Will Ma Long participate Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

Will Ma Long participate Olympics Games Tokyo 2020

Welcome back to
my channel.
In the previous video, we have talked about
the Ma Long
You have understood why Ma Long has such a
bad performance during this
World Cup 2019.
In this video, you will understand why Ma
Long is so strong?
He won the World
Championship 3 consecutive times?
(winner (2015, 2017, 2019) How it could be
How Ma Long deals with the pressure and the
He also explained more about his
knee injury, his motivation for the Olympics
Games Tokyo 2020.
“I want to earn your respect!
I’m made in China!”
Ma Long explained all of this during
the interview with CCTV5 Sport, in May 2019.
Let’s enjoy
wonderful film!

23 thoughts on “Will Ma Long participate Olympics Games Tokyo 2020”

  1. His knee injury is still not fully recovered. Read about his situation here: https://pingsunday.com/ma-long-could-retire/

  2. Hello coach EmRatThich, do you have any suggestions on using Hurricane 2 National on the forehand? I can't seem to generate enough power in my topspins due to its super grippy surface. I currently put 2 layers of booster, is it enough? Thanks!

  3. i think it's time for him to retire gracefully and let Xu Xin replaces him…his speed and power is no longer there to gain easy points from his opponents

  4. During the last tournament, I notice that most of Ma Long's kill shots are slower and less effective compare to Ma Long from years ago. Ma Long has nothing to prove (even though I would love to see him play for years to come). Your body is telling you to stop and retire.

  5. Hey Coach, I am a Traditional PenHold Player, and I used to weightlift with my whole body so I have a powerful muscle, Thus I can make the ball I hit very fast in both soft and hard rubber. Should I use my very hard Rubber (Dawei 388a-4) or my soft one (Friendship 729 fx super soft)?

  6. i think his serve put too much stress on his left leg on the preparing phase (before tossing the ball) he put all his weight on his left for a while and lower his body before transfer his weight back to the other leg, throw the ball, and stomp. Compare to some player let's say Lin JunYu, the serve has less stress on the leg. Many player serve like ML but I think ML preparing phase put too much stress on one leg

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