Will I Win at the Casino Today?

Will I Win at the Casino Today?

I’ve been reading a lot of books on how
to improve your luck and attract positive
energy. Will I win at the casino today?
So you’re been wasting money on how to waste
money. They don’t build those multimillion
dollar casinos because they pay out more than
they take in.
Could I win at the casino?
If you blow enough money, sure. You’ll get
some of it back.
I know you shouldn’t gamble with money you
can’t do without, so don’t go blow the
rent money.
You’ll actually do better if you don’t
risk money you can’t live without. Then
you don’t make stupid choices, throwing
good money after lost money to try to recoup
the losses.
Your attitude can affect whether you win or
That’s a little true. If you get desperate
at the poker table, everyone else knows how
to play you. If you get depressed at the slots,
you may just pour in money you’ll never
get back.
Sometimes you win a little.
They pay a little to keep you hooked. If you
win a little, leave then and there, because
statistically you’ll lose tons afterward
if you keep going.
You don’t believe in luck.
And you believe that rabbits feet, rituals
and wishing really, really hard will make
you a millionaire? If you saved your gambling
money every week for the rest of your life,
you’d have a decent retirement.
If I win a million, I could retire.
Half goes to taxes. And the rest that you
get is usually blown within five years.
I’m responsible with my money.
Did you know that almost all lottery winners
declare bankruptcy within a few years? And
the rest tend to blow it, because they can’t
control their spending?
I’m trying to have a good time.
So set aside blow money and blow it at the
casino. If you get back more than you put
in on a trip, you beat the odds.
And it will have been fun.
Just realize that you could blow it at the
movie theater, water park, arcade or somewhere
else, too.
Why don’t you ever take risks for fun?
I take risks for fun every time I agree to
a blind date you set up me up on, and that’s
all I can stand to take.

2 thoughts on “Will I Win at the Casino Today?”

  1. I don't agree at all! Casinos are there, so poor people can go and make money.
    Most people walk out with more money than they walked in with.
    OOPs! I mean…:)

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