Will Convicted Child Molester Get To Keep His Lottery Winnings?

Will Convicted Child Molester Get To Keep His Lottery Winnings?

>>ANA: Florida recently had a big lottery winner. A man by the name of Timothy Poole who won three million dollars in a scratch off ticket in Florida. Now, there’s a little bit of an issue, because it turns out that he is a convicted sex offender. In fact, he’s a registered sex offender. And the two people that he sexually assaulted were boys back in the 1990’s so let me give you the background of that: “In 1999-accorded to report-“he was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a 9-year old boy. He ultimately pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery as part of a plea bargain and served 13 months in jail.” So stop right there. It’s amazing, okay? He’s convicted of sexual assault and he gets 13 months in jail. And that’s how plea bargains work. You get a lesser sentence if you plead guilty. “He was” -actually- “released on probation which was revoked in 2003 after he ditched his mandatory counselling sessions. He was then sentenced to another three years in jail So that’s what happens after he violates his probation. Now, interestingly enough, he wins this lottery. And there are no laws in the state of Florida against registered sex offenders winning lotteries. So he can collect the money. There’s no problem. But now the two victims are coming forward. They’re unidentified. And they want a part of his winnings. They feel that they should be compensated for the damages and the emotional stress that they’ve suffered after he assaulted them.>>CENK: So mixed feelings on this. But in the end, I think it’ll be clear. So first of all, we’ve usually been on the side of, look, once somebody serves their sentence, we’re done with them. It is what it is and the justice system has gone through the process. We don’t know the details of what he did to those boys. But is seems like 13 months was incredibly low. And he (inaudible) for the reasons that Ana explained. Thinking about it drives me crazy. Whatever happened happened in terms of the justice system. And he did his time, and he’s out. So the state shouldn’t go back and say oh, now you got some money? Okay, now give it to me and I’m gonna give it to your victims. But that’s not what the state is doing.>>ANA: No, the state is not getting involved. It’s a civil suit.>>CENK: So it’s a civil suit. And there’s no statute of limitations for sexual assault under the age of 16. So they can definitely go to court and ask for damages. So then it becomes relatively simple. Of course they have a right to do that. And they will do that. And then the jury will decide how much damages they should get.>>ANA: Originally I thought that this would be a difficult story to rule on just because I didn’t know whether or not it was the state going after him. How’s this going to work? But originally, he dealt with a criminal trial. He was convicted, and he paid the consequences for that. But now since this is a civil suit, absolutely they should go after him, especially if they had to go through therapy and anything related to getting over the trauma that they suffered because of this sexual assault. So they’re likely to win. But it’s interesting because even though he pleaded guilty back in 1999, now he’s saying that he’s innocent. And it’s because, of course, he doesn’t want to pay any type of settlement or pay anything that the jury decides that he needs to pay.>>CENK: His friend Floyd Snyder says he’s a very positive person, very kind, giving. I think that’s why he won. It’s Christmas time and the dude deserves a break. Well, that nine-year old and five-year old deserved a break. And I don’t know if he assaulted them. I don’t know if it was Christmas time or not. But that’s for a jury to decide now. So go to trial and see what happens. So I don’t shed a tear for the guy that, oh, the poor guy after he did the sexual assault he wins the lottery and now those kids want some of the money that he won. Look, man, civil is different than criminal. You’re not being retried for that same crime. It’s a totally different situation here. In a civil proceeding. So sad day for you. And it was a far worse day for those kids.>>ANA: Absolutely.

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  1. so he went to jail between 1999 and 2003. and then 2014 (after they hear that he won the lottery) suddenly remember that they were "emotionally traumatized"???? sounds like bullshyte to me.

