you don’t think it’s good just
bring a bottle of Tabasco sauce with you.
I guess on your next trip.
Now, this next thing, is, can be kind of racist whether you
you are meaning it so or not.
Do not say.. “You don’t look like a Tico.”
Which basically is you’re referencing that
they look more white than they should.
And that’s kind of play.. There, it’s
kind of playing into that whole …what we
do to blacks a lot in the United States
where if they’re lighter we think
that they may be more intelligent or we
can relate to them better than the the
darker ones that could be sketchy and
less intelligent. Well, that’s obviously
way not true, and it’s way not true here.
Tico’s here are from white to dark and
everything between. So don’t do that
“you don’t look like a Tico” thing it’s it’s
not good. It does sound a little
racist and discriminatory. Maybe even on
a subconscious level.
Now, I’m not gonna…
I’m not gonna… strike that. umm
If you learn Spanish or you think you learn
Spanish before you come here and you’re
talking to the waiter here and he
doesn’t understand you. It’s because your
Spanish sucks. lol

it’s not as good as you think it is.
It’s not because he doesn’t know Spanish. He lives here.
But don’t get all pissy and
like you’re talking great Spanish and
he’s got the problem because he doesn’t
understand you.
No! You have the problem
because your Spanish isn’t good.
It’s very offensive.
think about it in a reverse situation
if somebody was saying
that about your English.
Alright. and
The other funny, kind of sad thing is, if
a Tico doesn’t know English. You talking
doesn’t mean he’s gonna understand it
any better. So, “Can.. you… get me.. a … beer??
You sound retarded!
It’s embarrassing.
It’s embarrassing to
people from the United States.
So please don’t do that.
Okay, this next one I’m gonna not get
into it big time. It’s going to be
general, because it can be more in-depth
but generally it is true. I’m going to
talk about the crime.

When you talk about
the crime in Costa Rica being like you
heard it was out of control. They
understand the hypocrisy of what you’re saying.
Believe me, now, crime can be a
problem here but that’s in a lot of
places. but if you think the crime here
is is out of control.
Then it’s at Mad Max levels in the United States.
It’s kind of like casting a stone
Calling the kettle black.
It’s it’s very hypocritical and they know it and
they don’t like it.
Now, and again you
know the truth is most travelers that
come here feel very safe, but you just
hear the bad stories. You hear the one
out of, you know, a thousand stories type of thing but by far the worst things that
Gringo’s do here that they don’t like
and actually we do this all around the
world not just here. We have this
annoying habit of thinking we’re better
than everybody else. We talk down to
people. We preach, to the, to people.
umm ah..
We say things like… “Well that’s not how we do it in the United States.”
Guess what???
They don’t care how we do it the United States.
They are not jealous.
They do not want to be us.
I know that’s hard to believe… We’re great people.
But they don’t.
They’re very proud to be a Costa Rican.
They don’t mind telling you that.
I’m telling you, you can’t underestimate this.
we do have this way about us thinking
we’re here and everybody else is is there.
Now, although… they do like our
movies and some of our music. but I think
they just rather you appreciate the
country and say thank you.
and remember, just because somebody might be smarter… doesn’t necessarily make them wiser.
and I would go so far as to say
that there’s more Gringo’s wishing they
were living the tico lifestyle, than
Tico’s wishing they were living the
gringo lifestyle in the United States.
You can bank on that.
and kind of a funny one…. they think it’s kind of funny
that people from the United States when they
come down here to travel or whatever.
They wear their safari outfits like
they’re going to the Serengeti looking
for elephants and giraffes. lol
Guys, you don’t need the safari outfits. Alright.
Trust me!
So anyway guys,
I’m michael alan for Travel Costa Rica Now .com

Peace guys… Hope it helps!

100 thoughts on “Why Costa Rica HATES Gringos- EXPLAINED”

  1. This is just common sense – When you are a cell splitting into multiple cells you need to assimilate your new environment – hence anybody not fitting in has been taught being a shiteater outside of their DNA. In other words think about what might work. If I'm in a cab with 4 rastas that like marley on the tunes and i gonna push for Dre? Doubtful

  2. I'm Costa Rican and you are totally right and welcome to visit my beautiful and small but amazing country

  3. I don’t like the title of this video…….I mean a bunch of stuff that he says are right.

    But I think you shouldn’t say Ticos hates gringos because that’s not true.

    Very respectfully. Continue with the channel. ¡Good job!

  4. The most obnoxious behavior and acts of condescension was perpetrated by the narrator himself.
    He used 7:23 min to berate the U. S. Anglo population and insult possibly thousands of potential tourists who may consider Costa Rica a travel destination. He did the neither the Costa Rican’s or the YT viewer any service.

