Why Henry Cavill is Adorably Obsessed With The Witcher 3

Why Henry Cavill is Adorably Obsessed With The Witcher 3

Here’s an absolutely adorable story for
Have you ever wondered why Henry Cavill of
all people got cast as Geralt of Rivia in
Netflix’s live-action adaptation of The
It’s because he wanted it more than anyone
Henry Cavill literally pestered the producers
of the show, from before they’d even started
writing scripts, to cast him in the lead role.
Because Henry Cavill loves The Witcher 3.
Let’s back up a bit.
You might know Henry best as Superman, or
as a man with an entirely CGI top lip, but
first and foremost, he is a gamer.
As a teenager, Henry loved PC games.
He played his fair share of games like Delta
Force and Half Life, and he and his brothers
would set up elaborate LAN parties with their
computers atop his mother’s dining table.
As he got older, this obsession with gaming
grew even stronger, if for somewhat sad reasons.
After all, the paparazzi don’t hound you
when you’re playing a video game.
Said Henry:
“Every time I step out my front door, I’m
hyper aware.
Even if I’m not looking terrible, you still
realise there are people taking sneaky photos
of you, because that’s what people like
to do.
And then they put them on the internet and
you see them on Instagram…
“At home, I get to sit playing games for
ridiculous amounts of hours and escape there,
because going outside has the opposite effect.”
One of Henry’s favourite games to escape
into is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
It’s safe to say that Henry has devoured
The full game is over a hundred hours long,
and Henry has played it multiple times to
completion, even playing on the hardest difficulty
So, when Henry heard that Netflix was making
a live-action adaptation of The Witcher novels,
he became really, really desperate to land
the lead role.
Perhaps a little too desperate.
Said Henry,
“When I heard they were making The Witcher,
I obviously was incredibly excited, and I
annoyed the living daylights out of my agents.
I called them every day and said, ‘Guys,
Meeting now?
How ’bout now?’”
Henry’s longsuffering agents had to point
out that Netflix wasn’t casting yet.
They had only barely chosen a showrunner – they
weren’t anywhere near choosing a lead actor.
Still, Henry continued to annoy his agents,
until finally, they performed a miracle and
got him a face-to-face interview with showrunner
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.
In Henry’s own words, “I think eventually
Netflix just got tired and Lauren said, ‘Okay!
We’ll meet the guy!’”
The meeting did not go the way Henry had hoped.
He met with Lauren, full of eagerness and
enthusiasm, gushing about just how much he
loves The Witcher games.
In response, she essentially said, no.
They still weren’t at the casting point
yet, so could he please just stop hounding
So, Henry spent four months hoping and waiting.
Waiting and hoping.
Maybe today, he’d get the phone call for
an audition.
Maybe now?
Netflix had other plans that absolutely did
not involve Henry Cavill.
Lauren was busy interviewing pretty much anyone
else she could find for the role, seeing over
two hundred actors read for the role and narrowing
down to her favourite few.
And yet, as she was writing the script, she
couldn’t help but think of Henry.
She started hearing his voice in her head
as she wrote Geralt’s dialogue.
Oh, all right, maybe they should at least
get him in to read for the part!
In Henry’s words, “They were right at
the end of their casting process, and they
said to themselves, I’m sure, something
along the lines of, ‘let’s bring Henry
in and just hear him read’.”
So, Henry finally got the call.
Could he be in New York tomorrow to audition
for Geralt?
At that moment, Henry was on holiday in Florida,
but that wasn’t going to stop him.
After a sleepless night, he flew straight
to New York for his audition, met with the
now substantially larger creative team for
the show…and somehow, persuaded them to
hire him.
So when you see Henry as Geralt, bear in mind
that he got that role through sheer dedication
to the Witcher video games.
He loves The Witcher 3, and he wants the whole
world to know it.
The moral of the story, apparently, is that
you can achieve your dreams through being
really, really annoying.
If you hassle people enough, who knows?
Maybe they’ll give you what you want.
That doesn’t seem like a good moral.
On a completely unrelated note though, why
don’t you toss a coin to your Witcher and
support someone’s Patreon today?
You might just be making their dreams come

30 thoughts on “Why Henry Cavill is Adorably Obsessed With The Witcher 3”

  1. I Actually feel the same way too. I Actually relate with Henry Cavil. We all want our Dreams to come true and make it happen.

  2. This dude is an epic gamer that truly rose up. Mad props to him!
    Gives me motivation to help achieve my dreams, too!

  3. I've never really liked fantasy. I don't enjoy Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. I don't play fantasy RPGs like DnD or Pathfinder, or fantasy video games, like Skyrim or, well, The Witcher. But I love the series! I adore Cavil's portrayal, the bright colours, the wonderful costumes and the humour! Oh goodness! The humour! I did not expect to be laughing out loud when I started watching! Simply magical.

  4. His take on fans being " just very passionate for what they like" in that one interview had already turned my indifference towards him into respect, but this…? This tale right here made me outright look up to Henry.

  5. The moral of this story is: persistence goes hand in hand with patience. However, do settle down when an opportunity arrives…you may accidentally lose that opportunity.

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