  2. He bought the lottery ticket and won…what does anything else have to do with it? "Oh but this and that and blablabla", dude its the LOTTERY, anyone can buy those tickets and if they win the money is theirs, nothing else matters.
    And since I don't know all the details of this mans alleged "molestations" I'm not even going to go into that, but all I know is how fucked up the American justice system is, so who knows he might have pleaded guilty just to avoid a worse outcome…

  3. He won fair and sqaure but it would kinda piss me off if he only got 13 months and hoping that karma will catch up to him only for him to win the fuckin lottery…………..personally i think child molesters should have their balls cut off for the horrible things they do to children………they are just mad because they feel he doesnt deserve to have anything and i agree pedophiles are the scum of the earth

  4. If anyone ever gets traumatized from molestation for a long period of time then they had something else going on with their life… Its pathetic these people have to come out now after the fact he won the lottery. Losing faith in humanity day by day

  5. This is just a money grab.  They could have gone to civil suit as soon as criminal case was over.  No the only reason is the guy didn't have any money and if he didn't win they wouldn't have sued.  Its bullshit.  I feel for the victim but now they are just being opportunistic.

  6. In some states you can take lump sum payments anonymously from lottery winnings. This is why you do it. People crawl out of the woodworking for money.

  7. If they want money, they can try filing a lawsuit. There's nothing stopping him from winning the lottery. I think that it's bullshit that they only want money now that he has some, but sure, they can pretend that they deserve money for the  damages. If they really did deserve money though, I feel like they would have asked for it earlier.

  8. So whoever goes to jail/prison, they can perform a civil suit to the city based on prison rape and abuse? What's the difference? Raping outside of prison regardless of age is less damages than in prison…

  9. NO!!!! He shouldn't get to keep his lottery. Pedophiles are not people. To get a thought of sexual intercourse with a child makes him an abnormal person, and all rapists deserve to be treated like the scumbags they are.

  10. I find this troubling.  The now adult victims of this crime have had ample time to come and ask for compensation long before this guy won some money and yet now they have discovered that he has some, now is when they are suddenly interested in compensation?  Money is a completely vapid construct in our society isn't it?  It makes people go all sorts of crazy over it.

  11. He's a horrible human being but ultimately, convicted sex offenders are not prohibited from buying lotto tickets. 
    BTW, It's understood the difference between a civil suit and a criminal trial but after how many years, now you want to file a civil suit?  I understand the damage he caused, but seeking money even after you got justice with him in prison, it seems like overkill.  Again, the guy is a horrible person but I'm a firm believer in 'you do the crime, you do the time'.  He did the crime and the time, leave him be.  THIS is why we base our laws off of logic and reason and not emotions.

  12. Ana is a fucking idiot. You always say "Jail should be for rehabilitation, and so the person who comes out will be a meaningful member of society". He goes to jail and does his time. Despite that you dont think he should get the money. Fucking hypocrite. 

  13. Sorry to say but no, they shouldnt get any damages from the money won in my view, but heh.

    If they sued for damages you know, before this, then perhaps, but its been 15 years…..

  14. Some of the comments make it seem like this F-ing pedophile MF was awarded this money. As if someone came to his house, and just gave it to him. Like he got paid for all his suffering for his F ups. He wasn't, and it makes me sick that this guy won 3 million dollars. Honestly though; he lucked out. He gambled his own money, and won 3 million. Now what gives these 2 ALLEGED victims the right to that money? They never said anything about being raped by him before, and I'm not saying they weren't, but come on… really? The original victim that hasn't came forward should get some compensation though.

  15. Lots of ignorant comments. Its called statute of limitations. Google it.
    For rape in Florida, the statute is unlimited.

  16. The two victims actions are completely unjustifiable. I disagree with the premise that this man should pay one cent to them because they are suing with malicious intents. They should have sued him when he did not have a dime, but now that he has money they want a peace of  the pie. In conclusion, they are scum bag too because now they are trying to legally rob him almost two decades down the road. 

  17. He didn't care about robbing those kids of their innocence therefore the victims should get it all. Why can't decent people ever win the lotto?

  18. Some of you people are disgusting kids should be protected. Guys get longer jail term for drugs. He should be killed for molesting a child. No mercy for pedophiles.

  19. His crime was reprehensible, but he should be able to keep his money. It's only fair. That's all there is too it. The people suing are simply money hungry. 

