Why Video Games Make You Aggressive

Why Video Games Make You Aggressive

Playing Candy Crush will make you kill a man.
Truth? Or an incredibly over-sensationalised
cold open to a story about videogames and
Hey guys, Joe Bereta here guest hosting for
DNews. The world of science hath graced us
with yet another study concerning the correlation
betwixt violence in videogames and violence
in real life, but stick with me button mashers,
because this isn’t your garden variety violent
content does or doesn’t beget evil in your
impressionable young child type of story.
Now, first off, lets all agree that aggression
is a very common byproduct of playing video
games. It doesn’t happen all the time, but
it can rear its ugly, hostile head occasionally.
Like… I swear to all the gods that if I
get blue-shelled again because I’m in first
place in Mario Kart Wii, I’m gonna murder
everything. The game punishes you for being
awesome and encourages mediocrity. It doesn’t
make sense.
Moving on, research coming out of Oxford University
postulates that it isn’t graphic, bloody headshots,
spinal-cord snaps, or gruesome koopa-troopa
curb stomps that generate aggresive/violent
behavior in players. The root of the evil
actually lies in the failure and frustration
that a human experiences when gaming.
So, instead of focusing just on the content
and storylines of games, these guys also monitored
the psychological side of, basically, trying
to complete a task… which is trying to beat
the game, or finish the level, or get that
god-forsaken flappy bird past the fourth pipe.
It’s basic human nature to want to succeed
and be great at things, and when you’re losing,
over and over again, it makes sense that emotions
might go all Dante’s peak. It doesn’t matter
if you’re trying to finish a dude off by ripping
him in half in Mortal Kombat or clear a screen
in Minesweeper, if you suck…it sucks.
Co-author of the study, Richard Ryan, explains,
“When people feel they have no control over
the outcome of a game, that leads to aggression.
We saw that in our experiments. If you press
someone’s competencies, they’ll become more
aggressive, and our effects held up whether
the games were violent or not.”
So, these Oxfordians rounded-up 600 college-aged
humans and scienced them with video game experiments.
Utilizing violent and non-violent games, the
researchers manipulated variables, like difficulty
settings and in one particular exercise, participants
were asked to submerge their hands in super
cold water, like painfully cold. Unbeknownst
to them, everyone did it for the same amount
of time. They then played a round of Tetris,
afterwhich, they were to assign an amount
of time for the next guy or gal to keep their
hands submerged. Now, get this sadistic little
tid-bit: Players who experienced the more
difficult version of Russian Block Stacking
assigned, on average, 10 seconds more chilly
hand-bath time to the next player. Crazy.
So videogames probably won’t send you on a
murder rampage, but they might turn you into
a momentary butthole. One time, I threw my
best friends Snake Eyes GI Joe at the wall,
causing bits of molded plastic to explode
everywhere, spewing forth a plume of imagination
and nostalgia. It’s not cause I’m a bad person,
it’s because I was playing Battletoads.
Richard Ryan also said, “When the experience
involves threats to our ego, it can cause
us to be hostile and mean to others.” And
really, doesn’t this apply to all facets of
our lives? No one wants to look stupid or
feel inadequate. Those feelings can lead to
insecurity, or embarrassment, or pure, unadulterated
wrath. That’s why we have real life, rage-quitting
instances of full-grown adults throwing second
base into center-field and flying monopoly
boards on family game night… and the one
time I saw my own mother try to bite through
the cord of an NES controller because Super
Mario Brothers brought her to a dark dark
Guys, what’s your most frustrating video game
moment? Describe it with vivid detail down
below. Thanks for watching DNews, my name’s
Joe Bereta. You can find me over at youtube.com/sourcefed
or youtube.com/baratsandbereta. Have a wonderful
rage-free day.

100 thoughts on “Why Video Games Make You Aggressive”

  1. Man! My phone is my punching bag. Im afraid I might break it someday. Then I made this rule; every 2 consecutive loss, I’ll stop playing for hours and it works. I don’t wanna break phone. 🤯

  2. Theirs a big difference between a real video games hater and someone who like s video games, and I love video games and play them and I'm not gona stop until I trend 70 yaers old

  3. I once wanted to blow up a hospital when i lost a round on minesweeper. Thats why i agree to ban video game violence

  4. Tekken 2= While tiring to re-earn everything because I just bought a PS3 at the time. And when it came to Tekken 2 I was Jack 2 to re-earn his ending and at the same time P Jack, and when it came time to Fight P Jack he beat while I had the game set on the Easiest Difficulty Level, and it didn’t stop there oh no I chose another Fighter and P Jack beat once again and I choose another and again P Jack beat me. And this cycle continued for about six or seven rounds until I finally had enough, which doesn’t make sense because in the past I was able to beat P Jack on the very same Easiest Difficulty Level on the very First Try. So anyways I got Frustrated and Aggressive that I Not Had Enough of Tekken 2 and all other Fighting Games, but all Video Games in General but I also without thinking I tossed my Controller across my Living Room nearly Hitting my TV in the Process.

    And that is just One Example of my Video Game Aggression, and surprisingly and amazingly it’s Not my worst, for those I can’t tell it hare. Don't worry I haven't Killed anyone Hurt anyone or anything like that. I just Don't want to talk about it.

