Why is this Video on the TRENDING Tab???

Why is this Video on the TRENDING Tab???

Ethan: Guys, I don’t know how to tell you this.
This is such horrible news
and I’m so sorry,
to put you guys
in this situation.
I just spoke to the doctor
Literally just a moment
before we started filming this
and they said “if you guys dont like this video in 30 seconds you will die”.
He says you are in danger.
We’re hitting
We’re about to hit the 30 sec mark now.
OK? We’ve probably already lost
fifty percent of our viewers.
There’s just rooms
full of dead people
Cause they were to cool
to hit that like button.
So make sure, before we begin,
to hit that ‘like’ button,
if you want to survive.
Not a joke.
This is NOT a joke.
This is YouTube, 2017
[H3H3 Production Theme Song]
Wow, Ethan! Great moves!
Keep it up!
Proud of you!
Would you click a video entitled
Would you click that?
Hila: Is that a parody?
Ethan: It’s not a parody,
and this isn’t 2014.
That’s a video that’s on ‘Trending’.
Right now.
– You thought we beat SoFlo?
Hila: It almost sounds like one of
those fake titles you made.
in our previous video.
Ethan: It sounds like a fucking
satire title.
Hila: I like the “violent,” though,
because it’s always “gone wrong.”
It’s like, “oh shit!”
A sex prank gone violent.
That gives me REALLY sexy images,
like I wanna click that shit.
But you gotta click— I must watch.
How can I disobey a “must watch” command?
I must watch.
Ethan: God, I don’t wanna click it
but it says I must watch!
WolfieRaps: “I wanna hit 200,000
likes on this video.”
“Can we do that? I don’t know!
You guys should definitely”
“go that ‘like’ button right now
and SMASH IT!”
[Ethan distorted]
Must watch, but I don’t want to! NO!
[Really Orgasmic Grunt]
DUDE: “Get out of my face!”
GIRL: “… you’re a fucking cheater!”
GIRL: “I saw her for two fucking days…”
DUDE: “Get outta my face.”
Ethan: “Did a used condom prank
on my girlfriend Jasmine
“and things didn’t turn out so well.
80k likes, I’m back on her head!”
Hila: What does that mean?
Ethan: You don’t know what that means?
I’m back, on her head.
Hila: Is he gonna sit on her head?
Ethan: It sounds like he’s gonna fart
on her face or some shit.
It sounds sexual, though, and sexy.
It makes you wanna click just to find out.
Hila:I guess so.
Ethan: This guy really mastered the art
of growing a YouTube channel.
He’s really blowing up lately.
YouTube needs new
guidelines that says
you know, there’s like,
“Don’t Post Pornography” well clearly that’s negotiable.
So they should put right under that, “Beg for likes”
“Beg for comments”,
And also, um… “Lie to audience
in the thumbnail and title to get them to watch.”
I mean I wouldn’t even be angry at YouTube
if they would just update their guidelines.
DUDE: “Get outta my face!”
it’s your BOY
‘prettyboyfredo’ –AKA
‘Fredo Two Time’
Me and Jasmine,
You know what I’m saying,
right after Thanksgiving
we got into a little argument.”
She a…
Hila: Are pranks making
a comeback right now?
Ethan: Kind of…?
Hila: It’s almost like there’s like a new cycle
of people who believe it now.
Ethan: Yeah.
There’s like a new wave, I guess,
and YouTube’s like
“Hey, guys,
remember this shit?”
Hila: It’s like these kids
don’t know it’s fake yet.
Ethan: Yeah. Welcome…welcome
all the new children to YouTube!
It’s like they’re graduating class, like
“Welcome, kids, who
just turned 12 years old
and now you are allowed to
use the computer on your own.
We have this for you.”
[upbeat, hip-hop music]
– After Thanksgiving, we got
into a little argument,
She ended up packing
all her shit, bruh.
Hold— let me show y’all niggas
[poppin’ music continues] FREDO: “Got me in the crib by myself, bruh.”
FREDO: “Look at this shit!”
TODAY we are doing the
FREDO: “Here’s the pla—”
Ethan: Also you gotta love lover how it’s like,
every prankster.
All these prank channels are like,
“I have a girlfriend
that I prank every single week
But this week, I’m’a get her,
and she’s not gonna
see it coming at all.”
