Wildcat Athletics: Men’s Basketball

– [Voiceover] From
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, number 11, Antony Griffin. – [Voiceover] I just play
just because I love the sport. To get a chance to play
something you love and take my favorite major, like, you can’t beat that. (soft rock music) My name is Antony Griffin. I’m a senior here at Penn
College of Technology. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My major is residential construction technology and management. I take a lot of pride in playing defense. They say, you know, you can never have a bad day on defense. By being on a team, it’s definitely a way for you to make friends and, you know, actually be social because it’s almost like you have to. You do have a lot of great chemistry, especially on and off the court, I mean, because we are kinda like in the same boat. – One, two, three, Wildcats! – [Antony] Balancing
basketball and academics definitely is a challenge, but once you get to
learn how to time manage, you’ll be fine. If you’re serious about
the construction industry and you know this is a place or a field that you wanted to work in and you can have the opportunity of playing basketball, this would be a perfect
school to go to. One thing I do appreciate
about Penn College, they will help you find a job and definitely have you prepared, like, yeah, you go to Penn College, they’ll definitely be successful. – [Voiceover] Wildcat basket, number 11, Antony Griffin. – [Voiceover] Ranked among the top 10 public four year colleges in the north, Pennsylvania College of Technology offers more than 100 baccalaureate and associate degrees that work. Small classes, exceptional
labs and equipment, and faculty with work experience contribute to strong
graduate placement rates. A full college life
includes campus housing, student clubs, and organizations. Penn College is a special
mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied technology education, and is located in
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the city known around the world as the home of Little League Baseball.

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