  20. The laws are not based on "feelings". But yet people still try and make the law all about there "feelings". It's based on reason and logic. So your feelings shouldn't have an effect on the law. I don't give a shit who wins. It just pisses me off when this stupid shit happens. Yea you got sexually offended. That's not good but the guy served his time. So yea, you got offended once and the guy went to jail for about 4 years counting the first 13 months. I'm sure he served enough time. So basically a day compared to 4 years. Or how ever long the sex offending was. But you know, who gives a shit

  21. If anything helpful comes from all this, it is that few people, esp teens, will not know what his ugly face looks like. Hard not to recognize. Wonder if ok to post Pict on utility poles?

  22. I am so glad to hear people voicing the same opinion about the justice system. He was sentenced to more years for violating parole than for molesting those boys! Disgusting. They should sue and they should win exactly 1/2 of his winnings each.

  23. I have a big problem with these stories. Not so much with them in and of themselves but with the way @The Young Turks handles them.

    To me, it seems as though they are not so much interested in justice, as much as choosing which scandalous stories will generate views, and which scandalous story will have the ultimate click-baiting power in order to produce a click-baiting bonanza.

    Think about it; putting things into perspective, local and foreign affairs, there is so much happening in the world – – it's simply incredible how much – -, yet in TYT's world there seems to be a consistent rhythm of rape, molestation, rape, rape, molestation. It's obvious that it's a systematic and a rather calculated business model.

    Compare this with other news outlets, for example @Democracy Now!; they don't have presenters who just discuss the latest rapist or molester for sensationalistic purpo$e$. Democracy Now! and @Russell Brand 's channel, among others of their ilk, have something in common; they strive for integrity in their coverage of events. There is no aspiration in life more noble than striving for integrity.

    I believe @The Young Turks have actually done considerable damage to victims of rape and molestation by gratuitously using these terms at a whim and thus evacuating them of meaning through their excessive, feckless use. Honestly, let us ask: 'Does this make things better, or does it make things worse?', as well as: 'Who exactly benefits from such coverage of news?'.

    Can I say the @The Young Turks strive for integrity in their reporting, bearing in mind these observations as well as @Cenk Uygur 's latest proclamation that "I'm a capitalist" (TYT: Santa's workshop, Dec 24 2014)?

    Time is precious, thus if the answer is 'no' I have no business here and will reserve my time and energy for genuine news coverage so that I may be well informed rather than distracted by tabloid scandals – – entrancing in their tawdriness – – which, through consistent viewing, lower one's IQ as much as the Jerry Springer Show.

    PS. Remember @The Young Turks, I am only at your channel because I was once an avid viewer. So what if you have ≈ 2×10^6 subs?: if 1.7 million are trolls, and now this channel is the troll capital of the internet, does that really qualify as success?

  24. I hate to interject reality, but this report is wrong on the facts. While it is true that no limitation applies to Criminal charges based on abuse, there is a statute of limitations on CIVIL actions for abuse, according to Section 95.1 of the Florida Statutes. Any action must commence within 7 years of the offense or the child reaching the age of majority. Since the age of the child and the date of the crime is unknown, we cannot say if that limit has been reached, but with dates in the 90s, it quite likely has. I'm sure he can afford a lawyer who will deal with this ASAP.

  25. how state or gov can go after him then ground for wining lottery is fucking lottery ticket ,but off course victims also have right sue him for money 

  26. If there's no way to rehabilitate something then why should he ever be released?
    If the justice system has never rehabilitated anyone then should anyone ever be released?

  27. Usually they have to sue him right after the states gets done with him, and if he has to pay them a large amount of money he will do so after (get a loan etc). So logically if let's say he had to pay 1 mil in damages, then he would have done so when he won the 3 mil. Granted I don't know if they couldn't ask for money before because he had none, and if it's fair to ask now that he has, this is ultimately the judges and jury decision.

    But as a normal impulse, I do feel disgusted by the families of the victims. More so than I am about this guy. Mostly because we can't know for sure he actually did it. But we know what they will do.

  28. I bet that pedophile NOW regrets he molested those kids. 

    Families didn't sue because… if the dude was buying lottery..  he was probably not living that well off so suing someone for money when he doesn't have any isn't worth the lawyers and time it's going to cost them.