  5. When an American visits another nation , spending thousands in airfare and travel costs, hotel and accommodations, makes souvenir purchases or ships home artifacts, secures a passport ,visa and other supporting documents they don’t expect to be deemed as annoying , arrogant nuisances…but thanks for setting the record straight on the native perception.
    When an undocumented illegal alien crashes the U .S. Sovereign border, it’s another story altogether.

  6. I've been to Costa Rica 6 times on a surf trip, respect, treated people like family, smiled, tipped well, no problems!

  7. @4:00 spanish mexican Central american all different languages also i found some People from peru can not understand spanish from any northern or central speaking countries

  8. Costa Ricans dislike americans not gringos… As do half the world.. This guy here is talking like the only gringos are white Americans…. What about the nice reserved white British gringos… We can talk quietly without shouting over a hundred decibels or rolling our Rs… And have a wider general knowledge of things happening outside America….here come the brits… Watch out yankee…. Yeeee hasaaa.!!!!!!

  9. Well the whole Spanish thing is all wrong. There many types of Spanish there all different. So you many know Spanish but there are many ways to say different things in Spanish in different countries. Me and my wife learned Spanish in Venezuela and Columbia but in Costa Rica they don’t use all the same words.

  10. You’re talking down to us is embarrassing, not all gringos talk down to people. But if they are at a resort they may expect better service. When I’ve traveled sometimes the locals expect you to speak their lingo? If I’m not from their why or how could I. Maybe Costa Rican’s should relax and not expect to much from travelers to their country. Also if I’m traveling to their country I’m there to experience their culture so I doubt all people look down at them.


  12. Dont wear safari clothes, get a pancho and sombrero. Dont know Spanish? Just use English but put an "O" on the end of every word. No problemo!

  13. Not true , in the heart of every world citizen is an American waiting to be born once we take over , and believe me in time we will take that little country over . Money rules and these people will sell out just like us North Americans. LOL

  14. B.S. to those from countries in North America besides those from the U. S. who call themselves AMERICAN. You are from Costa Rica and you call yourself American? Oh, really! So, if you are from Mexico, then you call youself American?

  15. I worked the CALA (Caribbean and Latin American) region for a very large US corporation for many years and traveled regularly to many Central, South American, Caribbean countries and Mexico).   I also travelled extensively throughout Europe,
    and the things they don’t like about us in Central, South America, and the Caribbean are the same things they don’t like about us in Europe.

    I ended up in Cancun once, due to bad planning on my part, during Spring Break.  It was downright embarrassing to see some
    Americans behave like a horde of miscreants stepping all over local culture and customs and expecting everybody around to treat them with deference.

    If you treat people with the same respect you like to be treated you usually find Costa Rica a very nice place to live and Ticos to be very friendly and open people.  That’s true whether you are in Costa Rica, Europe, and Omaha, NE.

  16. Interesting video, thanks, and yes, Yanks have a bad reputation for being assholes abroad, but are by no means the only ones who can be stupidly arrogant, disrespectful, loud, and obnoxious… just wait until ya see and hear how traveling Brits do their worst (and other some other Europeans, but especially Brits) particularly when younger generations in groups get boozed up… and stay away from visiting soccer supporters… LOL

  17. Who the hell wants to go to CR? this guy is full of crap. They can keep their country and all the things they hate about our people. We don't like assholes either, they are all over the planet,

  18. Lived and married in Costa Rica; none of this is true IF you have manners, polite, respectful. Stuff is STOLEN everywhere in COSTA RICA. It is LEGAL to steal in CR (know the law). You CANNOT leave a vehicle outside of walled compound (where my townhouse is) without a tico attempting to STEAL or destroy the vehicle left out next to the compound. You cannot hire a CR native without expecting stuff to be stolen (again, know the LAW). You cannot terminate a CR native employee of they steal either (again, know the LAW of Costa Rica!). Most Americans like me have fled CR and live elsewhere because of these conditions. Staying behind a walled enclave with a guard that has a loaded Glock is fine for a few months, no problema! Long term, NO.

  19. I’ve traveled the world – 72 years – Americans are loved – I’ve also been traveling to Costa Rica since early 90’s – never EVER been treated poorly and ticos I’ve met say they love Americans –

  20. The trick is not to impose yourself on US. Just appreciate and enjoy cause you are a guest on vacation. Please do not judge on your standards. Peace to all.

  21. Nothing worse than a self hating person… I really cant stand people that are throwing someone under the bus to get other peoples approval, even if that person being thrown under the bus is themselves.

  22. Thank you, thank you for pointing out the true American that travels. We do think we are better than anyone else. Not true. I have been looking for a place to retire. Was Spain. Now I will investigate more on Costa Rica based on your video. I myself am an American of Mexican decent. Plus I have a cousin that owns a BnB there. Again, thank you

  23. I was there 3 times, in 1999 housing and women were very reasonable, now, not so much, the dental service is the most reasonable thing there now.