Hila: Yeah.
FREDO: We’re gonna pull this out,
and I will make it look like
I really— I just
was in this bitch just—
[echo of HORSE WHINNY]
Hila: What?
Ethan: Sorry, what?
Ethan: Is that just the right height?
No bucket required
I heard there?
The fucking horse sounds??
This guy is outrageous,
and he doesn’t give a frick.
FREDO: “[unsettling chanting]”
(Whats up, baby?)
FREDO [out of breath]: “Hittin like dat, I was hittin—
“Yaaaw.. yaaaaw…
Hila: No…
Ethan: Now that part wasn’t long enough.
Ethan: I want more of it.
Hila :Yeah.
I want more of that.
Lets teach— this is trending for a reason guys.
Can we please get— I want— you know what?
Hila get some— let’s get some horse sounds…
[“Monks” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena]
Play some sexy music, Black and white.
What else? Here, maybe from this angle.
What do I have to do? Is this gonna go violent?
…I’ll go fuckin’ violent on your ass.
[“Monks” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena]
[Rhythmic Pounding of Ethan Thrusting Against The Chair]
[Hila laughs] Okay.
[Thrusting Intensifies]
Hila: Okay!!!!
Ethan: I could be the man of your dreams.
Just say the word.
[Loud Chair Thrusting Noises]
FREDO: “And we’re gonna make it seem like we used this bitch.
“And we’re gonna put lotion… all up in this thing.
So it looks like…. I just, you know what I’m sayin’..”
“I just really went to work.”
“So here we go guys, we have our product.
I got lotion in there just- just creampie”
“I look like I creampied a BBW for real.” (laughs)” [“bruh” clip playing over his voice]
[Significantly louder BRUH]
[Ethan chuckles] The fuck?
Hila: What was that?
Ethan: I don’t know he’s just talkin’ about creampieing BBW’s.
“—like I creampied a BBW for real. (laughs)” [“bruh” clip
playing over his voice]
[Significantly louder BRUH]
– And showing a fucking used condom.
And then he used a voice over of himself saying “bruh”.
I should start doing that.
Then when I do something funny,
[Ethan saying “BRUH”]
then I do a voice over of myself saying “BRUH”.
[Ethan’s “BRUH”]
– I’m trying to learn how to go trending from this video.
I’m trying to understand what does YouTube want from— from us as creators.
So I’ m trying to
Learn from the best here.
[Ethan’s “BRUH”]
[Hila’s “BRUH”]
Cool. Dope.
FREDO: “In here now I have the condom kinda peekin’ out underneath the ,uh, bed”
“I have the wrapper sitting right here on the table.”
Jasmine: “FREDO!”
[Jasmine yelling in the distance]
Jasmine: “Condom wrapper??”
FREDO: “That’s not mine.”
Jasmine: “Why the fuck was it in the room??”
FREDO: “It’s not mine!”
Jasmine: “What do you MEAN it’s not yours!?”
[Cartoon punch sound effect]
[Echo of punch sound effect]
[Ethan and Hila giggle]
[Cartoon punch]
[Cartoon punch]
[Double cartoon punch]
[“Ethan’s BRUH”]
[Rigorous thrusting and a barrage of horse whinnies]
[Cartoon punch]
[Cartoon punch]
[“Ethan’s BRUH”]
Jasmine: “What do you MEAN it’s not yours!?”
[Cartoon Punch]
Fredo: “That’s not mine!!”
Jasmine”Who’s is it then? “Fredo:”It ain’t mine.”
Jasmine: “You just leave a used condom on the floor?”
FREDO: “Used condom?”
[Jasmine groans in frustration]
Jasmine: “Are you STUPID??”
Fredo: “It’s not mine.”
Jasmine: Then who’s is it, AJ’s?”
FREDO: “I said it ain’t mine.”
Jasmine: “You had a bitch in this house?”
FREDO: “Why would I have some bitch in this house?
Ethan: This goes on for like another four minutes.
Hila: When does it go violent?
Ethan: I’m waiting for some, dude, I need some violence
Hila: Can we fast forward?
Ethan: No, you have to watch it all, Hila. You don’t skipping allowed you know the rule.