  5. Yes, Only Video Games make us aggressive not Bullies or Abuse no those problems don't exist just use Video games as our Scapegoat

  6. Because when you're playing clash royale and your opponent uses e barbs and royal giant you know they have no skill yet absolutely dominate you with a no skill card

  7. I remember playing ninja guiden and I letrually got stuck on one part for days and I just started punching the floor. this is coming from the most calmest guy people know.

  8. This video is really interesting. It is natural to get aggressive when you, for example, keep dying in Dark Souls to Ornstein And Smough or get blue shelled when in first place in Mario Kart. It is not just video games that cause this aggression, though. Everything has this in life. Little things that are can be out of your control that can cause aggression. I specifically like the examples that you gave of playing a board game or baseball. Grown adults, who do not even play video games get aggressive and throw things when these things that are out of their control happen.

  9. Every-time i play Kingdom Hearts on Proud/Critical, i always died on the bosses until i quit the game.

  10. Now THIS makes A LOT more sense. It isn’t the graphic thumbnails, blade/projectile sound effects, or the aggressive kits of League of Legends champions that’s getting me psyched; it’s the salt from elo hell and losing because SOMEONE went 0/30/0! #TheMoreYouKnow

  11. The most frustrating part in a video game was when I had to crash a crop duster into a cargo plane in Grand Theft Auto 5

  12. Shut up video games dont make you violent,you trying to smash the fantasy that they do in there face makes gamers violent,LOGIC

  13. I was playing counter blox on roblox a really good game by the way and I was on a team and the other TEAM kept on KILLING ME Over and Over! again and I got really mad so I started to type in chat very weird mean things… And I got really aggresive so I started to shoot everything that was in my way even the WALLS in the game. Then I was just walking in the game and I jumped and fell in the ocean died and I tried to calm down by drinking coke.. But when I respawned and it was another match against the other team I started to shoot my own team members, I didn't even care…. Then for a while my phone started to ring I didn't even care to answer it so I ignored it and one of the other team saw me crouching so I shot the * out of him till he died and I laughed at him at chat… Then his other team members shot me so I raged quit… Went to get food from fridge watched netflix and calmed down.. I played again and that round where I started the game non of my team members were helping because they were freaking AFK and we kept loosing so…. I threw everything off my table and it went everywhere… THE END WArning – NEVER EVER RAGE!

  14. "Free-to-play" Korean MMOs. No grind and/or pay-2-win then no win any player-versus-player matches, ever lol

  15. The most frustrating video game experience I ever had was when I was playing Fortnite AND MY PUMP SHOTGUN ONLY DID 8 DAMAGE FOR A HEAD SHOT

    (Sorry) I can get more kills in CoD but when I play Battlefield it opposite, say I get 12 kills and 4-5 deaths in CoD. Well I'd get like 0 Kills and 30 GOD DAMN DEATHS, from SOMEONE LYING DOWN ON A ROCK THAT SNIPES ME FROM ACROSS THE ####ING MAP.

  17. Lol i say "im gonna kill someone in real life if i get killed by another spitfire" then i get killed and i just sit on my couch leave the game logout of my acount get up go take my frustration out by ripping the guitar like evh

  18. I'm angry at last day on earth. Died by other player has shotgun at me. I tired kill it. And died all lose! Well I didn't quit game. And NEVER GIVE UP ON ON DEAF THOSE! Tho!!!! Bruh! 😂😂

  19. 1:21 You have no idea how much I can relate to this XD

    Video games don't make me violent, real life makes me want to kill people in video games
    If I was to play yandere simulator It would have no effect on me because I would be STABBIN DEM BITCHES LIKE A BAWSE
    But if I played a game Im bad at… BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MOTHERFUCKER

  20. I been playing cod zombies since I was I was 10 or 11 years old now am in high school I turned out fine I dident make me violent and I never win at fortnite I don't get mad

  21. I never get mad in video games because I relax and know its just a game and its okay if I dont win. I allow myself to have fun rather than stress out.

    My brothers are very agressive when they play video games and I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY they dont just CHILL OUT and understand its JUST A GAME and gamed are supposed to be FUN.

  22. I am just now getting into gaming, I have always played video games though, mostly the ones that are considered “not a real game that makes you a gamer” I have noticed YES video games do make you aggressive but not violent, but the only thing that makes people aggressive while playing video games is losing or a teammate trolling hackers and more, but video games are definitely aren’t the cause of being aggressive because even board games can make you SUPER aggressive, just make sure not the let your kids that is under 13 play rated M games

  23. The year is 2019. I get angry and start swearing when I can't complete a level in some of the games on Steam like Hat In Time, Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 and more but I do play a calm and relaxing games on Steam like Shelter, Shelter 2, Paws, Meadow and more that doesn't make me angry.

  24. Did those conclusions really need a scientific research to be made? Really?
    Has it really come to this that Americans can't accept a simple and perfectly logical assumption without some extensive testing, writing and presentation having been made by a person in a white apron and then reviewed by a comity of peers?

  25. Dude, aggresion is the same as a sports fan watching their team on a television. They don't make you violent.

  26. Most frustrating moment in video gaming I experienced…..

    Speed running octo exspansion 100% and my switch died on the final phase of inner agent 3 and i havent messed up

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