  24. good lord you're annoying. The title of this is so disturbing! "Why Costa Rica Hates Gringos?" If they hate me, why on earth would I want to go there?This guy is so wrong about almost everything. They are extremely jealous! I have been there to surf more than once. He is wrong when he says more Americans would want to live in CostaRica than Costa Ricans would want to live in America. My Costa Rican son in law and all his friends from their community in New Jersey would never go back. there is no work. There is nothing there. Each time I go all I hear is how lucky I am to be in America. (yes, see I will call my country what ever I damn well please! If a Costa Rican wishes to call himself an American, he can…I mean they will laugh at him, but he can.) Yes! Some Americans are loud! They are on Vacation, they are letting loose! Spending money on the only thing Costa Rica has…tourism. i love the place and the people. But dont make it sound like they are so above us united states people.

  25. Many are smart and few are wise..smart is knowing a tomato is a fruit! Wise is not putting it in your fruit salad!🤔

  26. I would think this must be geared towards 'Mereicans…..Nothing said in this video is of any ground breaking significance.I would think most socialized individuals would agree that treating others as human and not stupid is just simply being a good person and not necessary to be spelled out.

  27. doesn't matter where this guy is or goes… he is always going to hate "americans". ftr? the rest of the world calls us americans…. go preach to them. this guy could be in Kansas and he is going to bash his own country and people. he is the type that votes for Bernie or aoc and virtue signals about it while they destroy our economy. it wouldn't shock me if he voted for Hillary in 2016. so typical of a male cuck feminist.

  28. Been there – they dont hate us. They dislike the same people we dislike – pricks. Food was awsome. People were great. Thinking of buying a place there.

  29. Wow I didn't realize that there was so much hostility toward Norte Americanos just for being from the US. Sounds like Costa Ricans have formed opinions about Gringos before we even set foot in their country. I think I can find someplace else to visit.

  30. Wow I'm subscribing. You're really neutral and explain everything from a non personal point. You have captured and learned what others take for granted. Great explanatory. Love it.

  31. I think a better question is: why ANY statesider would try to be happy on a small island that gets devastated everytime the wind blows, most of the locals get WELFARE CHECKS from OUR TAXES, and if you even lower your guard just a minute, you'll be robbed of everything and maybe even raped and POSSIBLY murdered. Not to mention the fact: that if the ppl born there want a job, they MUST leave the island to find one. Unless you consider dikin around at the beach all day, doing some fishin, is a job.

  32. what they really hate is how you pronounce costa rica as :coasta rica…..do you go to a store and ask how much this item coasts?

  33. OMG, you hit it on the head! I have friends who run an orphanage in Mexico, which was not a tourist spot. It was tried and true, work a day, everyday life and living middle class Mexico. Go to work in the morning, kids go to school, come home, go out to eat or hit the grocery store, hit the disco for dancing…just normal life on a less expensive level.

    Back when I was more physically able, I would go down their often. The orphanage, the church that headed it, the groups like mine that would come to help them were widely known by the locals. One day, I was in a shop that sold locally produced items, just about everything under the sun. I was kneeling down looking for a specific item on a shelf when I overheard some other people from the US speaking. They were being rude, obnoxious, making rude comments, talking down about locals, calling them stupid, etc. At one point, the father even said to his daughter, just swap the price sticker for something much lower cost…the cashier doesn't look smart enough to know what a penny is let alone what to do with it.

    I stood up and was incredibly pissed. I was going to confront them but a friend stopped me and said, don't start a scene in here, it's bad enough we have those idiots making one? Knowing the cashier spoke English, I backed down and waited for these morons to leave to apologize. Although I did start making comments loud enough for the dad to hear about how humilitating it is for "Americans" to come to a foreign country and act like assholes to the locals like they are somehow inferior to the U.S., assuming they don't speak Ennglish when they really do and how I'd take Mexicans over "Americans" every day of the week. That sped their time up in the store. Funniest thing was, the wrong sticker fell off. I more than volunteered my time to have an identical item with the correct price on it in my hand so when she needed the price, I could offer it from mine.

    After they started to leave, the first thing I did as they stood outside the door was said to the lady "On behalf of the rest of the United States, I want to apologize for my fellow countrymen who act like obnoxious assholes when they travel." The whole family turned around, so I knew they heard me. Then I finished with I was absolutely humilitated by the conduct of those people. I had no idea that is how my fellow nation-mates conducted themselves outside the borders of our country. She told me not to worry about it because they are used to it. That bothered me even more. She then went on to comment on who I was, that she and the other shop owners can always tell when the group from my church is in town and how much they appreciate what we do for the kids.