    Now the pedophile is rich? He doesn't have to give all his money, but definitely a big chunk of them. (but if it was just of me, he wouldn't see a penny of that and keep on living off scratching tickets.

    Just look at him… dirty obese man… you can't say that those little kids don't deserve that money. I'm sick just looking at this guy. 

  29. Too all the people that says he shouldn't give away some of his money.. you say justice as been served when a filthy pedophile gets away with 13months of jail and his 3m$ while the two boys get scars from that encounter with that pedophile? I know he served 3years for dropping counseling sessions… but that is his own fault. For the rape, he got 13months, not 3 years.
    Isn't that a give away that he doesn't give a shit that he molested 2 boys? If he did regret, he would have done the counseling. But now I'm sure he regrets it now that his 3M$ could very much be lost. And personaly he shouldn't get ONE penny at all.

    Justice is not only about rationality… it's about fairness also. And that situation is not fair.

  30. If the guy has any brains, he will give them $500,000 each and settle this quickly. I have a feeling the courts are gonna rape him on this. Pardon the pun.

  31. This is one the things that make me seriously doubt existence of good God. Good people die everyday and guys like these live glory life.

  32. our society chooses not to take child rape seriously. that's a fact. we're bad people. a sick society full of sick people.

  33. sigh, Florida. u know it was you that made me first doubt gods existence. and well you keep giving more evidence that no god can exist.

  34. Mr. Poole should just to pay the family (whether they are being greedy or not) and move on!!….and do better in life!

  35. How can him winning the lottery now have any bearing on what he did 15 years ago? This is just another sad case of some Americans trying to make a quick buck from their ubiquitous victim-culture.

  36. They just want the cash obviously, you can say that the sentence was mild but fact is he has been convicted for the crime already, and convicting someone (for whatever crime they committed) twice is just not right.

  37. HE COULD HAVE DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to those boys and STILL SERVE 13 MONTHS in prison. That's the American fucking system, you plead and you get a reduced sentence but you might have NOT COMMITTED ANY FUCKING CRIME!!!! You don't plead and they will attempt to destroy you, to give you maximum possible sentence and you still might have been innocent.
    I would recommend that this guy takes off, leaves USA and finds a different place to live and not participate in the system, take all the money and move.

  38. Of course he can keep his money: That is the morality of capitalism. If you earned or won it its yours: Even if you are a mass murderer like George Bush or Tony Blair.

  39. Like anyone else he paid to play the game and should keep the winnings. If we restrict a pedo from winning why stop there. There are plenty of "undesirables" to discriminate on. That said if the victims want to sue this monster then they have every right to take this money from him.

  40. As horrible as what he did is, they shouldn't be able to take his money. They didn't want damages before he was rich, which they could have sued for then, its just a ploy to get money. He did his time, he has to pay the price everyday by being on the list, not living by kids, no internet etc.

  41. I find this to be a very difficult question. On one hand, I find that someone who has sexually violated a child does not deserve to live in whealth (even though I don't barely any whealthy people truly deserve to be whealthy), but on the other hand, he did win the money faire and square. As much as I hate to say, I think it's still his money, because no matter what the crime, it's in no way linked to the lottery.

  42. i'm rarely in complete disagreement with TYT, but i am this time. this looks a whole lot like double jeopardy to me. yes, this time, it's a civil suit, but it wouldn't be brought if he hadn't won the lottery. i would think differently about it if he had been ordered to pay $ and then won the lottery, but that's not what's happening.  if they wanted him to pay for the rest of his life, they should have sentenced him to life. there would have been no argument.

  43. I thought I would side with the pedophile, but I'm actually torn on this one. To be fair to the guys suing him, they might have been 'emotionally scarred' all along, but they just didn't think it was worth it to go through a civil suit if they didn't have much to gain from it (that is to say, if the guy wasn't well off). No one can force you to sue immediately after someone does something bad to you…if they didn't think there was any point in suing him back then, that's their decision. And if they think it makes sense now, it is their decision as well.

