Why CYBER HUNTER is Better Than PUBGM, FREE FIRE & FORTNITE Combined | Best Battle Royale Game

Why CYBER HUNTER is Better Than PUBGM, FREE FIRE & FORTNITE Combined | Best Battle Royale Game

Hello what is going on guys, welcome back
to another video. So ya its been too long since im back here
on this channel and Im really sry abt that. Also, i literally promised you guys a minimilitia
video as my comeback video but I will have to postpone that for the next video because
a new battle royale game got released and it has been trending on social medias. So i thought maybe I should also make a video
on this new game before its too late. As you guys have seen from the title, this
video is literally about my views on that brand new game CYBER HUNTER. Many of you have been requesting me for this
video, infact, i came to know about this game at first only after some of you guys have
been asking for it. So here we go. After a couple of games, i just realised that
this new battle royal game is a mixture of every popular battle royale games out there. For example, you can glide just like in fortnite,
game mechanism and controls are like free fire; graphics, vehicles and a lot more similarity
to Rules of Survival which is expected since both the games are from same developers. Emotes, island landing, follow mechanism and
general experiance same as pubg mobile, building a shield block somewhat reminds me of fortnite
again. Healing mechanism, weapons, heroes and abilities
just like in apex legends. Also, its got its own special features like
parkour, auto landing and detailed customisable characters. Also, you can climb buildings and structures
like spiderman. Im sure that doesnt come under parkour but
its fun to have this feature as well. So in short, this game just took the best
of every battle royale games and made it their own. I dont actually care abt copying or mimicing
another game as long as its enjoyable to players. So this game is somewhat fresh for the battle
royale players like me and we are just getting started. Before getting onto the actual gameplay, i
just wanted to introduce you guys to an app that I think is a must for us regular mobile
users. And its called Nox Cleaner. Just goto play store and search for it and
i guess it would be the first app to pop up. Download it from there and there you go. Right from the hime screen, you can clean
your device from junk files. With just a single click, it just cleaned
2.8GB of storage for me. Also you can boost any games for better perfoemance. For that just goto Common Features and tap
on game boost icon. And add a game to boost. PUBG MOBILE is already in my list and Im gonna
add CYBER HUNTER now. So just launch it from here and its gonna
be quicker and optimised than before. Like these, there are many features in this
app and the feature i found pretty useful is this applock feature. Usually people use applocks to lock social
media apps. But i even use it to lock multiplayer games
like PUBG. Because i dont want my friends or cousins
to play this game with my account and lose all my hard earned points or league. So its upon you to decide your purpose but
i thought I should mention it as well. You can download this app and check these
features by yourself. Download links are in the top of the description. I bet its gonna come handy for you in many
case. So with that being said, lets get back to
our CYBER HUNTER Gameplay. I just played a couple of matches already
to get comfortable with tue settings and controls and this is my first win. Also Im surprised to see lesser bots in the
game even though this game is at its earlier stage of development. Im pretty sure that theres more to be introduced
and enjoyed in this game. For now, lets enjoy this duo vs squad gameplay..
shall we !??

100 thoughts on “Why CYBER HUNTER is Better Than PUBGM, FREE FIRE & FORTNITE Combined | Best Battle Royale Game”

  1. Wow I liked this game just like u said their is similar things I like the way u doge and i hope u come back to mini militia

  2. Sorry bro but not better than fortnite
    Don't you know about the new avengers update in it
    Fortnite will never die!!

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  5. I want join to you pls in GGC group in mini militia ๐Ÿ˜… I'm 2 star my nickname: [GGC]**DDT~X**that is my name and i dot know how to join yours group

  6. Bro did you remember me we played mini militia now just before my name is daxo ๐Ÿ’€ in mini militia remember and we chat

  7. what do u mean cyber hunter the gun is not even real and pubgvthe graphics is so good in cyber hunter nope its like cartoony and pubg is like real life parachute and u can climb wth? and in pubg theres a lot of real player pubg is better and in cyber hunter the parachute is likevthat wth in pubg is parachute its real like in real life so like if pubg comment or cyber hunter and and if u kill someone it is a bot or no?

  8. Games Im A Big Fan , I amMalalyali also . So Would You Play 1vs 1 mini militia with me? Please comment the date and time please

  9. Pubg is copy from h1z1 and ull cant say this is a copy of pubg cos pubg also a copy


  11. This game COULD be awesome but has 3 problems which makes it unplayable for me:

    – Next level auto aim
    – rendering distance: You can see people but you can't hit them (In Pubg you can kill people without a scope from 1km away, in cyber hunter you can't.. it depends on your scope how far you can shoot, which is garbage) and there are still situations, where you have a x8 scope but you can't hit them.
    – bugs… so many game breaking bugs… I'm not gonna list them all but there are some really bad ones which prevented me from getting first more than several times..

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