    I say all this to state, WE ARE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES WHEN WE TRAVEL! No wonder so many in other nations treat us like dogs…we treat them like dogs, or worse. STOP BEING THAT OBNOXIOUS ARROGANT ASSHOLE WITH THE USA passport and if you cannot, then by God, STAY HOME and surrender your passports!

  34. Yea, i heard if you look foreign aka gringo, there they''ll hate you and mistreat you. its stereotype.

  35. Screw them if they don't like gringos they don't like any Americans none of us are more
    Civil than the next group but when they come to America they're GOD DAMN ASSHOLES of the highest caliber let them stay there…all immigrants are the same they're
    Full of shit….

  36. Never been nor do I want to go but….. If you treat people like shit anywhere you go you will most definitely get it back ten fold !

  37. Costa Rica. People are kind, just like any other place in the world it depends what places in Costa Rica you visit
    Most of costs rican speak English

  38. Costa Rica doesn't hate gringos – EVERYONE hates gringos. Damn gringos always have to be #1 at everything.

  39. Central/Latin Americans are too sensitive when it comes to people from the U.S. saying they are "American" because of shorthand. It's normal to condense and shorten speech for brevity and flow. Every culture on earth probably does it in their own way. The word America is in "United States of America", so saying "I'm a United States of American" is awkward and lonnnng to say over and over every time when one is asked their origin. If someone from Costa Rica was "offended" by my saying I'm "American", too bad, I wouldn't be embarrassed because my reply isn't borne out of arrogance. Hypersensitive Latinos should chill UNLESS an "American" is being prideful, then feel free to check that BS! Haha.

    Self-centered look-at-me loudness is obnoxious in "America" as well. Lol. If someone is louder in Costa Rica out of joy and a good spirit, does the culture still frown on that? Public louder behavior for friendly good reasons? If true, then it is respectful to adjust to what is done in Rome.

    False equivalence on comparing "You don't look like" in Costa Rica to light- vs. dark-skinned Blacks in the U.S. implying the latter are sketchy. Say wha?? Too PC. If someone looks like they are of another ethnicity / culture and one is truly curious and interested in getting to know someone, it might be a bit forward and/or rude when inquiring in Costa Rica ( as it can be in the U.S. ), but it's not patently racist. There are some rather cool "White folk" who actually have good hearts and souls. 😀

    Wow. If someone gets defensive over their Spanish not being understood in Costa Rica, that is pretty arrogant. Good advice to be more humble about it. Anyone ( including immigrants to the U.S. ) should show solid respect to the country they are visiting or moving to. When in Rome.

  40. My pet peeve is when people call the United States “America” the United States is a country.
    America is a continent. 😉

  41. this video should be called why latin America hates gringos….this applies to every latin country and parts of Europe. Be smart follow this references at heart and you will make tons of friends and experience a complete different way of living my fellow "mericans"

  42. Been here 10 years (from So. Cal.) and I get along with everyone. Local food here (aside from whole fried snapper) pretty much sucks but I never tell them that I just cook at home. Overall Tico's are very loving and kind and all my friends are locals. If I understand you correctly when you say gringo it's like HuiChr said you really mean A..hole. Few cultures like people who act like you described regardless of where you are in the world.

  43. After watching this, I will never visit Costa Rica. I am not the world traveler but have visited other countries, I tried to learn phrases in the language so I can try to communicate, I avoid touristy restaurants to eat what the locals eat & I do not think I am superior to anyone, but why would I want to go to a country where I & my fellow country men & women are hated & called Gringo, which is an ethnic slur. Go to Italy, the people are warm , friendly, don't care if u are loud , because they are & welcoming.

  44. The whole non-white world hates Gringos. And why wouldn't they? In the quest for 'development' and civilization and supremacy, you've raised the cost of living and caused division in every place you step. Should have stayed in Europe and let the world grow as it should.

  45. We don't hate gringos .. that's a lie .. we might hate war .. irak invasion, bush , etc.. but that doesn't mean we hate the regular gringos .. not at all.. but i understand is just the title.. is true everything he says .. i like when he explains that America to us is the whole continent and that we re very proud of being costaricans.

  46. 2:59 I'm glad he admitted that whites do this to blacks a lot in the US. It's what I've suspected they did.

  47. But wait?! I thought Latin American countries weren’t so politically correct when it came to calling out a person skin color?

  48. Follow this advice when you are in CR. If you go to Colombia or Peru, you will get your ass handed to you acting soft.

  49. Yawn. Scratch belly. Scratch head. Yawn again. Pet dog. Yawn again. Well gosh. I just don’t want anyone to dislike me. I mean what a drag? Think l’ll go fishing. Take the dog. Worry about what “Ticos” think of me. Damn. Now what?

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