[Fredo and Jasmine arguing, repeating the same things they already said]
Ethan: He’s being kinda mean, to be honest
Hila: Yeah
Ethan: It’s like you set her up and then you’re like “bitch, get the fuck out of my face with this shit!”
Hila: [Giggling] Yeah
Ethan: It’s like be a little more sensitive about it, you’re being kind of a dick
Hila: It’s YOUR joke
Ethan: Yeah, it’s your joke, it’s like
I mean, assuming that obviously it’s fake
Hila: He’s like: “why are you getting upset?”
Ethan: “GET OUT OF MY FACE, BITCH! IT’S NOT MY FUCKING CONDOM, BITCH” its like dude, you set her up
It’s your prank, dude
[Jasmine and Fredo yelling at each other, mostly the word STOP]
Ethan: That really took a violent turn
Hila: Did that almost kill him?
Ethan: I think he almost died that was scary. I’m surprised they allow they’re gonna age restrict this video
Hila: Oh My God
Ethan: I think he almost died that was scary. I’m surprised they allow they’re gonna age restrict this video
Ethan: I think he almost died that was scary. I’m surprised they allow they’re gonna age restrict this video
Fredo: Imma take these crutches from you, get the fuck away from me for real
Hila: By the way, It was a prank wasn’t it funny?
Ethan: It’s like you’re playing into the prank a little too much, dawg
Yeah, I fantasize about fucking your best friend, I wish I did fuck her!
It’s like dawg, it’s your prank
It’s like, it’s your prank dude you set her up
[Tense Music]
Fredo: [whispering] She is fuckin’ pissed… She is pissed BRUH
Ethan: Like imagine I think if you’re in a normal healthy relationship even as a youtuber
If i did this prank like to you for example, and then when you’re like: “What is this?”
Hila: I would really almost kill you
Ethan: Hila, I’m fucking scared, that shit WOULD go violent
Hila would come at me with a knife
And if I tried to talk back to her ass when she’s that angry, dude,
Woo, you better just run at that point.
I need to prank you, I need to prank your ass, I need to hide a condom in our bed or some shit
and just get Hila’s real reaction
Hila: Well, I would just know that
Ethan: You KNOW you guys would click for that shit
“Pranked Hila fake prank, condom prank”?
Hila: But that’s the thing, I know you’re making videos, which is why there’s no way
Ethan: No don’t say that, it’s real, this one’s real you KNOW this one’s real
Hila: [Giggles] Yeah, there’s no way these youtube couples can really prank each other
Ethan: There’s no way. And here’s the thing
Hila: And also, there’s a camera right here recording them
Ethan: Yeah, there’s like 3 cameras in the room. Here’s the thing
I’ve never pranked Hila for a video, I’ve never pranked Hila at all
But if she found a fake condom in the bed, she’d be like: “Where’s the fucking camera!”
That’d be a good way to cover up if I ever did bring a bitch home
Hila: Ohh
[Hila Giggling]
Ethan: It was a prank, Hila!
And you’d be like: “Where are the cameras?”
And I’d be like: “They’re there…”
That’s a good idea, right?
I just got a free Get Out of Jail Free card
[Violent Humping And Horse Neigh]
And Hila knows it, that’s why she’s laughing
Hila: Careful
You want… Is this about to ‘GO VIOLENT’?
[Hila giggling] [3 cartoon punch sounds]
[Ethan saying Bruh]
Jasmine: Tired of you
Fredo: You tired of me?
Jasmine: Yeah, I’m fucking tired of you
Fredo: I’m sorry baby
Jasmine: You keep doing this shit I’m bout to really leave your ass!
like I’m fucking tired of these damn pranks
Hila: So wait, didn’t she just come back from somewhere with a suitcase? Why is she packing though, it’s already packed
Ethan: Yeah, that’s a good point too, Hila is coming like Hila is like destroying this video
Hila: This whole story doesn’t make sense
Ethan: Just leave, just go, you’re good, just turn around and go back out
[cartoon punch effect]
Ethan: Good job
Aw, did this just go violent? Aw Hila what the hell
[Hila saying Bruh]
Fredo: [Yelling] Hit the mother-fucking like button, bro!