  44. These boys clearly have that kind of emotional trauma that can only be cured by throwing large amounts of money at it.

  45. Then again maybe I am a troll. After looking through the comments it sickens me to see so many defending a child molester. If only he had some drugs on him maybe he would have gotten 20+ years in prison. Raping kids = 13 months, having drugs = years if not decades. Disgusting!

  46. The point here is that the victim didn't file this suit prior to knowledge that this guy hit the lotto.  If they were REALY interested in compensation, they would have filed this suit, and would have likely been granted a civil judgment.  Then they could have automatically been granted through the courts, the amount of the judgment. 

    These "victims" sound like scumbags to me………………..  the guy shouldn't be required to give them shit.

  47. He paid for the lottery ticket, he won the lottery, for better or worse, he "paid" for what he did according to the legal system, which is shitty or not.

    But he's free now, he won, it's his money.

  48. I don't know… of course it is their right, but they didn't do this before like they should have. He was under-punished and they could have still sued even if he didn't have the money. And why would they want anything to do with him anyway. Why would they want to accept money like e everything is now okay?

  49. of coarse he should be able to keep it…the rapist molester banker epstein did less then 2 years and kept his billions…

  50. If he wouldn't have pc'd up he wouldve got killed those type criminals should get heavy time or even death penalty lets see how many pedophiles would be running around free and those type of criminals always commit the same crime more than once due to lenient sentencing… Fuck those disgusting people i hope he gets his lottery winnings taken away

  51. Upon further investigation, I have found that the 2 boys who are suing him were not the boys involved in this man's court case. the plaintiffs allege that they were molested in 1996. The court case that he went to jail for was for a molestation off a separate kids in 1999. These two kids never came forward before. So therefore "passing his debt to society" does not apply. However, there is due process of law. We don't know if these men, now in their twenties, were molested, or of they are simply trying to get money. ONLY due process will answer.

  52. 1. He is not the only pedophile who one the lottery. 2. I believe these Perverts will not only continue to do these dirty deeds that got them into trouble in the first place but once they start living large they will also that they will be way too rich and powerful to be stopped legally. And 3. They may use her money to make the world safe for other pedophiles.

  53. Now that he has 3 million he's probably gonna move into a nice neighborhood and molest some rich kids lol. A demonic human trash indeed.

  54. I don't get it. There are so many comments here saying he served his time so he should get to keep the money. That the legal system can't go after him twice. Also that the victims suing aren't the ones involved in his conviction.                                                      The fact that he served his time in the criminal case has no bearing on whether these victims can sue in civil court. He probably didn't have enough assets for them to bother with a suit before he won the money. Many times victims will often seek damages in civil court even if the perpetrator is found guilty in criminal court. Just because the plaintiffs in the civil suit weren't included in the criminal case doesn't mean they weren't victims. The fact that he took a plea deal could mean that even though prosecutors thought he had more victims, he only pled to molesting two children in order to avoid a trial. These new victims have every right in the world to sue this man. And I hope they win a substantial award. They have to live with the damage this man did for the rest of their lives. I don't see how anyone could say they are just being greedy.                                                

  55. "He should have to give his money to his victims"…. Even after he paid his debt back to the victim with time in prison, now you are saying he shouldn't be allowed to ever have a good payday??? The thought of that just simply blows my mind….

  56. I'm sure he already had to pay fines as well as serve 4 years in jail. They are just greedy now and want more money. This is just as much bullshit as the women waiting 40 years to blame bill Cosby of rape.

  57. I don't see anything wrong with a convicted felon regardless of the crime he or she committed collecting lottery winnings. As for victim compensation that's for the courts to decide…

  58. now he can buy a good lawyer to be a bigger pedophile than he was before sad !! what a big fat loser

  59. so if you rape somebody you get 13 months but if you punch a cop in the mouth you get 7 years this world is f*** up

  60. Of course he should still get the money. The problem, though, is the perception. They should do some vetting before taking a winner's picture and putting it out their for the world to see. How it is perceived right now is that a child molester looks happy. It goes against our belief of the good guy winning and the bad guy losing.

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