Baby if they give me 80k likes, I’ll prank your ass again
Jasmine: No
Fredo: Imma get you
Jasmine: Prank me again and see what the fuck happens
Fredo: 80k likes bruh
Ethan: Fredo ya boi here knows how to get trending on YouTube guys
“Smash that motherfucking like button”
What we need is a youtuber starter pack 2017 meme guys
Here, take a look
So guys, this is the youtuber starter pack 2017
Study it closely if you wanna succeed
Otherwise you’re doomed to never appear on the homepage
The point is that this is trending right now on YouTube.
This is the stuff that they are rewarding, it’s good, you know
Clickbait is back! ‘Gone sexual, Gone Wrong’
SoFlo Antonio, he left, he went back to facebook and now he’s coming back to YouTube
Hila: He should
Ethan: His spirit he should, he’ll fucking rank supreme, dude
Where’s ya boi SoFlo at?
Guys, thank you so much for watching,
We appreciate ya, we love you and we’ll most definitely be seeing you next time.
That was good, that was a good one
Hila: Alright, I’m gonna watch TV
Ethan: Cool, I’ll start editing
[Marty Gots a Plan by Kevin MacLeod]
[Ethan saying Bruh two times]
[Whispering] Bruh, I’m gonna prank the shit out of Hila
Watch this shit
Hila: Ethan?
Ethan: Yeah?
Hila: What is this?!
Ethan: What’re you talking about, what’s what?
Hila: Come here
Ethan: What’s wrong?
Hila: What is this?
Ethan: WHAT!
[Ethan saying Bruh in the background]
Dude I do not know how it got there
[Ethan saying Bruh in the background]
Dude I do not know how it got there
WHAT ARE THOSE BRUH. [Ethan saying Bruh in the background]
Hila: Ew why did you put it on the handle?
Ethan: [Ethan saying Bruh in the background] GROSS
[Ethan saying Bruh in the background]
I wonder how that got there, I didn’t cheat on you
Hila: I know you’re trying to prank me
Ethan: Don’t freak out, dude, okay?
Hila: Why is there cameras here…
Ethan: I wouldn’t cheat on you dude
I wouldn’t cheat on you okay, don’t freak out
Hila: Why is there a camera here?
Ethan: Don’t call me a cheater!
Ethan: Woah what the fuck, who put that there… Dude, don’t you dare call me a cheater I wouldn’t do that
Hila: What, what is that, why would there be three condoms here anyway
Ethan: Man, someone had a crazy sex scene here, wasn’t me though
I didn’t cheat on you, I swear to God
Dude, who put this camera here and all these condom wrappers
Hila: Was this going to be a hidden camera cause I can see it
Ethan: Yeah, It was supposed to get a more dramatic angle
Hila: But I can see it
Ethan: Yeah you’re not supposed to acknowledge it
God, can you please CALM DOWN?
I don’t, I would never cheat on you! I would never cheat on you in a million years so
why are you accusing me of cheating on you right now? It’s not fair to me
Hila: I don’t think pranks are gonna work for you cause…
Ethan: Why don’t you [sigh], why don’t you believe that I would cheat on you?
Hila: Because you wouldn’t? [Chuckles]
Ethan: You don’t think I would cheat? You don’t think I would fuck some bitch when you were gone for a day?
Hila: Like five girls or some shit?
Ethan: You don’t think that I’m capable of this?
I cheated on you, Hila. I cheated right on you.
Hila: No you didn’t [Chuckles]
Ethan: Trust me, I cheated on you! Look there’s evidence all over the house!
I did, I cheated on you, Hila
Hila: Pranks are dead, so you can …
Ethan: I swear to God I cheated on you, please believe me dude
Look, there’s a condom wrapper on the floor!
How else would that get there, except for me?
Hila: You don’t need to do pranks
Ethan: I did it, I cheated on you! Please believe me dude
Hila: Stick to the reaction videos
[Ethan saying Bruh in the background]
Ethan: I swear to God I fucked other bitches when you weren’t here bruh
Hila: Reaction videos work for you, ok?
Ethan: BRUH! [Ethan saying Bruh in the background]
I fucked your sister! [Ethan saying Bruh in the background]
when you were gone. Fuck!
Hila: No, you didn’t!
Ethan: Oh GOD! Pranks are hard man
[Hundred Beanie Dreams (Zaylien’s h3h3 Remix)]

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